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The Upper Galilee Museum of Prehistory

Maayan baruch,  
About Us
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Located in kibbutz Maayan Baruch includes 8000 hand axes found in the area of the kibbutz in the Hulla valley by Amnon Assaf. also include the skeleton of a woman and a dog buried together, this is the oldest dog to be found in the world.

The Upper Galilee Museum of Prehistory 

Dedicated to showing the largest collection of prehistoric artifacts amassed in the Hulah Valley to this day.
The collection was gathered during many years of painstaking work.
It includes artifacts from before the time man settled in the valley, around 780,000 years ago, .until the year 6,000 B.P. the time writings were first found in the diggings.

The collection includes an extensive variety of tools and vessels, including hand axes from the period before man settled in the Hulah Valley about 780,000.
Handles made from bone or wood are attached to the tools. From this display, one is able to learn about the preparation of tools and their different uses of each period.
Animal bones were found near the tools, and from those we learn about the animals in the area from this period.
The collection of skulls found in the area enables us to learn about the development and changes in bone structure and the size of the brain from the chimpanzee to modern man.

Address: Ma`ayan Baruch, Upper Galilee 1222000.
Tel`/fax: (+972) 4 6954628 
Opening hours in August:@
Daily 10:30 am – 3:30 pm
Routine opening hours:
Sun-Fri  10:00 am- 1:30 pm
Sat 10:30 am – 3:30 pm
* Guided tours for groups with advanced reservations.


Things to know
א-ו: 10.00-13.30
שבת: 10.00-15:30
באוגוסט, בכל יום: 10.00-15.30
בחגים וחופשות שעות הפתיחה מורחבות, יש להתעדכן באתר או בפייסבוק.

א-ו: 10.00-13.30
שבת: 10.00-15:30
באוגוסט, בכל יום: 10.00-15.30
בחגים וחופשות שעות הפתיחה מורחבות, יש להתעדכן באתר או בפייסבוק.

Parking: void
Open on Saturday
Accessible for wheelchairs
Adult price: 25 NIS
Child price: 20 NIS
Group price: חבילה משפחתית (2+2) 100 ש NIS
Group price comments: קבוצות בתיאום בלבד


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