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26 Attractions  found in Upper Galilee

  • Hagosherim Kayaks – Kayak in the Jordan River - Attractions in הגושרים

Hagosherim Kayaks Come and experience a wet experience at the Hagosherim Kayaks. Kayaks and rafting boats on the Hasbani River. You will float down the river passing the natural greenery, birds and wild animals in this beautiful refreshing river in the north of Israel.

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Welcome to the Kfar Blum wet river experiences and attraction center! At Kfar Blum Kayaks we work hard to keep the cleanest and greenest river ways Our famous river routes store fun little surprises along the way, such as a small water rapids slide. Our exclusive ``Long Route`` is the longest river route in the Galilee!

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phone 972-723951182• Beit Hillel
phone 972-723951182• Kfar Blum
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Mini Golf is much more than a game, it is a social experience that provides all participants hours of entertainment, fun and challenges. The game is loved and very popular all over the western world and we are excited to bring it here to the Galilee for the enjoyment of our locals and visitors.

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Do you want to hold a snake and hear about their way of living? Between the fruit trees and upon the mats and garden chairs you will be able to hear, ask and even play with the snakes.

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  • The Green Camping - Attractions in בית הלל
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  • Agalili - Birdwatching & Attractions  Hula Vall - Attractions in אגמון החולה

You are invited to an absorbing experience in the natural habitat of the wild animals and birds. Discover the magic of Agamon HaHula through guided observation-tours from within the “Agalili” – a unique hidden wagon roaming freely in the heart of the premises.

• Agmon HaHula
  • Agmon Hahula-Birdwaching - Attractions in אגמון החולה

Nice lake to walk around and other enjoyments in a country club setting

• Agmon HaHula

Manara Cliff located on route number 90, between Rosh-Pina and Kiryat Shemona. Manara Cliff has been open since 1998 with the longest cable car in Israel. Since then, Manara Cliff becomes a popular location for more then 1,000,000 visitors from Israel and around the world.

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  • Segway tours in the Galile - Attractions in בית הלל
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  • Beit Ussishkin Museum - Attractions in דן - קיבוץ

Beit Ussishkin is a nature and history museum and was also established to research these matters. The museum is situated on the Dan Kibbutz which is right beside the Dan Nature Reserve and the Baniyas and right by the biblical Dan antiques.

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Zefat – The Upper Galilee Region The Ha’meiri’s dairy produce factory is the first of its kind in Israel and has produced the best gourmet goat’s cheese for over 170 years. The tour of the factory is combined with the history of the old town of Zefat, the story about the first dairy produce factory in Israel and how the original name of “Zefatit Cheese” came about as well as other cheese production secrets.

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  • The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel - Attractions in כללי

Tours by auto or foot

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  • Galil Mountain Winery - Attractions in יראון-קיבוץ

Winery - Visitor Center. The Galil Mountain Winery is a joint venture of the Golan Heights Winery and Kibbutz Yiron combining the unique features of the Upper Galilee with the expertise of the winemakers of the Golan Heights.

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  • Dereh Hahalav - The Milk  Way - Attractions in בית הלל

Come and get the milking experience at the Corlander farm at the Beit Hillel Moshav A tour with a difference for all the family at the dairy barn

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  • Avrami Jeep Tours - Attractions in איילת השחר

The Avrami Jeep Tours at Ayelet Ha`Shahar is the oldest and largest company in the north of Israel that offers guided jeep tours. Its experienced and certified team of instructors and tour guides will take you all over the Galilee and the Golan.

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  • Tractor rides at Dishon - Attractions in דישון

Dune buggy tours with lots of mud and to hard heights, great for winter. Every rider is equipped with proper gear including helmet.

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The lake and the swamps were home to tens of thousands of aquatic birds, along with many species of rare plants and fish, creating a wondrous world of flora and fauna.

phone 972-4-6937069• Hula vally-Upper Galile

Welcome to Hamat Gader, the place where each of the family members can have fun, in his own favorite way! Hamat Gader`s recreation and spa site offers you a broad range of attractions and activities, suitable for all ages, available in one location.

• Hamat Gader
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  • Gye Beach - Attractions in טבריה


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The national winter sport centre.Canada Center - Sports Cultural and Recreational Center

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  • Holyland Sailing - The Jesus  Boat - Attractions in טבריה

sailing in the sea of the Galille on a boats made of wood

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