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Facing the hypnotic view of the Sea of Galilee and the hills of the Golan are these holiday units which are suitable for romantic couples and also for couples with up to two children. The larger holiday units are suitable for groups and larger families of up to 9 people. The holiday units are air conditioned and have a kitchen with utensils including a large refrigerator, microwave, stove and more.

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On Moshav Amnon overlooking the Sea of Galilee are these two fully air conditioned and furnished guest units. Each unit has two bedrooms and is suitable for couples and families. We are only 5 minutes away from the Sea of Galilee and close by to the Jordan Park and Luna Gal.

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3 units for families or couples.

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Hod Ha’emek [the Glory of the Valley] is two luxuriously appointed vacation chalets built of wood that face the Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, and the Huleh Valley. A breathtaking view of a constantly-changing patchwork of colours as the sun moves during the day, is replaced by an enchanting view of clusters of lights of all the settlements in the area, up to Tiberias in the south, that complement the moonlight and star-filled sky at night.

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These 3 beautifully designed wooden cabins include a luxury round Jacuzzi and fireplace and in the courtyard a swimming pool for those hot summer days. The cabins are suitable for couples only and are set in a country atmosphere filled with peace and quiet with lots of romance. In addition guests can enjoy the dry sauna in the courtyard and evening meals can be reserved in advance.

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Come and enjoy a romantic dream holiday at “Bat Harim” at Amuka. Here we offer you a beautiful cabin in the mountains at 750 meters above sea level with the fresh mountain air and views overlooking the Hermon Mountains, The Golan Heights and the Hahula Valley. We invite you to come and enjoy a holiday filled with intimacy and pastoral tranquility.

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At Amuka which is located in the upper Galilee are these 2 romantic wooden cabins which are fully furnished with a large luxury Jacuzzi and have a fireplace for the winter season and air conditioning for the summer. The cabins are suitable for couples only.

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  • The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel - B & B in כללי

Six decades ago, the nascent State of Israel was little more than a scarred landscape. Neglected and barren, this land – so small and with so few natural resources - had to sustain the great ingathering of Jews from the four corners of the world.

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  • Ayelet Hashachar
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amazing vacation at Nurita`s Zimmer. at kibbutz ayelet hashachar, there is amazing zimmer, with two bad rooms and a balcony with a view to a orchard.

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  • Bar Yohai
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On the religious settlement of Bar Yohai beside Mount Meron is this new estate offering a large villa with 4 guest rooms and 2 prestigious Zimmers which are suitable for the religious community and for those respecting the Sabbath.

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  • Beit Hillel
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Carmela’s 5 beautiful wooden cabins are at 5 star level offering country accommodation in a different dimension. Located at the Beit Hillel Moshav beside the Hasbani River, are these romantic and beautiful wooden cabins and suites all facing the view of the Galilee and the Hermon Mountains. Intimate, pampering jacuzzi, in the bedroom. Authentic Galilee-style breakfast Each cabin has its own private garden Satellite TV Video player, with movies to rent Stereo system Central air-conditioning Large, well-equipped American kitchen. Intimate, pampering jacuzzi, in the bedroom. Authentic Galilee-style breakfast Each cabin has its own private garden Satellite TV Video player, with movies to rent Stereo system Central air-conditioning Large, well-equipped American kitchen.

phone 972-52-9787658available rooms 4

At the Beit Hillel Moshav in the Upper Galilee region and a short walk away from the Hasbani River are these 2 equipped and spacious wooden cabins suitable for the accommodation of couples or families. In the courtyard guests will enjoy a large grass area with seating and barbeque areas and much more.

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These 2 new wooden cabins have a huge Jacuzzi in the cabins and are suitable for couples. The cabins which both offer total privacy are located right inside Herman’s Orchard. In addition to the cabins there are two accommodation apartments suitable for families. Each apartment has two bedrooms and there is also a suite with a huge Jacuzzi suitable for families or for 2 couples traveling together.

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Filled with green plants and surrounded by the olive groves is The Place with a Legend with 3 country style wooden cabins offering total privacy, peace and quiet and all uniquely designed.

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The site was established for those travelers wishing to stay around the Hasbani River reserve, whether for a camping trip or for a day trip or even just a picnic.

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Newly constructed facilities beside the citrus groves. In each room: kitchenette, air-conditioning, double bed, lounge area, shower and WC, en-suite bedding and towels are provided.

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In our wood house at Beit Hillel in Israel`s Upper Galilee, Israel, you will find the pastoral atmosphere and conveniences you`re looking for to make your stay memorable and pleasurable.

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The suite at Orna’s Guest House is suitable for couples and families.The guest rooms are a very short walk away from the Hasbani River, playground and the convenience store.

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On Beit Hillel Moshav guests will enjoy “Accommodation in the Orchard” which offers beautiful wooden cabins with air conditioning, spacious bedrooms, a luxury Jacuzzi, kitchenette with appliances and many other luxuries.

phone 972-4-6944754phone 972-52-5257671available rooms 6

Between the plum trees and the tropical plants these 7 accommodation villas were set up at the highest standard with a spa that offers the most professional treatments. From each corner of the site guests will feel the luxury with a personal and warm welcome from the hosts.

phone 972-73-7598844available rooms 8

Waiting for you on the Beit Hillel Moshav in the upper Galilee region, near the Hasbani River is this private wooden cabin, secluded and just for you. The cabin is fully equipped and is facing the spectacular view. The Hasbani River flows only 150 meters away. The cabin is suitable for couples and families and includes a gallery level for children.

phone 972-4-6997983phone 972-50-8251990available rooms 1

Our guest house is located right in the heart of the Upper Galilee, by the slopes of the hills of the Golan, the Naftali Mountains and the Hermon Mountains and by the banks of the Hasbani River. They are surrounded by a beautiful garden and are spacious and fully equipped offering you the perfect country holiday full of luxury and beauty.

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Our large and comfortable air-conditioned rooms, ground floor or two-story, include: fully equipped kitchen facilities, dining room, TV, Each room opens onto a spacious lawn with swings, picnic tables, BBQ pits, and fruit trees.

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Spacious air-conditioned suites for families and couples, with TV, jacuzzi, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchenette, grassy lawn, Ping-Pong, basketball court.

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On Moshav Beit Hillel in the Upper Galilee region, on the banks of the Hasbani River and in an area surrounded by rivers and water falls, the slopes of the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountains are these beautiful villas and country cabins which are beautified by the fruit, oak and pecan trees.

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Wooden cabins located among pecan trees on the bank of the Hazbani stream. Air conditioning, TV, bathroom and shower, well-equipped kitchenette in each cabin.

phone 972-4-6941865available rooms 3

The Yanai family offers these magical wooden cabins in the heart of the green fields, surrounded by total peace and quiet. The cabins are spacious, with air conditioning and are fully equipped with a luxury Jacuzzi, kitchen with utensils, a bedroom and they are suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-54-4778311available rooms 5

On Moshav Beit Hillel in the upper Galilee facing the magical green views, you are welcome to lodge in our romantic and luxurious wooden cabins and suites suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-4-6942982phone 972-52-3344429available rooms 3
  • Beit Jann
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4 rural–style Guest Rooms located on the peak of Mount Tsafrir at a height of almost 3,500` above sea level, in the heart of the countryside and with a garden commanding a breathtaking view of Mount Meron, the Hills of Galilee, the Hills of South Lebanon...... these Guest Units can accommodate couples and families. Separate children`s rooms available.

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Here in Beit Jann in the upper Galilee, you can enjoy 5 Star * * * * * Druze Hospitality. The Guest Rooms are located in the highest place in Israel and command a view of Lower Galilee, Tiberius (and the Sea of Galilee), the eastern Golan Heights and also the Lebanese Hills. The location is quiet, with enchanting, green scenery and is certainly worth a visit!

phone 972-54-6954744available rooms 5

Come and catch the sky and enjoy an unforgettable experience. The Abu Haya Family invites you “To Touch the Sky” and feel as if you are above the clouds; at the heart of the Mount Meron Nature Reserve, at a height of almost 3500` above sea-level and with a spectacular, breathtaking view.

phone 972-4-9802726phone 972-50-9802726available rooms 8

Two new cabins at Gunn vs Mount Hillel. Particularly spacious cabins with a gallery Kids and equipped at a high level including double Jacuzzi.

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Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience at the top of Galilee, in the heart of Mount Meron, in a pastoral landscape that an atmosphere of peace and tranquility property. They reside compound 2 huge suites, spacious and luxurious, built a special style ... Are equipped with a very high level double Jacuzzi, double bed and more ...

phone 972-52-9708264available rooms 3

At “Admonit” there are 4 air-conditioned Guest Rooms, each designed down to the smallest detail to ensure a perfect holiday for couples or families. The Guest rooms all have a breathtaking, pastoral view of Mount Meron and the heart of the Nature reserve.

phone 972-507-395116phone 972-50-2802989available rooms 4
  • Lagaat Bateva - B & B in בית גאן
phone 972-52-9706219available rooms 7

The Guest Rooms at “Bain Har Le Shamayim” (Between the Hill and the Sky), live up to their name! At a height of almost 3,500` – the highest place in Israel – on top of Mount Tsafrir in the Druze village of Beit Jann, with a view of the mountains, you will find Guest Rooms for a memorable holiday.

phone 972-4-9803395phone 972-52-2415654available rooms 3

In Beit Gan Enjoy traditional Druze hospitality in Grapevine `` `` Zimmer. Instead of eight new rooms viewers lovely views ... Each room includes air conditioner Tloiozih and Coffee 3 Rooms indulge Bag Double Jacuzzi. Suitable for couples and families.     You can order breakfast / evening by appointment

phone 972-52-9708949available rooms 8

Three wonderful new Guest Units!!!! (Pictures coming soon) Your hosts, Najah and Manaal Assad, featured in an Israel Television Documentary (“Time for a Break”) about Rural, Druze Hospitality. In the heart of the countryside, on top of Mount Tsafrir, at a height of almost 3,500’, lie 4 rural-style Guest Rooms with a large patio which commands a breathtaking view of Har HaAri, Mount Carmel, the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea and which can accommodate couple and families.

phone 972-4-9805260phone 972-509805261available rooms 9

“Bain HaAnanim” Log Cabins in the Druze Village, Beit Jann, are the ultimate location for those seeking peace and quiet. The air is as clear as wine and the view is breathtaking. Beit Jann is situated on the peaks of the Hills of Galilee at a height of almost 3,500` above sea level and during very cold winters you can enjoy the snow which falls on the village.

phone 972-4-9802001phone 972-50-6368788available rooms 4
  • nofesh Biriya - B & B in ביריה - צפת
phone 972-52-2357579available rooms 1

In the heart of the breathtaking view of the Galilee and the beautiful sunsets, are these 5 romantic and warming Zimmer cabins on Moshav Birya right beside Zefat.

phone 972-52-9787977available rooms 3

We invite you to come and stay in the heart of the breathtaking views of the Galilee where you will find 3 beautiful Zimmers facing the magical view. In the Zimmers you will enjoy a luxury Jacuzzi, a plasma television and many more luxuries.

phone 972-52-4670013phone 972-52-9706721available rooms 3

Ayelet Harim Cabins In the magical village of Birya in the Upper Galilee region which is between Rosh Pinna, Amouqa and Zefat, you will find these 2 new clean and fully furnished wooden cabins. The cabins are suitable for families, couples and individuals with the following:

phone 972-508695336available rooms 2

On Moshav Dalton we have guest rooms that are fully air conditioned and equipped and are suitable for couples and families offering a quiet, romantic and private atmosphere in a true country environment.

phone 972-50-3973720available rooms 4
  • Suite White House - B & B in דלתון

Against the scenic hills of Galilee and the Golan Heights Dalton Suite Stay with the White House. The suite is spacious and equipped with everything needed for an enjoyable vacation. Enjoy the courtyard suite private swimming pool, seating and landscaped garden.

phone 972-52-9708931available rooms 1
  • Shilat Zimmers - B & B in דלתון

2 Accessorized, air conditioned units for guests with jacuzzi

available rooms 2

On Moshav Dalton in the green and beautiful countryside atmosphere are these 2 romantic and quaint wooden cabins. The cabins are fully equipped to the highest standard and include a huge luxury Jacuzzi, living room with a 37`` television screen with satellite connection and home theater system and many more luxuries to make your stay with us perfect.

phone 972-52-9787636available rooms 2

Naftali Mountains in front of breathtaking views, located 3 accommodation for couples and families. Private swimming pool, landscaped garden and courtyard seating.

phone 972-52-9706414available rooms 3

At Moshav Dishon in the Upper Galilee, facing the wide stretched view of the Naftali Mountains, Golan Heights and Kna`an Mountains is this beautiful and luxurious guest house with a luxury Jacuzzi. Each unit has a terrace facing the view, where you can relax and take in the clean air.

phone 972-529706807available rooms 3

At Moshav Dishon in the Upper Galilee, there are three accommodation units, each with a double Jacuzzi, television and kitchenette. In the courtyard there is a private swimming pool, seating and barbeque areas and a wide green area. Breakfast will also be served straight to your room.

phone 972-4-6817093phone 972-50-2695804available rooms 3

Here on the Naftali Hills in the Galilee, you will find 3 new wooden cabins, for your perfect country holiday. Each cabin has three balconies which face the magical view of the hills. The cabins also have a gallery which leads onto one of the balconies. In the center of the guest house there is a large green area, a small orchard and two large beautiful Pecan trees.

phone 972-52-4448168phone 972-52-5295055available rooms 3

2 wooden cabins with air conditioning next to Dishon River. Accessorized with jacuzzi for two.

phone 972-52-9706771available rooms 2

At Moshav Dishon you are invited to stay at our beautiful and luxurious guest house. The units are fully equipped and have very spacious rooms, luxury Jacuzzi, air conditioning, television, seating area and more.

phone 972-52-9706266phone 972-52-9706266available rooms 7

These 2 beautiful wooden cabins are covered in greenery and offer you the most spectacular views. With us you will enjoy a romantic atmosphere with a warm hearted welcome. The cabins are air conditioned and each cabin has a large cornered Jacuzzi with romantic lighting, cable television and DVD, a fruit basket and many other luxuries. In addition there is a large and spacious suite suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-50-7356162 phone 972-50-7715690available rooms 3

2 guest units with jacuzzi, air-conditioner, and accessorized kitchens with a fantastic view of Mt. Miron

phone 972-4-6989686phone 972-50-7253252available rooms 4

In this dreamy atmosphere offering nothing more than breathtaking views covered by different colors and total peace and quiet are these warm and beautiful cabins for loving couples which are to be enjoyed with a bottle of champagne and many other luxuries. So come and take a break with us from your daily routine and clear your mind and cleanse your soul.

phone 972-52-9706764available rooms 2
  • Ein El-Asad
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phone 972-52-9706516available rooms 3
  • Green Princess - B & B in עין אל אסד
phone 972-4-6987446phone 972-50-7532237available rooms 5
  • Nof Harim - B & B in עין אל אסד
phone 972-52-9706336available rooms 4
phone 972-52-9788617available rooms 1

Our warm country lodging site offers 5 huge accommodation units with a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee, the Mediterranean Sea and the Lower Galilee. “Mitzpe Kinneret” offers you a unique kind of holiday with the traditional Druze cooking which will leave you wanting more.

phone 972-52-9706476available rooms 5
phone 972-52-9708549available rooms 7
  • Ahozat Mor - B & B in אליפלט
phone 972-52-8773755available rooms 1

on the head of the hill at Moshav Elifelet, in a magic corner there is amazing zimmer ``halomot paz``.suitable for couples or families.

phone 972-52-9706390available rooms 1

Between Rosh Pinna and the Sea of Galilee at the Elifelet Moshav are these 6 beautiful wooden cabins - each cabin comes with a luxury Jacuzzi and kitchen with utensils. Here guests will enjoy privacy and tranquility while sitting across from the open view in the courtyard which has a barbeque corner, shaded seating areas, hammocks and special night lighting.

phone 972-52-9706488available rooms 8

In the Upper Galilee region in the North of Israel on the Elifelet Moshav is the “Shirat Ha’Galile” guest house with a wooden cabin for couples and a villa for families. This is the perfect place to find peace and quiet. Zimmers Country Lodging Guest Rooms Guest House Accommodations Welcome to the accommodations Shirat HaGalil BB at Elifelet.

phone 972-52-9706933available rooms 4

Mini Golf is much more than a game, it is a social experience that provides all participants hours of entertainment, fun and challenges. The game is loved and very popular all over the western world and we are excited to bring it here to the Galilee for the enjoyment of our locals and visitors.

phone 972-4-6849088phone 972-50-8697802available rooms -

Camping in T Explored Jordan River rafting near Kibbutz Gadot, under the eucalyptus trees on the banks of the Jordan. Instead of drinking fountains, showers, electricity and more.

phone 972-4-6934622phone 972-54-6999888available rooms -

We invite you to stay with us when you visit northern Israel. Green lawns, flower gardens and single-storied houses close to the village center combine to create a country-like atmosphere that is quiet, calm and secure.

phone 972-52-9708671available rooms 60
  • Golan`s Beach-Sea of Galile
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10 beautiful wooden cabins on the Sea of Galilee.

phone 972-52-9706226phone 972-52-9706226available rooms 10

Kibbutz Gonen, village resort , is located in the northern Hula Valley, at the foothills of the Golan Heights, invites you to the chirping of country birds; to trade the dense, smog filled urban air for the crystal clear fresh air of the rural Galilee. .

phone 972-52-9787669available rooms 93

Nofey Gonen Holiday Village is set at the feet of the Golan Mountains, with beautiful views of Hula Valley and Upper Galilee. It offers air conditioned accommodations with fridge and teakettle. The Holiday Village is part of a kibbutz in the northeast part of the valley. Parking is free and guest have free use of the common swimming pool.

phone 972-52-9787669available rooms 93
  • Greek Village - Ma`ayan Baruch
  • Map

Kalimera Guesthouses The Greek Village Maayan Baruch Tucked away in the Upper Galilee with views of Mount Hermon, the Hula Valley and the Naftali mountain range is the perfect vacation spot for couples and families.

phone 972-54-7888568available rooms 2

At the Greek Village on Kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch, by the slopes of the Hermon Mountains, near the Baniyas, the Dan and Hasbani Rivers are these 2 magical suites suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-52-4700480available rooms 2

Opposite the spectacular view of the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountains, the finger of the Galilee and the Naftali Mountains are these luxury accommodation units situated in the finest location filled with a wonderful country atmosphere.

phone 972-77-5503880phone 972-54-4546143available rooms 2
  • Hagoshrim
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Hagoshrim Kibbutz Hotel offers 180 double rooms, including five disabled rooms. The hotel is located in a natural reservation, amongst springs and brooks.

available rooms 180