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Accommodation rentals - Visit Israel and stay in Zimmer B&B

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Articles about itineraries, tourist sites and tips for a perfect vacation!

The most unique places to visit in Israel


Israel offers diverse and unique attractions, including the ancient fortress of Masada, the surreal Dead Sea, Jerusalem's historic Old City, the geological wonder of Makhtesh Ramon, lush oases like Ein Gedi, historic Akko, and the architectural treasures of Tel Aviv. Other must - see places include Nazareth, Rosh Hanikra Grottoes, Baha'i Gardens in Haifa, and the picturesque Golan Heights, making Israel a rich and varied travel destination.

Welcome to London Hotels & Guest Rooms


Discover the finest accommodations in London with our curated selection of hotels and guest rooms. From luxurious stays in Kensington to charming riverside retreats and vibrant Covent Garden suites, we've handpicked the best options for your visit. Explore London's historical landmarks, world - class museums, and diverse culinary scene, then plan your adventure with ease using our featured hotel links. Experience London at its best with us!

A Luxurious Family Getaway: Unveiling the Perfect Villa in the Nort


Planning a family vacation is an opportunity to create cherished memories and indulge in well - deserved relaxation. If you're yearning for a weekend getaway with your loved ones, set amidst the picturesque landscapes of the north, look no further than these luxurious villas. Offering an array of family - friendly facilities,

The secret of visiting Jerusalem


Jerusalem's secret lies in its spiritual, historical, and cultural essence. The city's holy sites, diverse neighborhoods, and layers of history create a unique experience. Engage with locals, explore the modern scene, and savor its culinary offerings. As day turns to night, Jerusalem's illuminated streets and serene atmosphere captivate. Embrace unexpected encounters and let the city's magic unfold, leaving you with a deep appreciation for its profound significance.

Renting Rooms by the Hour in Hotels and Zimmers (BB's) in Israel


In the evolving landscape of travel and accommodation, the concept of renting rooms by the hour has gained popularity as a flexible and convenient option for travelers. Israel, a country known for its vibrant culture, historical sites, and diverse landscapes, has embraced this trend, offering visitors a unique way to experience their stay. Let's explore the phenomenon of renting rooms by the hour in hotels and guest rooms across Israel.

The Secret of Vacation in Israel


Israel, a land of extraordinary beauty and rich cultural heritage, holds a secret waiting to be discovered by travelers seeking unique experiences. As you embark on a virtual journey through the wonders of this captivating country, allow us to unveil the secrets of vacationing in Israel, tailored for effective internet marketing.

Visit Israel and exploring Rural Tourism in Israel


Israel, often known for its historical and cultural attractions, also offers a unique opportunity for travelers to explore its rural landscapes and experience the tranquility and authenticity of rural life. The Galilee in the north and the Negev in the south are two regions that have embraced rural tourism, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience that connects them with nature, local communities, and the agricultural heritage of the countr

Discover the vacation of Moshav Amirim: A Tranquil Galilean Getaway


Tucked away in the breathtaking Galilee region of northern Israel, Moshav Amirim is a hidden gem for travelers seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating vacation. This article invites you to explore the uniqueness of Amirim, diverse accommodation options, delightful culinary scenes, invigorating hiking routes, and nearby significant attractions. Get ready to immerse yourself in the tranquility and charm of Moshav Amirim.

Accommodation rental at SPNI Field Schools in Israel


The Society for the Protection of Nature (SPNI) operates field schools all over the country and offers accommodation on weekends and holidays for couples, families and groups of travelers. Accommodation in the heart of nature includes breakfast at a popular price.

Vacation Villas rental in Tzfat


Tzfat, nestled in the picturesque hills of northern Israel, is a city brimming with history, spirituality, and artistic flair. Known for its ancient cobbled streets, captivating synagogues, and stunning views, Tzfat offers a unique destination for travelers seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In recent years, the popularity of vacation villas in Tzfat has soared, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience the city's magic in comfort and style.

Visit Israel - A Diverse Journey through History, Culture, and Natural Beauty


Israel Exploration: A Diverse Journey through History, Culture, and Natural Beauty. Embrace the heartwarming allure of ancient Jerusalem, and mysteries in Acre and Haifa's vibrant markets. Discover enchantment at the gardens of Haifa, and lose yourself in the Negev Desert and lush Golan Heights. Unfold the wonders of blossoming landscapes, tempting flavors at vibrant markets, and the ambiance of restaurant terraces. A varied cuisine, lodging options, and public transport enable you to experience all aspects of Israel firsthand.

Jeep tours - the attraction for every season and for everyone


One of the most favorite attractions for travelers in Israel is a jeep tour. A particularly experiential trip suitable for everyone and for every age: come enjoy, get to know and experience the country as nature presents it in terms of flora and fauna, history and archaeology. A professional driver and usually also a qualified tour guide will accompany you throughout the trip with explanations, observations and a tea%2Fcoffee break in nature. Jeep tours operate anywhere in Israel, on a variety of routes, in all seasons and at prices that are worth every pocket. In the next article, we will list the advantages of jeep travel for singles and families, the advantages and what you should check before booking.

Unleashing Adventure: Exploring the Skies with Powered Parachute Attractions


Powered parachutes - BuckeyeExperience thrilling adventures with powered parachute attractions. Soar through the skies in tandem with certified pilots, enjoying breathtaking views and accessible adventures. Embark on an exhilarating journey, discovering the beauty of the world from above

Explore the country's countryside and agricultural Tourism


Israel Rural Tourism and Agro Tourism offer unique experiences for visitors seeking to explore the country's countryside and agricultural landscapes.

Vacation in Israel for $50 PP: A Week - Long Budget Vacation in Israel


For an affordable week - long vacation in Israel at $100 per day, opt for budget accommodation, use public transportation, and explore free attractions like the Old City of Jerusalem. Visit national parks, enjoy the beaches, and dine at local eateries. Take part in free walking tours and attend cultural events. Purchase discount cards for attractions and choose budget - friendly souvenirs. Plan ahead and consider visiting during the shoulder seasons for lower prices. With careful budgeting, you can have a memorable trip in Israel.

Etiquette for Staying in a Dog - Friendly B&B: 5 Rules to Follow


Five rules that must be observed when staying in a B&B in a village with dogs: Follow B&B pet policies and rules, Keep your dog on a leash at all times, Clean up after your dog's waste, Minimize excessive noise and barking, Respect other guests' space and comfort.

Top 10 Recommendations for Choosing a Family Villa in the North


To choose a suitable villa for a family vacation in the north, consider factors such as location, villa size, private swimming pool, jacuzzi, large kitchen, and wireless internet. Additionally, prioritize outdoor spaces, entertainment facilities, and safety measures. Reading reviews and recommendations from previous guests can provide valuable insights. By following these recommendations, you can ensure a comfortable and memorable vacation for your family of 15.

Accommodation Options in BB in the South of Israel


The southern region of Israel offers diverse B&B accommodation options. From the Negev Desert's tranquil ambiance to the Arava Valley's natural wonders and Eilat's vibrant marine life, travelers can find cozy rooms, communal spaces, and personalized services. For a unique experience, Bedouin - style B&Bs provide an authentic glimpse into the traditional desert lifestyle. Ein Gedi B&Bs offer relaxation amidst natural springs and lush landscapes. Book in advance for a memorable stay.

Vacation in Ma'ale Gamla in the Golan Heights


Ma'ale Gamla is a beautiful area located in the Golan Heights region of Israel. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, including its many hiking trails, streams, and springs. Here are some nearby hiking trails, streams, and springs above Gamla

Promoting a rural tourism website website in Israel


Promoting a rural tourism website, such as a Zimmers website in Israel, can be a challenging task. However, by following a comprehensive and well - structured approach, you can increase your website's visibility and attract more visitors to your rural tourism destination. Here's an order of operations that you can follow to promote your Zimmers website in Israel:

The best way of SEO to reach the first page of Google search results


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, and it refers to the process of optimizing a website to rank higher on search engines such as Google. If you want to reach the first page of Google's search results, you'll need to follow a comprehensive SEO strategy

About tourism in Amirim


Amirim is a vegetarian village located in the Upper Galilee region of northern Israel. It was established in the 1950s and is known for its strong commitment to a vegetarian lifestyle and eco - friendly living. The village is located on a beautiful hilltop surrounded by forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and countryside.

Frequently asked questions about Accommodations in Israel

Are there any B&Bs available for the coming weekend?
The list of available B&Bs for the weekend is updated online by the B&B owners. The information on the page includes the number of available rooms, prices and more. For all available rooms for the weekend, click here
Are there discount coupons for B&Bs in Israel?
Most of the B&Bs in the area come out with special offers and benefits. The promotions change depending on the occupancy status and the season and you should follow them. The list of promotions is updated online by the owners of the B&Bs. To view the list, click here
Which season is preferred for a vacation in Israel?
The best season for a vacation is in most cases during the school holidays and holidays. Generally speaking, in the cold season the tendency is to vacation in the south of Israel, while in the hot season it is the north of Israel. However, the differences are not very significant. Rest asure, you can set your vacation anytime of the year.

Are there any B&Bs in Israel for couples only (without children)?
There are quite a lot of B&Bs vacation houses designed for couples only.For the full list of B&Bs for couples only, click here
Are there luxury villas for rent in Israel?
In some accommodation complexes you can also rent luxury villas. The villas are rented by families and groups of friends. Most of the villas have a swimming pool, a double jacuzzi, full eqquiped kitchen and much more. For the list of villas in the area click here
Are there any B&Bs in Israel that accept pets?
There are B&Bs that will be happy to host you together with your pet, whether it's a lovable dog or a cat. At the same time, it is important to coordinate expectations and check with the owner of the bed and breakfast, since most bed and breakfasts are in a rural environment surrounded by pets. For the list of B&Bs that accept pets, click here
Are there any B&Bs in Israel that are suitable for the religious community?
There is a wide variety of B&Bs suitable for the religious community. At the same time, it is important to check with your host degree of suitability before making the reservation. There are also Shabbat-observing B&Bs, B&Bs in religious villages and kibbutzim, where all the essential religious services are available for guests. For B&Bs suitable for the religious community, click here
What is the price range for B&Bs in Israel?
The price of the bed and breakfast varies according to the type of bed and breakfast, the season and the number of vacationers, and generally ranges from 350 to 900 NIS per couple per night. Average price per couple per night is 600 NIS per night and 800 NIS on holidays and vacations. For luxury villas and luxury bed and breakfasts, Prices will probably be higher.

What attractions are there in Israel?
The area has a wide variety of attractions and recreation and visit sites suitable for all seasons, for all ages and for any size of group or family: field trips, kayaking and rafting, spa treatments, activities especially suitable for young children or teenagers, restaurants, cafes and much more. For the full list of attractions, click here

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