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  • Tzel Tamar – country style restaurant - Restaurant in אשדות יעקב איחוד

In the heart of the Jordan Valley, right by the “Peace Island” and a short drive away from the Sea of Galilee you will find the “Tzel Tamar” restaurant. This beautiful country restaurant built from wood is immersed in a wonderful garden.

phone 972-52-9706214• Ashdot Ya`akov (Ichud)
  • Galil Mountain Winery - Restaurant in יראון-קיבוץ

Winery - Visitor Center. The Galil Mountain Winery is a joint venture of the Golan Heights Winery and Kibbutz Yiron combining the unique features of the Upper Galilee with the expertise of the winemakers of the Golan Heights.

phone 972-4-6868748• Yiron

The Beit Gani Restaurant on the Western roof top – a country restaurant in a romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is kosher

phone 972-52-9787622• Oshrat

Pub Villa Tehilla Rosh Pinna.

phone 972-4-6937788phone 972-50-5543973• Rosh Pinna

A catering service for organizations and singles diners. A selection of Israel style cooking The restaurant is air conditioned and offers self service for up to 100 people. The restaurant has its own parking facilities.

phone 972-52-9788649phone 972-52-9788649• Kiryat Shmona
  • Adelina Restaurant - Restaurant in כברי

This European country style restaurant is both warm and welcoming. With its terrace facing the banana groves, the restaurant serves a wonderful selection of Spanish Catalan meals.

phone 972-4-9952707• Kabri
  • BaBait shel Rafa Restaurant - Restaurant in ראש פנה
phone 972-4-6936192• Rosh Pinna
  • Bordeaux Country Restaurant - Restaurant in כפר תבור

The Bordeaux restaurant – country dining in an intimate atmosphere with a wonderful landscape view. The Bordeaux restaurant is in the heart of Kfar Tabor in the park right beside the Tabor winery and the Marzipan museum.

phone 972-4-6767673• Kfar Tavor
  • Jauni Restaurant - Restaurant in ראש פנה
phone 972-4-6931881• Metulla

There is meat and then there is the Bogota Meat restaurant, rare of its kind, with meat delicacies all served in American style with a touch of quality gourmet. The restaurant caters for a variety of customers by culinary suitability (vegetarian, meat, fish and pastas).

phone 972-4-9525040phone 972-52-6816444• Regba

In the most southern kibbutz in Israel we welcome you to this lovely spacious and air conditioned restaurant “Kapot Tmarim” overlooking the golden Mountain View. The view of the Desert Mountains which can be seen from all angles of the restaurant is surrounded by grass and trees and makes this a magical restaurant to dine in.

phone 972-52-9706341• Eilot
  • Muza Pub - Restaurant in ערד

Muza Pub

phone 972-8-9975555• Arad

In the village of Daliyat Al-Karmel you will enjoy the rich tastes from the Druze kitchen and a traditional Druze welcome. We can cater for couples, families and groups.

phone 972-52-2826650• Daliyat el-Carmel

You are welcome to step into the “Taste of the Golan & Galilee” where you will enjoy our special blends of the fruits of the region and our chef’s creations with: fresh fruit boutique shop, familiar and exotic fruits, jams and other fruit concoctions, freshly baked breads, cheeses produced at the boutique dairy farms in the Galilee and Golan, fine wines from the finest wineries, olive oil, honey, spices and many more.

• Katzrin

This non pasteurized quality beer, is the first of its kind in Israel, combining beer with the fresh water springs from the area. At the Golan Brewery you can combine your visit with guided tours and see the manufacturing process, while learning the historical background of the produce and of course enjoying the taste of this delicious non pasteurized beer served in a true brew house.

• Katzrin
  • Ugata- - Restaurant in כנרת-מושבה
phone 972-4-6759687phone 972-52-2665835• Kinneret-Moshava
  • Colette Restauran - Restaurant in מרחביה
phone 972-04-6598834• Merhavia-Kibbutz
  • Limusin - Restaurant - Restaurant in רמת ישי
phone 972-49533173• Ramat Yishay
  • LALA Restaurant - Restaurant in כפר ברוך
phone 972-4-6444030• Kfar Baruch
  • Taduka Restaurant - Restaurant in יקנעם המושבה
phone 972-4-9590323• Yokneam HaMoshava
  • Nishnush Restaurant - Restaurant in מרחביה
phone 972-46598933• Merhavia-Kibbutz
  • Sirin Restaurant - Restaurant in כפר קיש
phone 972-4-6760976• Kfar Kish
  • Marinado – Meat Restaurant - Restaurant in עין גב

The Marinado meat restaurant at Ein Gev is part of the large site of Marinado which includes a quality butcher, delicatessen with wine, sauces and spices and the meat restaurant. At our restaurant you will be able to taste from our finest selection of quality meats.

phone 972-4-6658555• Ein Gev
  • Pralinette – Patisserie - Restaurant in מעיליא

Pralinette Chocolate and Coffee House in the Galilee At the authentic village of Mi’ilya in the western Galilee plain you will find this magical and special chocolate house where you can enjoy the delicious tastes of Belgium pralines and truffles.

phone 972-52-9706272• Mi’ilya
  • Pundak Hamaayan Restaurant - Restaurant in שדה תרומות
phone 972-4-6481627phone 972-54-2564608• Sde Trumot
  • Green Meal - Restaurant - Restaurant in מלכישוע
phone 972-4-6585844phone 972-52-4819258• Malkishu`a
  • Hasadot - Restaurant - Restaurant in שלוחות
phone 972-54-6746200• Shluhot

The Baptismal site - YARDENIT is situated at the Southern end of the Sea of Galilee.

phone 972-4-6759111• Kinneret-Kvutsa
  • The Ein Gev Fish Restaurant - Restaurant in עין גב

The Ein Gev Fish Restaurant - an impressive menu of different fish dishes and other specialties.

phone 972-4-6658136• Ein Gev