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El-Manzul Druze Lodging
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בקתות בקיבוץ אורטל
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Druze Lodging
Druze Lodging
Image: Thinkstock.com

 The Druze community is one of the most fascinating ethnic groups that live in Israel. Their warmth, culture, well developed hospitality, colorful markets, authentic art, and of course their unique cuisine, all create a wonderful Druze lodging experience.

The majority of the Druze community lives on Mount Carmel (in Isfiya and Daliyat el–Carmel), the Golan Heights (where the most popular villages are Majdal Shams and Buka’ata) and the Galilee (Julis, Peki’in, Beit Jan and many more). They first and foremost consider themselves as Druze, secondly as Israelis and lastly as Arabs.

Druze style accommodation, which has gained momentum and has become very popular,  is mainly suitable for those who seek unique luxuries combined with warm hospitality. The Druze villages have lodgings that offer a personal and traditional welcome, with restaurants that serve their local and traditional cuisine including dishes such as: tabula, mensaf, mankish, muhamaar, baklava and more. Part of the experience is the warmth of the service.

In addition there are other unique Druze attractions which include folklore shows, storytelling, stands that sell colorful rugs and carpets, straw furniture, pottery jugs, wind chimes, plants and other beautiful clay and copper ornaments .

Guests will also experience the magical views from the wonderful observation points on Mount Carmel, the Galilee and the Golan Heights. In addition, guests will learn about this modest ethnic group with stories about their heritage and culture, their generosity and welcoming hospitality to all visitors with no boundaries. Druze lodging will also offer special activities such as fascinating lectures about their belief in reincarnation, the woman’s role in Druze society, and the ‘seven commands’ which obligate the entire Druze community.

Another area which has become very popular in the Druze community is art. Druze lodging can be combined with exploring the Druze art galleries that are widening their horizons. Famous Druze artists include the poet Asad Azi and the painter Ovadia Elkara whose works are exhibited.

The unique combination that can be enjoyed with the Druze community and consists of its wonderful culinary tastes, the warm and hospitable locals and the scenic beauty, creates delightful harmony and makes Druze lodging an unforgettable experience.

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