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247 B & B  found in Upper Galilee

  • Ramot Resort Hotel - B & B in רמות

The Ramot Resort Hotel is a picturesque resort full of delightful corners, colorful trails, grassy areas and lookout points with spectacular views of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan. The resort’s lobby-bar and panoramic restaurant are perfect for reveling in the breathtaking scenery and offer rich buffets and exquisite meals in a variety of styles.

available rooms 25
  • Ramot Naftali
  • Map

Nofesh Baharim offers a magical and pastoral holiday in a country atmosphere facing the beautiful Hahula Valley, between the colorful fields and orchards with these wonderful and comfortable deluxe cabins

phone 972-50-7438060available rooms 9

We have 2 wooden cabins for a country holiday at Mazal`s cabins on the slopes of the Naftali Mountains. In addition we have a country cottage suitable for up to 5 people.

phone 972-50-7613624available rooms 3
phone 972-50-7619427available rooms 2

On Moshav Ramot Naftali facing the beautiful views of the Hahula Valley, The Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountains are these 2 wooden cabins and 3 guest units, suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-4-6940173phone 972-52-4300016available rooms 3
  • Lavender Beharim - B & B in רמות נפתלי
phone 972-52-9706962available rooms 6
phone 972-52-9787650available rooms 7

The Bikta Ba`Har is a vacation site on Ramot Naftali which offers spacious and romantic wooden cabins, surrounded by a beautiful garden for your perfect vacation in the north

phone 972-52-9706585phone 972-52-9706585available rooms 4

Cabins made of stone and wood. Glaze at the view of Emek Kodesh. Country style breakfast is included.

phone 972-4-6817765phone 972-52-3498038available rooms 2

Three relaxing suites with view of Mt. Naftili and other mountains.Beautiful garden outside with BBQ area and a view all around.

phone 972-52-9706204available rooms 4
phone 972-4-9531153available rooms 5

Aviv BaKerem offers 4 magical wooden cabins overlooking the wonderful valley full of vineyards and orchards. In addition to the view the site offers tranquility and calmness and the fresh mountain breeze that comes from the valley.

phone 972-52-9787662available rooms 4

On Moshav Ramot Naftali overlooking the breathtaking view of the Hahula Valley, the Hermon Mountains and the Golan Heights, are these 4 guest rooms suitable for families and couples.

phone 972-4-6941783phone 972-52-2987510available rooms 4

With a breathtaking view of the Hahula Valley, the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountain in front of you, filled with energy and lots of peace and quiet are our guest units. We have a selection of guest rooms suitable for couples, families and small groups.

available rooms 5
  • Rosh Pinna
  • Map
phone 972-58-4455777available rooms 4

The large vacation unit : Bedroom. Connected bathroom and shower. Full equipped kitchenette. ircondition. Continental breakfast (Option).

phone 972-50-4611146available rooms 1
  • Ahava Bapardes - B & B in ראש פנה
phone 972-52-9706587available rooms 4

Miki`s B&B offer 2 beautiful and romantic wooden cabins & 3 suits facing the magical view of the Galilee. Each unit offers full luxury with a double Jacuzzi and a private dry sauna room. There is a large garden and a terrace and other luxuries are available for your pleasure. the Golan and Mt. Hermon.

phone 972-4-6800855phone 972-52-2710818available rooms 5

Your host Hanoch offers you 2 beautiful guest units both designed and furnished by artists. The suites face the magical view and include the following; air conditioning, a Jacuzzi, kitchen with utensils, television. The suites are surrounded by a stunning grass area filled with plants and flowers.

phone 972-52-9787654phone 972-52-9787654available rooms 3

This country guest house offers rooms with a spectacular view of the Ahula Valley, the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountains and is close by to all the tourist sites of the Galilee area.

phone 972-52-9708733available rooms 6

These lovely guest rooms are located in a quiet corner of the town of Rosh Pinna and have fully furnished rooms with a rich a unique home made breakfast.

phone 972-50-5255022phone 972-52-9706762available rooms 5

Guest house accommodation in Rosh Pinna offers you all the privacy with rooms that are air conditioned and include a huge spa Jacuzzi in the courtyard facing the breathtaking view. Jacuzzi in a flourishing garden Overlooking the views of the Golan and the Hermon. Jeep excursions in the wild and beautiful Galilee and Golan, with a qualified and unique guidecountry hospitality

phone 972-52-9706570available rooms 3

Here you will find 3 country style guest rooms with a spectacular view of the Hermon Mountains and the Golan Heights. This is the ideal location for touring the North of Israel. Each room includes a double Jacuzzi, television, air conditioning, bathroom and kitchenette. There is a swimming pool close by.

phone 972-4-6935943phone 972-50-5682046available rooms 4

Mizpe Hayamim features a spa, swimming pool, and panoramic terraces overlooking Galilee. It is set between the artist colony of Rosh Pina and the historic city of Sefat.

available rooms -

Guest rooms of different Sizes, also suitable for groups. Family-size rooms and rooms for two, furnished in country-style to match the atmosphere. The rooms include well-equipped kitchens air-conditioning,Tv/Cables shower and bathroom.

phone 972-52-9706619available rooms 5
  • Villa Tehila Rosh Pina - B & B in ראש פנה

Tehila’s Villa is a unique hotel in the old town of Rosh Pinna, it has 11 accommodation units for families and couples and puts the term “guest house” into another perspective. There is a private heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, billiard room, ping pong table, a library, a terrace with a view overlooking the Ahula Valley, the Hermon Mountains, the Golan Heights and the Ca’naan Hills.

phone 972-52-9706499available rooms 11
  • Safed (Tzefat)
  • Map

Along the stairs leading up to the Artists Quarter in the Old City of Zfat, you will find “Michael`s House”, with ample parking on the street below, and at a walking distance from the Old City, the ancient synagogues, the Ari mikve, etc. This multi-level house is a 150-year old structure that was restored and renovated over a long period of time. It houses 3 guest units, each of which has a fully equipped kitchenette and a separate street-level entrance: The “rose courtyard” apartment accommodates 4 people. The penthouse apartment accommodates 2 people. The huge family unit accommodates 6 people.

phone 972-52-6334532available rooms 3

Set in the Old City of Safed, Hotel Ruth Rimonim is a unique building overlooking Mount Meron. Its extensive gardens include a swimming pool with stunning views. Due to the hotel`s interesting architecture, rooms have an individual design. The hotel is within walking distance of the numerous art galleries and the old Synagogues. Close to various historical sites.

available rooms 77
  • Beit Hamayan - B & B in צפת
phone 972-50-6831396available rooms 1
phone 972-4-6972902phone 972-54-5950177available rooms 5

אWelcome to Beit Yosef, The House of Josef. The distinctive Bed & Breakfast in Safed, Israel. You can choose from several beautifully furnished suites that have room for whole familes as well as couples. Located in the picturesque Artists` Colony. Each suite includes all conveniences and striking interior design within renovated, ancient stone buildings among winding pathways.

phone 972-4-6922515phone 972-54-2472323available rooms 11

Zefat is a small town with a large soul and its magical atmosphere makes you want stay forever in this romantic, luxurious and tranquil environment, even on the coldest of days.

phone 972-52-9787601available rooms 4
  • Avney Ahoshen - B & B in צפת
phone 972-52-9706482available rooms 7
  • Ahozat Hari - B & B in צפת
phone 972-55-8836696phone 972-54-3246458available rooms 3

Located in the historic of Safed, The Antiquity Heart Mansion is housed in a stone building dating back from the 14th century. Its lush garden and elegant suites invite to relax. Free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the property.

phone 972-52-9706897available rooms 5
phone 972-52-9706791phone 972-52-9706791available rooms 7

Heaven’s Kingdom Suites in the Old City Zefat – The Upper Galilee Region In the old city of Zefat, at the heart of Kiriyat Ha’omanim, you are invited to stay at these prestigious and luxury suites. All the suites are uniquely furnished and designed by an artist and they feature the following;

phone 972-52-9706705available rooms 5
phone 972-4-6972902phone 972-54-5950177available rooms 5

In the old town of Zefat along the small alleys is the Hameiri dairy plant, which is the first of its kind in Israel. There you will find 3 guest units for families built from stone and are very unique and different from anything that you have seen before. The stone built family guest room and it`s gleaming beauty is different from anything you`ve ever known. The room`s balcony looks on to Mount Meron and Safed`s ancient graves.

phone 972-52-3721609phone 972-4-6921431available rooms 4

Can’aan Mountain - Zefat – Upper Galilee Region On the Can’aan Mountain in Zefat you will find the Keshet Guest House. The suite and the additional guest room are suitable for family with children and is part of a villa on the Can’aan Mountain in the Upper Galilee region and is 810 m above sea level. There is a separate entrance to the units and they are fully equipped for your perfect holiday.

phone 972-53-6220540available rooms 1

At the foot of the Mount Meron slopes on Moshav Safsufa is where you are welcome to enjoy a luxurious holiday in our royal suites, wooden cabins and our “Royal Apple”. The units offer all the pampering services and are fully furnished to the highest standard with a private refreshing massage pool and a balcony overlooking the magical view.

phone 972-52-9708292available rooms 6

3 accessorized cabins with big jacuzzi and fireplace.

phone 972-52-9787613available rooms 6

In the heart of Moshav Safsufa is this beautiful and luxurious wooden cabin, fully furnished to the highest standard and includes: air conditioning, a luxury round Jacuzzi, kitchenette with utensils, television, seating areas and many more luxuries that will make your holiday with us unforgettable.

phone 972-52-9708936available rooms 1

On Moshav Safsufa which is situated in the upper Galilee on Kfar Hoshen, are these 7 beautiful spacious suites. The suites are fully furnished to the highest standard with a large luxury Jacuzzi. In the courtyard guests will enjoy a private swimming pool, a huge spa Jacuzzi, dry sauna, a well kept green garden and seating areas for absolute relaxation in this peaceful environment.

phone 972-52-9787608available rooms 9
phone 972-52-9708738available rooms 7
phone 972-52-9707068phone 972-52-9707068available rooms 1
  • Sde Eli`ezer
  • Map

Moshav Sde Eliezer is located only 5 minutes from the pretty town of Rosh Pinna and 30 minutes from the Hermon Mountain resort in the north of Israel. Nearby there are many attractions and restaurants including tractor and jeep tours, kayaks, horse riding, the Zuk Manara, The Canada Center and many more.

available rooms 2

Romantic wooden huts, between citrus trees and grassy lawns, with views of the Golan Mountains and Mt. Hermon. At Moshav Sde Eliezer, in the central Galilee, you will find many local attractions and warm, personal hospitality. Round dual jacuzzi in one of the cabins.

phone 972-54-2990097available rooms 2

Come and enjoy your stay with us in our 6 beautifully furnished guest rooms. We are located on Moshav Sde Eliezer in the upper Galilee overlooking the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountains

phone 972-52-9706428available rooms 5

On Moshav Sde Eliezer in the Upper Galilee between Rosh Pinna and Metual is where you will find Susanna’s beautiful holiday homes and cabin overlooking the magical view filled with greenery. The site is very close by to the main tourist attractions and we offer our guests free entrance to the swimming pool at Yesud Ha’Ma’ala.

phone 972-4-6936628phone 972-50-7236486available rooms 3

Wooden cabins with jaccuzi and a private swimming pool.

phone 972-52-9787974available rooms 6

Movhar Ba’Kfar means the best selected in the village and so it is here on Moshav Sde Eliezer in the upper Galilee that we invite you to enjoy our luxurious wooden cabins and our private swimming pool. Surrounding the cabins are grassy areas, a beautiful garden and shaded seating areas.

phone 972-52-6782120phone 972-50-7777382available rooms 4
  • Sde Nechemia
  • Map

Thai Village is a magical vacation site located on the shores of the Jordan River, at the entrance to Kibbutz Sde Nehemia, in one of the loveliest beauty spots in the northern Galilee of Israel.

phone 972-4-6883040available rooms 60
  • Vered`s B&B - B & B in שדה נחמיה
phone 972-52-4672555phone 972-52-3554794available rooms 1
  • She`ar Yashuv
  • Map

guest rooms for families and couples.

phone 972-52-9706588available rooms 4

Lots of extras here. Swimming pool, big yard and lots of different types of accommodations to choose.

phone 972-4-6944427phone 972-50-5603540available rooms 4

guest rooms in a country atmosphere.

phone 972-52-9706995available rooms 6

You can relax in the delightful Jacuzzi tub and enjoy a fully equipped kitchenette with: refrigerator, stove, coffee corner, electric kettle and microwave oven.

phone 972-52-9706651available rooms 7

Couples or families can have a nice vacation here

phone 972-52-9706561phone 972-52-9706561available rooms 4

Countryside accommodation at Moshav Shefer in the Galilee In between Carmiel and Zafed, only 20 minutes drive away from the Sea of Galilee, and an hour from the Hermon Mountains, are these beautiful and luxurious wooden cabins at Moshav Shefer. The site is encircled by a farm and is right next to the Miron Mountain nature reserve.

phone 972-52-9706382available rooms 4

Countryside accommodation at Moshav Shefer in the Galilee These three beautiful wooden cabins offer you a seating area, television, air conditioning, a bathroom, kitchen with appliances and a Jacuzzi. On Hanna’s estate at Moshav Shefer, you will find a well kept orchard surrounded by nature. The place also overlooks the spectacular view of the hills of the Golan, the Sea of Galilee, the Upper and Lower Galilee.

phone 972-52-9788644available rooms 3

Countryside accommodation at Moshav Shefer in the Galilee Come and enjoy a special romantic experience which will surely bring you closer together and all whilst watching the blossoming of the flowers, taking in the citrus scents all in this magnificent location overlooking the breathtaking view.

phone 972-52-2611435available rooms 4

On the mountains facing the forests on the upper Galilee on Moshav Shefer, on the bending road leading the Zefat, we welcome you to enjoy these 3 beautiful cabins with a private swimming pool.

phone 972-50-4280080phone 972-52-6548800available rooms 3

3 Wooden cabins Sauna and Juccuzzi.Biktot Yarden Cabins

phone 972-52-9706446available rooms 2
phone 972-52-9706966available rooms 2

In between the mountain slopes and surrounded by medicinal herbs are these 5 beautiful wooden cabins that are waiting for you to enjoy a relaxing and intimate holiday.

available rooms 5
phone 972-52-6745585available rooms 4
phone 972-52-3813717phone 972-50-5885883available rooms 2

Come and stay with us at the “Yaffe Nof Estate” at Shazor, where you will find our 6 wonderful wooden cabins. The cabins offer all the luxuries and are fully furnished to the highest standard with a luxury Jacuzzi, kitchenette with utensils,

phone 972-52-9708736available rooms 6

At Sivan’s Cabins on Moshav Shazor you will find these 5 beautiful wooden cabins suitable for couples and families for the perfect Galilee holiday.

phone 972-52-9706831available rooms 5

In the shade of the carob and olive trees in the Galilee, you will find the Ahava Bateva cabins with 3 beautiful wooden cabins that include all the luxuries accompanied by the magical green Galilee view and an intimate and pastoral atmosphere.

phone 972-4-9985685phone 972-54-2060125available rooms 3

These 2 wonderful wooden cabins are very spacious and romantic and include a huge Jacuzzi overlooking the magical view. The cabins are situated on the hills on Moshav Shazor in the western Galilee

phone 972-4-9981849phone 972-50-7253946available rooms 4

On Moshav Shazor between the mountain slopes are these 4 luxurious and secluded wooden cabins, situated in the heart of the fields and the pastoral view that offers you absolute privacy and tranquility

phone 972-52-9787975available rooms 4

22 guest rooms with a kitchenette and an air-conditioner in each one. At summer - swimming. Including breakfast. Near by the Banias waterfall.

phone 972-52-9709893available rooms 22

Hermon Field School: 50 guest house, near Mt Hermon and the Golan.

phone 972-3-6388688available rooms 50
  • Yesod ha-Ma`ala
  • Map
  • Leyad Hashmura Lodging - B & B in יסוד המעלה

On the Galilee settlement of Yesud HaMa’ala in the Hahula Valley, situated between the Golan Heights and the Naftali Mountains are these 4 beautiful wooden cabins. Two of the cabins are for families with a comfortable gallery for children and the other two cabins are romantic cabins for couples looking to relax in peace and quiet.

phone 972-4-6801741phone 972-50-8720733available rooms 2

At Yesud HaMa’ala in the upper Galilee are these 3 luxurious wooden cabins. The cabins are fully air conditioned and furnished to the highest standard with a luxury double Jacuzzi, kitchenette with utensils and a gallery for children. Outside the cabins guests will enjoy a beautiful garden with comfortable seating areas.

phone 972-4-6930655phone 972-54-2012235available rooms 4

At Yesud HaMa’ala which is very close by to all the attractions in the Upper Galilee, you will enjoy country lodging at its finest in these quaint wooden cabins and an accommodation unit which have a Jacuzzi with all the luxuries you can think of. The units are surrounded by beautiful greenery and a magical fruit orchard with citrus fruits and other fruit trees.

phone 972-52-3744422available rooms 4

On Yesud HaMa’ala you will find this accommodation apartment fully furnished and suitable for a few couples or large families. The apartment is very well equipped and has a lovely green courtyard surrounded by citrus fruit trees.

phone 972-77-5505226phone 972-50-5642313available rooms 2

At the highest point of the agricultural settlement, Yesod-Hama`ala with a view of the Hermon and surrounded by fruit orchards-is situated ``Pinat- Hagefen`` (the wine corner). Comfortable high standard holiday units: Suitable for a family of five. Complete with new furnishings. Cable T.V. Air-conditioning. Comfortable kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, kettle, hot plate, microwave oven and, of course, cooking utensils. The main bedroom is separate.

phone 972-52-9706613available rooms 7

A beautiful complex, set in a picturesque village close to Hula Lake Nature Reserve. In the guest rooms: Jacuzzi. Air condition, Rooms for couple & families, connected bathroom & shower, full equipped kitchenette, TV.

phone 972-52-9787647available rooms 3

In the heart of the upper Galilee at Yesud HaMa’ala is the Victoria Holiday Village. The village is right beside the Hahula Lake and nature reserve and is close by to Rosh Pinna, Metula and the Hermon Mountains. The Village has 9 beautiful and luxurious accommodation units which are fully furnished to the highest standard. The units are suitable for couples and families and each unit has a patio with seating areas facing the open green views.

phone 972-52-9788640available rooms 9

22 beautiful rooms for couples with possiblilty of 1 or 2 children too. 15 rooms are big for families, for couples with 2-3 kids. Disabled apartment is also suited to a couple with 4 chidren.

phone 972-52-9706313available rooms 38

Two charming, luxurious wooden cabins and one family apartment. Country atmosphere and a warmhearted welcome for every guest. Surrounded by green trees, providing tranquility and complete privacy. Cabin includes living room, fully equipped kitchenette and bedroom, with air-conditioning, cable TV, stereo system, shower and double jacuzzi.

phone 972-52-9706504available rooms 1

The Inn offers our guests the idea and opportunity to experience the kibbutz, and its unique way of life and to enjoy warm hospitality. Joseph`s Well Country Inn offers its guests: Bed and breakfast. Lunch & supper on request.27 guest rooms. Cosy rooms with AC/heating.

phone 972-73-7599745phone 972-73-7599745available rooms 27

at Moshav Amirim you will visit at ``Mazal shel Zimmer``. three cabin that suitable for families or couples. to our guests in the swimming season free admission to the swimming pool at Amirim.

phone 972-52-9706794available rooms 3

At Amirim. the vegetarian Moshav in the Galilee which has the cleanest and coolest air all year round. are these spacious cottages, a guest house and a wooden cabin all in Swiss style. There is a romantic fire place and Jacuzzi in all units.

phone 972-52-8930243available rooms 4
phone 972-52-9706323available rooms 3
  • Love in the cabin of the past - B & B in אמירים

Romantic zimmer with jaccuzi, suitable for couples only. the jaccuzi located on the balcony overlooking the countryside.

phone 972-52-3212145available rooms 1

Like in the legends, a romantic atmosphere with a Jacuzzi at sunset by candlelight purely for that magical dream holiday. The Ziv-On family invite you to experience a magical holiday, in an authentic environment at “Switzerland in Amirim”, facing the breathtaking views of the Sea of Galilee, the hills of the Golan, Mount Tavor, Ha’arbel and the Golan Heights.

phone 972-529098257available rooms 6

In the picture like Moshav of Amirim, in the heart of the orchards and facing the magical views is this new luxury cabin which is very spacious, romantic and designed with great taste all with our guests’ perfect holiday in mind. The cabin also includes a double Jacuzzi in the bedroom facing the breathtaking view of the pastoral Galilee.

phone 972-53-9414978available rooms 4

Wooden cabins at Levine with a wonderful view, a Jacuzzi and fire place Next to Moshav Amirim, between Carmiel and Zefat is this beautiful guest unit which faces the beautiful view of the Galilee and the Sea of Galilee. These guest rooms are suitable for couples and families. There are 2 units with 2 rooms for families and units with one room as well as secluded wooden cabins especially for couples taking a romantic holiday.

phone 972-52-9708543available rooms 10

You`re invited to our Garden of Eden at Amirim. Terraced gardens, fruit trees and lush greenery, shrouded in privacy, wooden cabins and suites – each one unique with its own qualities – for couples and familes, facing spectacular views of the Galilean hills, Lake Kinneret, and the Golan Heights.

phone 972-52-9708735available rooms 15

Dalia’s wooden cabins Come and pamper yourselves at these 3 log wooden cabins, all of which are beautifully designed and are equipped with a large luxurious Jacuzzi. All the cabins face the breathtaking view of the Hills of the Galilee.

phone 972-52-9787648available rooms 2

3 units for families or couples.

available rooms 2

At Amuka which is located in the upper Galilee are these 2 romantic wooden cabins which are fully furnished with a large luxury Jacuzzi and have a fireplace for the winter season and air conditioning for the summer. The cabins are suitable for couples only.

phone 972-4-6923362available rooms 2

Hod Ha’emek [the Glory of the Valley] is two luxuriously appointed vacation chalets built of wood that face the Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, and the Huleh Valley. A breathtaking view of a constantly-changing patchwork of colours as the sun moves during the day, is replaced by an enchanting view of clusters of lights of all the settlements in the area, up to Tiberias in the south, that complement the moonlight and star-filled sky at night.

phone 972-4-6972360phone 972-52-4876593available rooms 2

These 3 beautifully designed wooden cabins include a luxury round Jacuzzi and fireplace and in the courtyard a swimming pool for those hot summer days. The cabins are suitable for couples only and are set in a country atmosphere filled with peace and quiet with lots of romance. In addition guests can enjoy the dry sauna in the courtyard and evening meals can be reserved in advance.

phone 972-4-6822120phone 972-50-5991994available rooms 3
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  • The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel - B & B in כללי

Six decades ago, the nascent State of Israel was little more than a scarred landscape. Neglected and barren, this land – so small and with so few natural resources - had to sustain the great ingathering of Jews from the four corners of the world.

phone 972-3-6388688available rooms -
phone 972-52-9708294available rooms 3