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Over 4 million visitors use this website for their vacation!
Zimmer Tourism LTS is a firm focused on advertising zimmers (country lodging houses) and promoting it on the web, as well as developing web application for the tourism industry in Israel.

"Zimmer" firm does not manage, hold or operate any zimmer by itself.
Should you have any question or inquiry regarding a specific zimmer, please contact directly the zimmer owners.
Contact details can be found in each zimmer owner's page.

Please call us, email or or send us post:

Email: natiweb@zimmer.co.il

North branch:
Beit Hillel, RD Upper Galilee 1225500
Phone: (+972) 04-6950865

Center branch:
HaMelacha 45 ST., Netanya 42505
Phone: (+972) 09-8651570

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