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לדף הדקה ה-99 - צימרים במחירי הרגע האחרון

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Nice lake to walk around and other enjoyments in a country club setting

אגמון החולה

Agamon Hahula

Hahula Valley– Upper Galilee


Agamon Hahula – Paradise for birds and for people.


Agamon Hahula

The Agamon Hahula tourist site is located in the heart of the Hahula Valley and is considered to be one of the most important bird watching sites in the world. On the site you can watch and follow all kinds of birds during different seasons of the year. At the center of the site there is a magical lake where you can experience nature without any boundaries.


Waking up with the birds

This is an unforgettable experience at sunrise in the Hahula Valley. On this tour you will watch the birds wake up and the other animals that habitat in the area.

  • The tour runs for approximately 2½ hours concluding with coffee and cake.
  • The price of the tour is 75 NIS per person above 3 years old



Night Safari

This fascinating tour will take you to watch the night life of the animals of Agamon Hahula.

Here you will be able to glance at the many animals that wonder around at night such as: flying insects, bats, chickens, birds of prey, night owls and other mammals like Jackal’s and swamp cats.

·         For more information and reservations please call – 04-6817137

·         The tours will leave only with a minimum number of people

·         The company reserves the right to make changes to the above


Opening hours:

From Sunday to Thursday – 09:00- 16:45

On Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish festivals – 06:30 – 16:45

Visitors may remain in the park until 18:00



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Agmon Hahula-Birdwaching
+972 52-9706222

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