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Mini Golf is much more than a game, it is a social experience that provides all participants hours of entertainment, fun and challenges. The game is loved and very popular all over the western world and we are excited to bring it here to the Galilee for the enjoyment of our locals and visitors.

phone 972-52-9706221• Farod
  • The Hermon Mountains Ski Resort - Visitors Center in אתר החרמון

The Hermon is a holiday resort that can be enjoyed all year round. It is spread over an area of 5000 dunams, at a height of between 1600 – 2040 meters above sea level.

phone 972-52-9706277• Neve Ative

Gan-Garoo`s wildlife and vegetation were imported directly from far-off Australia. The zoo is home to free-roaming kangaroos of various types which you can pet and even hand-feed. You can hear explanations of how the kangaroos are raised, their methods of reproduction, feeding, and their daily lives. View adorable sleepy koalas, make friends with the cassowary and flying foxes, hear the songs of beautiful Australian birds.

phone 972-52-9706521• Nir David
phone 972-4-6488525phone 972-4-6488089• Nir David
  • Timna Park - Visitors Center in תמנע

The park is located approximately 25 kilometers north of Eilat, in the middle of the Red Sea Desert. The horseshoe-shaped park, created by tectonic plate movement tens of millions of years ago, spreads out over an area of 60 square kilometers and is part of the Syrian-African rift.

phone 972-52-9788613• Timna Park

Do you want to hold a snake and hear about their way of living? Between the fruit trees and upon the mats and garden chairs you will be able to hear, ask and even play with the snakes.

phone 972-52-9706537• Sde Nechemia
  • Adir - Winne and Milk - Visitors Center in דלתון - פארק תעשייה

The Adir Winery and Adir Dairy invite you to enjoy the unique tastes of our quality wines and cheeses amongst the most spectacular views of the upper Galilee in north Israel.

phone 972-52-9706464• Dalton
  • Odem - Pick and taste fruits - Visitors Center in אודם

Odem - Pick and taste fruits Pick and taste fruits, in our area in the north of the Golan Heights, Come and breath the clean air, in a breathtaking view, picking fruits.

phone 972-52-2324504phone 972-54-2600130• Odem

The national winter sport centre.Canada Center - Sports Cultural and Recreational Center

phone 972-52-9706368• Metulla
  • Agmon Hahula-Birdwaching - Visitors Center in אגמון החולה

Nice lake to walk around and other enjoyments in a country club setting

• Agmon HaHula

Ma’ayan Herod National Park In the heart of the valley and at the foot of the Gilboa Mountain is one of the most beautiful images that can be seen in Israel. The National Park at Ma’ayan Herod is a leisure site for couples, families and groups with field lodging.

phone 972-4-6532211• Maayan Harod
  • Akoma meal - Visitors Center in בית הלל
phone 972-4-6950320phone 972-50-5510806• Beit Hillel
  • Galil Mountain Winery - Visitors Center in יראון-קיבוץ

Winery - Visitor Center. The Galil Mountain Winery is a joint venture of the Golan Heights Winery and Kibbutz Yiron combining the unique features of the Upper Galilee with the expertise of the winemakers of the Golan Heights.

phone 972-4-6868748• Yiron

The Golan Archeological Museum has stood next to the Cultural Center and the library of Qazrin, the main town on the Golan, since July 1981. All its exhibits - some found in archeological ground surveys, some by systematic excavation - have been put on display by their owner, Israel`s Antiquities Authority

phone 972-4-6962412phone 972-4-6961350• Katzrin

Fishing park, shaded huts, bbq area, hammocks, attractions for the whole family, pedal boots and more.

phone 972-52-9706228• Ma`ayan Tsvi

Pub Villa Tehilla Rosh Pinna.

phone 972-4-6937788phone 972-50-5543973• Rosh Pinna

Zefat – The Upper Galilee Region The Ha’meiri’s dairy produce factory is the first of its kind in Israel and has produced the best gourmet goat’s cheese for over 170 years. The tour of the factory is combined with the history of the old town of Zefat, the story about the first dairy produce factory in Israel and how the original name of “Zefatit Cheese” came about as well as other cheese production secrets.

phone 972-52-9127542• Safed (Tzefat)
  • Kfar Tavor Village Museum - Visitors Center in כפר תבור

Opening hours sun 9:00-14:00 mon 9:00-14:00 tue 9:00-14:00 wed 9:00-14:00 thu 9:00-14:00 fri 9:00-14:00 sat 10:00-15:00 holidays 10:00-15:00 Free guidance when arranged in advance Admission Entrance fee

phone 972-4-6765848• Kfar Tavor
  • Center for Wine Culture - Visitors Center in זכרון יעקב

A new Center for Wine Culture has opened at Carmel Winery’s Zichron Ya’acov Wine Cellars. It is called Carmel Wine & Culture and replaces the previous visitors’ center. The new complex includes a wine shop, restaurant, two specialist tasting rooms, a small cinema and barrel room in one of Rothschild’s historic underground cellars.

phone 972-4-6391788• Zichron Ya`akov
phone 972-4-6374327• Ein Shemer-Kibbutz
  • The Lychee Farm – Falling in love with nature - Visitors Center in מצובה

A fruit picking celebration of Lychees in the western Galilee Every summer a fruit picking celebration of lychees is held on the farm on Kibbutz Matzuva. Visitors to the farm will enjoy the pastoral view, independent lychee picking, the natural products manufactured on the farm, a recreational corner for children, a petting corner and a gardening nursery.

phone 972-52-9706262• Matzuba

Welcome to Mini Israel, the Gigantic Miniature Park The Park displays hundreds of models that are exact copies of sites, buildings and landscapes from around the country.

phone 972-52-9706218• Latrun

The museum was established in order to fulfill one man`s dream. Gideon Friedman wanted to build an Israeli home and the right stage for glass art in Israel. Each visitor to the museum is invited into the artist`s inner world. Every person exhibiting in the museum takes a part in Gideon`s vision, adds his own vision and world view and together they pave the way toward the same dream.

phone 972-8-9953388• Arad
  • Naharayim Park – Peace Island - Visitors Center in אשדות יעקב איחוד

Travelers in the north of Israel are welcome to come and tour and enjoy themselves in the middle of nature. We offer a variety of tours which are a wonderful experience for families and groups, where you will feel and hear the stories about the first Zionist movement and the establishment of Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov. On the visit you will see the first power station which supplied electricity to the area, the mythological “Valley train” and “Peace Island” on the Israel-Jordan border where the peace treaties were signed between the two countries.

phone 972-4-6709143• Ashdot Ya`akov (Ichud)
  • Visitors Center - Visitors Center in ערד
phone 972-8-9971477• Arad
  • Moav View - Visitors Center in ערד
• Arad
  • Barvazim Ba’Kfar – Duck Village - Visitors Center in כפר ברוך

Duck Village Visitor Center A fascinating encounter in the world of ducks The Visitor Center is closed on the Sabbath and on Jewish Holidays At the Duck Village visitor center there are professional guided tours suitable for all ages where you will learn about the preservation of nature in the area, you will see the sea birds, learn about the reproduction of the ducks, learn about the chicks before and after they hatch out of their eggs and the whole process of their growth and habitat.

phone 972-52-9706245• Kfar Baruch

Come and enjoy a fun and jumping day out at the Kiftzuba for a great and adventurous experience with: huge inflatables, electric bicycles, bumper cars, computer games and many more, so come with the kids, parents and even the grandparents and we promise you that you will return again and again for more excitement.

phone 972-52-9706227• Tzuba
  • Agalili - Birdwatching & Attractions  Hula Vall - Visitors Center in אגמון החולה

You are invited to an absorbing experience in the natural habitat of the wild animals and birds. Discover the magic of Agamon HaHula through guided observation-tours from within the “Agalili” – a unique hidden wagon roaming freely in the heart of the premises.

• Agmon HaHula
  • City of David - Visitors Center in ירושלים

Deep underground, the City of David is revealing some of the most exciting archeological finds of the ancient world. While above ground, the city is a vibrant center of activity with a visitor`s center that welcomes visitors for an exciting tour to the site where much of the Bible was written.

phone 972-033*• Jerusalem
  • Muza Pub - Visitors Center in ערד

Muza Pub

phone 972-8-9975555• Arad

There is no other perfect recreational family or group outing than the one here at the Shefayim Water Park. All you need is to be in a fun mood and just make your way here.

phone 972-9-9595756/7• Shefayim
  • The site of the historic Pioneers` Settlement - Visitors Center in ראש פנה
phone 972-4-6901335• Rosh Pinna

The Iyon Stream, which cuts through steep rock walls near the town of Metula, has its sources in the Iyon Valley (Marj ‘Ayun) in Lebanon, about seven kilometers north of Metulla.

• Metulla
  • The Western Wall Heritage - Visitors Center in ירושלים

A new permanent exhibit called “The Generations Center” has recently been opened near the Western Wall. Visitors will enjoy a moving experience that relates the fascinating story of the Jewish people throughout the generations. This story takes us through 3,500 years- from exile to statehood, from destruction to rebuilding, and from crisis to hope.

• Jerusalem
  • Ben-Gurion Hut - Visitors Center in שדה בוקר

The Desert Home of Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula The slippers left by his bed An open book on Ben-Gurion’s shelf The recipe for ``Cutch – Mutch`` hanging on the kitchen wall We welcome you to visit the Desert Home of David and Paula Ben-Gurion in Kibbutz Sde Boker.

phone 972-8-6560469• Sde Boker

A one-hour, five-ring trip through the greatest Olympic records, with a special focus on Israel’s finest moments. Experience the Olympic spirit of excellence, willpower, perseverance and an overwhelming ambition to achieve and reach ever faster, higher and stronger.

phone 972-3-7955900• Tel Aviv
  • Ancient Synagogue - Visitors Center in מעוז חיים
phone 972-50-7390514• Ma`oz Haim
  • International Mediterranian Tourism Market (IMTM) - Visitors Center in תל אביב יפו

International Mediterranian Tourism Market (IMTM), Tel Aviv. IMTM 2018, the 24nd annual international tourism exhibition, Tel Aviv, February 6-7, 2018. IMTM is the official and only professional exhibition for the tourism trade market in Israel. The meeting place and trendsetter for the global and local tourist industry.

• Tel Aviv

Golan Magic is the ideal place for a family outing or group gathering, it is the perfect spot to begin your hiking tours, deepening your knowledge of the Golan and obtaining the information you need about all the new and exciting things to do in the area.

• Katzrin
  • Havat Hatukim - Visitors Center in כפר הס
• Kfar Hes

Mei Kedem (Ancient Water) is a unique archaelogical site situated in The Alona Park, a protcted nature area of Mediterranean forest.

phone 972-4-6388622• Amikam
  • Hay Park - Visitors Center in קרית מוצקין
phone 972-52-9706230• Kiryat Motzkin
  • Barkanit dairy - Visitors Center in כפר יחזקאל

Barkanit is a small family dairy established in 1978, it is one of the first artisanal dairies of Israel well known in the domestic market for the quality of its cheeses.

phone 972-52-9706246• Kfar Yechezkel
  • Sdot Yam Beach - Visitors Center in שדות ים
• Sdot Yam
  • Carmel Heritage Center - Visitors Center in עוספיא

The Carmel Heritage Center derives from the vision of Rajaa Keis Mansur, a Druze woman who seeks to present the magnificent Druze culture to the Israeli public and locals with the story of the Isfiya village as it was before the state of Israel was established, the Jewish and Druze connection in the Carmel at that time and their connection today, personal stories of the pioneers of the village and the development of the Druze women at Isfiya and in general.

phone 972-52-9124146• Isfiya

The Baptismal site - YARDENIT is situated at the Southern end of the Sea of Galilee.

phone 972-4-6759111• Kinneret-Kvutsa

Castel National Park is located near Jerusalem overlooking the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway within sight of the capital..

phone 972-2-5330476• Jerusalem

Megiddo National Park, encompassing the ancient biblical mound of Megiddo, whose universal value has won it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is located at the western entrance to the Jezreel Valley in the Lower Galilee, on an important ancient and modern crossroad.

phone 972-4-6590316• Megiddo

Symbol of willpower and heroism

phone 972-8-6584207• Massada

Tel Arad National Park Remnants of an important city from the Canaanite and Israelite periods

phone 972-8-6992444• Arad

Settlement at what became Caesarea, on Israel’s central Mediterranean coast began in the third century BCE during the Hellenistic period as a small Phoenician port city called Straton’s Tower.

phone 972-4-6267080• Caesarea

Prehistoric caves in the southern cliff of wadi Mearot, western Carmel. This area is one of the oldest prehistoric sites out of Africa - million years old.

• hh

Tel Dan N.P

• Tel Dan N.P

The lake and the swamps were home to tens of thousands of aquatic birds, along with many species of rare plants and fish, creating a wondrous world of flora and fauna.

phone 972-4-6937069• Hula vally-Upper Galile

The Stalactite Cave, also called the Sorek Cave, is at the heart of the reserve in memory of Avshalom Shoham, located on the western slopes of the Judean mountains near Bet Shemesh.

phone 972-2-9911117• Beit Shemesh
• Gamla

Hurshat Tal National Park Overnight Campground

phone 972-639*• Hurshat Tal
phone 972-3639• Yehudia
phone 972-3639• Meshushim Pool

Makhtesh Ramon: the story of the Negev Desert

phone 972-8-6588691/8• Mitzpe Ramon

An oasis near the Dead Sea

phone 972-8-6584285• Ein Gedi

Located near the northwestern Negev town of Ofakim, the 3,500-dunam (875-acre) Eshkol National Park has lawns, picnic areas and a playground. It is a great starting point for a drive along the Besor Stream’s charming scenic route.

phone 972-8-9985110• Eshkol NP

Zippori National Park, encompassing the ruins of the ancient Roman- and talmudic-era city of Zippori, is located in the rolling hills of Lower Galilee, west of Nazareth.

phone 972-4-6568272 • Zippori

Bet She`an, in the northern Jordan Valley was first settled in the fifth millennium NCE on a mound south of the Harod Stream, in the heart of a region of great fertility and abundant water, and at what became a major crossroads.

phone 972-4-9831643• Beit Sheaarim
  • Ganey Hamat Beach - Visitors Center in כנרת


phone 972-4-672856• Sovev Kinneret
  • Gye Beach - Visitors Center in טבריה


phone 972-4-6700713• Tiberias
  • The Monkies Forest - Visitors Center in יודפת

nature forest with wild animals

phone 972-4-9801265• Yodfat
  • The Blue Horse - Visitors Center in יודפת

An art gallery

phone 972-4-9801265• Yodfat

International Birdwatching Center of the Jordan Vally, Israel, Kibbutz Kfar Rupin - The best place of birding in Northern Israel.

phone 972-52-9124149• Kfar Ruppin
  • Hagan Hayapani - Visitors Center in חפציבה

a specieal Jappanese garden

• Hefziba
  • Hamoshav Harieshon - Visitors Center in נהלל

a visitors centre

phone 972-4-6515462• Nehalall
  • Arad - Visitors Center in ערד

Arad tourist information center

phone 972-8-9954409• Arad
  • Beit Ussishkin Museum - Visitors Center in דן - קיבוץ

Beit Ussishkin is a nature and history museum and was also established to research these matters. The museum is situated on the Dan Kibbutz which is right beside the Dan Nature Reserve and the Baniyas and right by the biblical Dan antiques.

phone 972-52-9706250• Dan
  • The Photograph Museum - Visitors Center in תל חי

The Photograph Museum

phone 972-4-6950769• Tel-Chai

The noble palm tree has been very widespread in this area for many generations and all of its parts can be used. Here at the Tamar education center, one of its kind in Israel, you can study and learn about dates, tour around the date groves and experience the many ways in which the dates are kept and grown.

phone 972-52-9708296• Tirat Tzvi

The Time Elevator is a fascinating interactive experience that takes the visitor to unforgettable voyages through fascinating places. Descend to Jerusalem`s history of fly over Israel`s wonders – It is all happening at the Time Elevator.

phone 972-52-9706321• Jerusalem