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Established in 1984, Madatech- the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space is housed in two historic landmark buildings in mid-town Haifa. Designed, at the turn of the century, by renowned German Jewish architect, Alexander Baerwald, these were home to the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel’s first institution of higher education.

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  • Carmel Heritage Center - Museums & Galleries in עוספיא

The Carmel Heritage Center derives from the vision of Rajaa Keis Mansur, a Druze woman who seeks to present the magnificent Druze culture to the Israeli public and locals with the story of the Isfiya village as it was before the state of Israel was established, the Jewish and Druze connection in the Carmel at that time and their connection today, personal stories of the pioneers of the village and the development of the Druze women at Isfiya and in general.

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  • Village Antiques & Batia`s Studio - Museums & Galleries in עין הוד

Village Antiques is an extraordinary shop in the antiques scene in Israel. Country furniture and accessories (1850-1950) mostly French Canadian, American Colonial, New Zealand and Europe.

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  • Beit- Miriam Museum - Museums & Galleries in פלמחים

Beit- Miriam Museum is an Archaeological Museum located in Kibbutz Palmachim, on the Mediterranean coast between Tel Aviv and Ashdod, in Israel. The Museum, which was granted formal national recognition in 1995, is named after the late Mrs. Miriam Lifschitz, a member of the kibbutz and one of the Museum’s founders.

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  • Ralli Museum (Ceasarea) - Museums & Galleries in קיסריה

Private museum with private collection.

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A one-hour, five-ring trip through the greatest Olympic records, with a special focus on Israel’s finest moments. Experience the Olympic spirit of excellence, willpower, perseverance and an overwhelming ambition to achieve and reach ever faster, higher and stronger.

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