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  • Meiri – Gardening nursery and Gallery -  in כנרת-מושבה

Facing the tranquil Sea of Galilee and the beautiful landscape view of the Golan Heights and the Galilee on the Kinneret Hamoshava is the Meiri Gardening nursery.

phone 972-4-6751073phone 972-50-2168808• Kinneret-Moshava
  • Tmarim Plus - Factory Store -  in כנרת-קיבוץ

Tamarim Plus, a unique experience filled with health, nature and nostalgia. Tamarim Plus is the first and biggest date shop in Israel. In the shop you may purchase all types of dates that are grown in the country. A selection of gift packages and bulk orders are available.

phone 972-4-6759678phone 972-50-7388006• Kinneret-Kvutsa
  • Holiday Supermarket -  in צומת צמח

All you need for your holiday: Dairy products, meat, drinks, wine, snacks, ready made salads, fruit and vegetables, canned foods, products for the beach or swimming pool, household goods, ice, gas tanks and many more.

phone 972-4-6677369phone 972-52-3744629