109 B & B  with Family Zimmer found in Golan Heights

  • Matzok Orvim (Kela)
  • Map

two amazing suits at Ramat Hagolan. In any swits there is jaccuzi, badroom, sitting area amd balcony.

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Crows cliff settlement in the Golan front views and magical sunsets Hzit`` will play B``fondk tree. `Wooden inn Hzit`` three spacious accommodation units are fully equipped and Mfnkot.bhtzr enjoy green lawns, seating areas and Arslim.brichh season.

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“Villa Ba-Matsok” (Villa on the Cliff) Accommodation for couples and families with up to two children. The units are intended a place to relax and unwind. They are spacious, air-conditioned and with every amenity.

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“Adar” Guest Rooms – Golan Heights – Where nature makes for love. In “Kela Alon” (Matsok Orvim – `Crows` Cliff`), which is situated on the western slopes of the northern Golan Heights, at a height of just over 2000` above sea level, are 2 Holiday Homes fitted with every luxury and a luxury Guest Room. A variety of Body and Soul Treatments are available on request for an an unforgettable experience.

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At the entrance to Nahal Orvim Nature Reserve, facing the breathtaking view of the Galilee, are two luxurious, well equipped log cabins suitable for either a romantic break or a family holiday. The cabins have a log fire to pamper you in winter when you get out of the hot tub and air-conditioning to refresh you in the summer. If you bring children, there is a safe and secure luxury gallery. Our breakfasts are renowned and are brought to you in the cabin. Here at “Biktotayim” we invite you to leave the `rat-race` behind and come for a dream holiday at our unique and enchanting log cabins.

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In a small, young village on the northern Golan Heights, facing a wild, ancient landscape, nestle two special log cabins. The cabins are 80 square metres (approx 95 sq. yards) in size, with a luxurious gallery, and offer visitors a most pleasurable stay at this dream location. The cabins are in a fruit orchard which gives them absolute privacy and tranquility.

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Zimmer rose cliff located in the Golan Heights settlement of two crows Cliff wood cabins are fully equipped for families and couples pampering. Includes a huge Jacuzzi colorfully illuminating the water and foam. Manicured garden and amazing views!

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  • Ne`ot Golan
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Proper settlement of the Golan Heights Golan magical landscapes will play in front of spacious accommodation, well equipped - hosting `front Cnrt``. The unit is suitable for couples or families and are fully equipped for an enjoyable vacation. Green grass in the yard, garden furniture, swing, barbecue area and a pleasant nighttime illumination. Suitable for religious.

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  • Neve Ative
  • Map

Here at 1000 Meters high, you will enjoy the cold summer air not like anywhere else in Israel. Beautiful wooden cabins hand made by the landlord, are fully furnished with a terrace and seating area and in the garden, fruit trees and flowers overlooking the beautiful view of the Ahula Valley.

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This magical motel at Neve Ativ, offers a wonderful observation of the Golan Heights in the midst of the mountains and is close by to all the tourist sites of the Galilee and the Golan. We will be happy to provide further assistance with tours of the area and discounts to the Hermon Ski Resort.

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At Neve Ativ, on the way to the Hermon, at the highest place in the country. Snow in the winter and fresh cool air in the summer

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At the foot of Mount Hermon in the community Nooh- Ati``b Delay between snow-capped mountains and cherry orchards. Hunters boutique hotel is located, overlooking the spectacular view of the valley and Mount Hermon green lawns and streams flowing round Hsna.hmlon is a tourist area and includes Neve At``ib family vacation units, and for couples, large lawn, hammocks, spa, and barbecue area.

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At the Kalfon Guest House you will enjoy a European country style atmosphere with a magnificant view, luxury suites and warm guest rooms with a garden, lobby and swimming pool in the summer.

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``Golan B`rama`` – with luxury wooden cabins at 5 star standard for religious and non religious couples. This country inn is fully furnished and designed for those who will only settle for best.

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For a relaxing and pleasant vacation, bathing in a meadow of greenery, you will find these 5 luxury wooden suites with a view of the Hermon Mountains. These are suitable both for families and couples.

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Here at the Village Inn you will find 4 magnificent wooden cabins each with a large Jacuzzi, for families and couples. Two of the cabins are studio apartments and include an electric Camino and are suitable for couples, also for couples with up to 2 children.

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At Moshav Ramot we have 2 luxurious wooden houses that are suitable for families and couples. In the cabins, elaborate bedroom, large luxurious Jacuzzi by candle light, kitchenette with utensils, dinning area and television. In our gardens, we have a large swimming pool open to our guests.

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BARAK SPA GUEST HOUSE Barak guest house is a holiday site in Moshav Ramon which is situated north east of the Sea of Galilee (North of Ein Gev). It is 5 minutes away from the Sea of Galilee and Golan beach where the Luna Gal water park is located.

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Suites with jacuzzi

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  • Oren`s Cabins - B & B in רמות

Accessorized, air-conditioned wooden cabins each with a couple`s jacuzzi

phone 972-52-9706932available rooms 8

Briza Bakfar consists of 12 luxurious guesthouses located just a short distance from the shores of the Kinneret.Each guesthouse is lavishly outfitted with everything needed to pamper and spoil you.

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Five minutes away from the Sea of Galilee and the old Mountains of the Golan is Be`katzeh Ha`har (meaning at the edge of the mountain). Here you will find a combination between today`s technology and the quieter environment of 400 years ago, which makes your stay at our cabin all the more unique.

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  • Mul Hanof - Zimmer`s - B & B in רמות
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Wooden cabins with a fantastic view of the Kinneret.

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Country lodging accommodation in the Golan Heights in the north of Israel. Here we offer you wooden cabins fully furnished with television, stereo system, kitchen with utensils, dinning area designed in an old Indian style. Breakfast is also included.

phone 972-52-9706886available rooms 3

Bikta Bakfar B&B

phone 972-4-6733082phone 972-50-4664032available rooms 4

For your romantic vacation with a view of the Sea of Galilee we have 2 new wooden cabins for couples. We also have 2 spacious wooden cabins for families. Each of the cabins is fully furnished with air conditioning and all face the breathtaking view.

phone 972-4-6732157phone 972-52-2668028available rooms 4

4 wooden cabins with jaccuzi in each one.

phone 972-52-9706582available rooms 4

Thai style wooden cabins, view the Kinneret, Yarden Park, and the Galil mountains. Air conditioned rooms with television, and accessorized kitchen. In the bedroom there is a big jacuzzi. You can order a special rich and full breakfast to your room (seperate order). Fabulous view of the Kinneret and the Galil mountains.

phone 972-52-2489294available rooms 2

At “Orchon Afik” on the Golan Height there are 38 Guest Rooms and Guest Flats, with accommodation for both couples and families. There is a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee, Upper and Lower Galilee, including Mount Tabor and Mount Meron.

phone 972-52-9708263available rooms 47

At Moshav Aniam, in the heart of the Golan Heights, on the waterfall route, two beautiful guest suites await you. Equipped and designed for an intimate and enjoyable stay, you will find a different world of relaxation, romance and a peaceful country atmosphere with many places to take trips and enjoy yourself.

phone 972-52-9787649available rooms 2

If you are looking for a `Garden of Eden` with everything you wish for, “Yuvalim” is the perfect choice for you. Accommodation for either couples or families in two Log Cabins which blend in wonderfully with the enchanting landscape of the Golan Heights. The cabins are well-equipped and have every luxury to ensure you have truly quiet and relaxing stay. You can soak in a spacious Hot Tub on your private patio in an idyllic, calm and peaceful setting.

phone 972-4-6924924phone 972-52-7532189available rooms 2

On Moshav Aviam, between the Ayit Waterfall and the Artists` Colony; between the Sea of Galilee and Mount Hermon, lies a spacious and equipped Guest Unit, suitable for couples or families. In it, there is a bedroom, equipped kitchen and LCD television. Outside, a well-tended garden with seating area, cool, pleasant mountain air, peace and quiet. ...and many other luxuries that will make this a perfect holiday.

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  • Kidmat Habashan - B & B in אניעם-גולן

at Moshav Ani`am, in ramat hagolan there is four zimmers with a big garden with a place to sit.

phone 972-52-9706948available rooms 4

If you want to know where I am – Here`s where you`ll find me – On “Yair`s Roof” at Aniam – It`s the only place to be! Family Guest Flats situated on a roof, with a view of the Sea of Galilee and Mount Hermon. Each flat contains a living room, kitchenette, a double bedroom for parents and a children`s bedroom with two beds. The settee in the living room converts into a double bed when needed.

phone 972-52-8330128phone 972-4-9930956available rooms 1

On Moshav Aniam in the centre of the Golan Heights, lie three new, tropical-style, wooden cabins. The cabins are luxurious and are surrounded by a well-tended tropical garden with an `Enchanted Spring` Pool, a seating area and a barbecue area. The cabins are new and are equipped to a high standard. Each cabin has a large, luxurious Hot Tub, and equipped kitchenette, a television in the parents` bedroom and a Home Cinema System.

phone 972-52-4463600available rooms 3

At Aniam site overlooking the Sea of Galilee Will be hosted on 2 new stunning log cabins. In the clear air and open spaces enjoy the perfect combination of luxury and romance. Spacious suites designed with privacy suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-50-4525150phone 972-50-2223253available rooms 2

Welcome to Bed and Breakfasts are a summary of experience of Golan, Basalt stone cottages surrounded by garden of herbs and plants of Israel., We invite you to walk into the secrets of the ancient building of the Golan Heights

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phone 972-52-9706895available rooms 2
  • Avnei Eitan
  • Map

At Avnei Eitan Moshav in the Golan Heights, we have 2 wooden cabins, both fully furnished and designed to make your country holiday all the more enjoyable. The breathtaking views, beautiful sunsets, the quiet and tranquil atmosphere are all part of your experience here at Noah in the Golan.

phone 972-4-6762401phone 972-54-6671601available rooms 3

PALGEI MAIM – ACCOMMODATION ON THE EL AL RIVER BANK On the Avnei Eitan Moshav in the Golan Heights you are invited to stay at one of our 3 guest houses. The guest houses are air conditioned, furnished and offer you the silence and tranquility you need for your holiday and the breathtaking view of the EL AL RIVER BANK in the Golan Heights.

phone 972-4-6762190phone 972-54-2226470available rooms 3

large, furnished cabins suitable for couples and families of 8 people, plus 2 high class wood houses suitable for couples and families of 6 people. In the courtyard: A beautiful garden Shaded sitting corners A BBQ corner

phone 972-52-9787664available rooms 4

At Moshav Avnei Eitan there are 2 cabins made of wood especially for your country holiday, suitable for families and couples. Each cabin is furnished to the highest standard with 2 bedrooms, Jacuzzi, air conditioning, LCD television, wireless internet and kitchen with utensils.

phone 972-54-7725651phone 972-54-5684876available rooms 2

At Avnei Eitan Moshav , a religious settlement in the Golan Heights, we have 2 wooden cabins suitable for couples and families (with up to 8 children). In the cabins: bedroom with a plasma television with satellite system, Jacuzzi, living room with plasma television with satellite system, coffee area and kitchen with facilities for the Sabbath.

phone 972-54-5684210available rooms 2

Country lodging at its finest with the newest wooden cabins. The holiday that you always dreamed of is right here. The cabins are suitable to accommodate couples or families with up to 8 children and also for religious families. The cabins are furnished to a very high standard -A parent’s room, living room and a room for children.

phone 972-54-5684574available rooms 2
  • Bnei Yehuda
  • Map

Moshav Bnei Yehuda Golan Heights through spectacular landscapes and pastoral atmosphere To arrive at Villa Olivia `` ``. Large villa, equipped and decorated with everything needed for an enjoyable vacation. Courtyard villa Jacuzzi luxurious spa, swimming pool and charming seating areas.

phone 972-52-9709896available rooms 1

South Heights vs green hills of orchards and fields, Romantic B & B is set in an enchanting village atmosphere and warm with a lot of heart and soul. Zimmer is suitable for couples and families up to 6 people. Zimmer large deck with seating pleasant atmosphere. Zimmer yard Enjoy a refreshing pool, Jacuzzi spa, charming seating areas surrounding gardens and manicured greenery.

phone 972-52-9706422available rooms 1
  • Ein Kinya
  • Map
phone 972-50-5922201available rooms 2

Welcome to “Sanabel” – your dream holiday at the Druze tourist center at Ein Kinya. At “Sanabel”, we can offer 3 double suites, 2 large family suites which are made of stone, designed and furnished with the Druze authentic style. The accommodation site is surrounded by beautiful gardens with the sensual smells of spices and a spectacular view of the Galilee and Golan, the Hermon Mountains and the Nimrod Fortress.

phone 972-50-5778850phone 972-50-3778850available rooms 5
  • Ein Zivan
  • Map

Lan in the Golan, which is part of Kibbutz Eiv Zivan, can offer you the perfect country holiday with bed and breakfast (traditional Israeli breakfast) and our finest personal service to make you feel at home.

phone 972-52-9708956available rooms 38
  • Giv`at Yo`av
  • Map

This is the place where you wake up to peace and tranquility and birdsong. 6 Beautiful, spacious, modern Log Cabins in an enchanting, country atmosphere, far from the noise of the city. The location is especially suitable for couples but is also suitable for families seeking a relaxing, romantic holiday or a base for touring the area.

phone 972-50-5656582available rooms 6

The Guest Room site “Kipat Shamayim” in the rural community of Givat Yoav, lies among the green hills and breathtaking landscape of the Golan Heights. This well-developed site contains three exclusive Guest Rooms built out of love of people and giving hospitality with the aim of giving guests a perfect and unforgettable holiday experience. Zimmers Country Lodging Guest Rooms Guest House Accommodations Welcome to the accommodations Kipat Shamayim romantic cabins at Giv`at Yo`av.

phone 972-52-9706381available rooms 1

Do something different and come for a relaxing holiday in the wide open spaces and spectacular scenery of the Golan Heights. Here in Givat Yoav, on the southern Golan heights, 5 beautiful, well-designed Log Cabins await you, offering a world of calm and romance in an enchanting rustic atmosphere. The cabins are surrounded by flowering plants, lawns, a barbecue area and a private swimming pool.

phone 972-52-9708932available rooms 5

Jimmy Jeep`s is where you will be pampered. Vibrating, massage armchairs will do wonders for your back as will the double Hot Tub; chocolates, wine a Home Cinema System – we`ve thought of everything.

phone 972-52-4204222phone 972-52-2543323available rooms 4

We invite you to enjoy the best of all worlds; to wake up to birdsong and pastoral tranquility; to enjoy amazing sunsets and a spectacular panoramic view of the Hills of Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee. Zimmers Country Lodging Guest Rooms Guest House Accommodations Welcome to the accommodations Bikta Mul Shkia cabins at Giv`at Yo`av.

phone 972-4-6763954phone 972-50-2793118available rooms 4
  • Golan`s Beach-Sea of Galile
  • Map

10 beautiful wooden cabins on the Sea of Galilee.

phone 972-4-9531153available rooms 10

Had Ness picturesque overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Jordan River is located near the Golan Heights area, you can enjoy a luxurious and prestigious sea of ​​peace and quiet. black & white is suitable for couples seeking total privacy for families and couples seeking a unique shared experience.

phone 972-52-5948777phone 972-54-6777059available rooms 3

Country hospitality at the tourist village of Had Ness. Country vacation at ``Air and Atmosphere``: At your disposal 3 recreation apartments on a spacious field, so that each apartment has full privacy. Among the apartments there are lawns, a nurtured garden and a playground for children. What`s in the apartments? air - conditioning Adjoining toilettes , showers and Jacuzzi. A kitchenette with all the equipment (including a microwave, Television+(VCR in coordinatiom) and a CD player, A barbecue corner, Sheets and towels, An option to order a delicious and pampering country breakfast.

phone 972-52-9706463available rooms 3

Golan Heights settlement of Nes overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee Stay with appropriate equipped accommodation in a double or family vacation. Court yard of the apartment indulge Jacuzzi spa, barbecue and seating areas.

phone 972-4-6827639phone 972-52-8226489available rooms 2

Nes community overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee Stay with on two luxurious suites - Suite Suite Jordan and Golan. Suites suitable for hosting couples or families with all the amenities for a peaceful holiday and charming.

phone 972-52-9787602available rooms 2
  • House of Helios - B & B in חד נס

Helios House - Luxury B & B and Luxury with private swimming pool inside Nes Golan Heights. BB suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-52-9708730available rooms 4
  • La - Pacha Cabins - B & B in חד נס

Moshav Nes Golan front of a breathtaking view of the lake Stay with her ​​wooden huts `the patcher. Instead of four log cabins decorated and equipped with everything necessary magical vacation. Courtyard of a refreshing pool, sun beds, a seating area and barbecue.

phone 972-52-9706564available rooms 4

Had Ness Ness Golan Heights, accommodation at Villa, B & B and BBQ themed luxury accommodation. Yard of a private swimming pool, heated whirlpool spa and Janet huge.

phone 972-52-6333052available rooms 4

“Valah Hospitality” Had Nes – Golan Heights Valah Hospitality offers you 4 magnificent, luxury wooden cabins with a luxury Hot Tub overlooking the spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee. The cabins are suitable for couples in love and families. Come here and relax in peace, tranquility and privacy.

phone 972-52-8882596phone 972-4-6921590available rooms 4

2 Cabins Prestigious and beautiful suitable for romantic couples and families seeking the perfect vacation! The cabins are equipped with high-level large Jacuzzi and luxurious, dry sauna, air-conditioning, fully equipped kitchen , cable TV, Outside cabins Enjoy the private swimming pool.

phone 972-54-7000427phone 972-54-7000428available rooms 3
phone 972-52-9706927available rooms 5

Magic Christmas tree located inside Ness with stunning views, peace and quiet endless magic Christmas tree huts you will find everything you imagined yourself and what not

phone 972-4-6020894phone 972-52-5635235available rooms 2

Nes settlement in the Golan Heights in a calm and peaceful Stay with Zahavi`s mansion in `` `` two luxurious suites with heated swimming pool, whirlpool spa and Janet a big yard! Mansion accommodation Zahavi `` `` suitable for couples and families, the suites are equipped with everything needed for an enjoyable vacation.

phone 972-52-9788611available rooms 2
phone 972-52-9706906available rooms 3

We offer you four magnificent suites with an equipped kitchen, satellite TV, stereo system and a jacuzzi.

phone 972-52-2843444available rooms 3
  • Nihohot Provance - B & B in חד נס

Nes settlement in the Golan Heights through stunning landscapes and enchanting sunsets Stay with luxury suites suitable accommodation for couples. The suites have been designed in European style relaxed atmosphere and luxurious. Every private spa suite jacuzzi and large swimming pool shared. In addition to unique Provence Suite with private heated pool!

phone 972-54-7512443available rooms 3

“Ha Pina HaYaffa shel Tsvia” is the answer to every dream. At the foot of the Golan Heights and with a magical view of the Sea of Galilee, fantastic, warm Finnish VIP Wooden Cabins await you.

phone 972-52-9788646available rooms 5
  • Wooden Cabins at Miki`s - B & B in חד נס

2 Wooden huts with jacuzzi. 3 Family guest units. All the units include: Air condition. Bathroom&shower (Jacuzzi in the huts). Full equipped kitchenette. TV. The units surrounded by lawn with sitting corner and barbeque facilities.

phone 972-52-9706517available rooms 4

“Aviv Be Lev” (Spring in the Heart) Hed Nes – Golan Heights Luxury Guest Rooms with Private Swimming Pool!!! Outstanding High- Standard Wooden Cabins, accommodation for families, Swimming Pool!!!

phone 972-52-2797234available rooms 4

We offer you six modern designed guest units with some wonderful views of the Kinneret.

phone 972-50-4494313available rooms 6

A communal village situated at the sea of Galilee, near the Jordan River Park, amongst natural reserves, the Hexagon`s Pool and the Bteicha. With a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee, you can lodge at our vacations suites

phone 972-4-6922124phone 972-52-3740575available rooms 5

At Moshav Chisphin (a religious moshav), in the Golan Heights, you are welcome to stay at a very large guest house, which is furnished, air conditioned, very spacious and kept clean to the highest standard. The unit is suitable for large families (up to 10 persons) or also for couples.

phone 972-4-6762110phone 972-54-4918481available rooms 1

Country Guest House accommodation in Ketzarin in the Golan Heights. All our rooms offer: air conditioning, cable television, kitchenette with utensils, seating and barbeque areas and we can also offer breakfast to be ordered in advance. There are reduced price bookings for the many nearby attractions. Discount tickets for attractions and restaurants.

phone 972-52-2853265available rooms 2

Come and stay with us at Ketzarin in the capital of the Golan Heights where our guest house Between the Sea of Galilee to the Hermon Mountains is located.

phone 972-52-9708934available rooms 1

Villa Spa – prestigous guest house at Ketzarin in the Golan Heights These luxurious units are all air conditioned and fully furnished and are suitable for couples and families. Zimmers Country Lodging Guest Rooms Guest House Accommodations Welcome to the accommodations Villa SPA Luxurious Suites at Katzrin.

phone 972-50-4941580available rooms 4

In the small town of Ketzarin, amongst the beautiful views of the Sea of Galilee, Galilee Mountains, Hermon Mountains is located the boutique guest house ``Villa Golan`` with a scent of Spain and Portugal.

phone 972-52-9787607available rooms 3
  • Nekuda Yeroka - B & B in קצרין
phone 972-54-5459678available rooms 2

In the town of Ketzarin we invite you to stay at ``Tarnegol Ha`arevot``. Ketzarin is best known as a town of water and wine and wide green gardens. The ``Tarnegol Ha`arevot`` overlooks the beautiful and magical landscape of the Sea of Galilee and the Hermon Mountains.

phone 972-50-7906191available rooms 3
  • Rivlin Holiday Apartment - B & B in קצרין
phone 972-4-6961831phone 972-54-5841663available rooms 1
  • Tidhar Belavan - B & B in קצרין
phone 972-50-2053073available rooms 3

At the Golan Field School in Ketzarin, above Zvietan Lake and across from the Sea of Galilee, we can offer an unforgettable experience. From here you can view the Golan Heights, Hermon Mountains, Ahula Valley, Israeli National water carrier and the beaches of the Galilee.

phone 972-4-6965030phone 972-57-2003030available rooms 33
phone 972-4-6961029phone 972-52-2582452available rooms 1
  • Pnina Bapina - B & B in קצרין
phone 972-50-5604412phone 972-50-5406080available rooms 4
  • Zimmerim Maain - B & B in קצרין
phone 972-4-6439389phone 972-50-8314852available rooms 2
  • Sofia House - Orchidea - B & B in קצרין
phone 972-52-8690921available rooms 2

Here at the Tal Guest House at Ketzarin in the Golan Heights, we offer a large Spa Jacuzzi in the garden, television, stereo system, kitchen, seating and barbeque areas.

phone 972-4-6962535phone 972-50-6745478available rooms 4
  • Ma`ale Gamla
  • Map

Moshav Ma`ale Gamla in the Golan pleasant rural atmosphere is `hosting domain hosting Cfri`` .bmthm Venus around a green courtyard, manicured garden herbs you will find two stone cottages, two cabins and spacious cabin and equipped Roga.hbktot suitable for couples and Msfhot.lrsot our guests yard G. pampering spa hot tub and pool. Place well adapted for the disabled.

phone 972-54-2474164available rooms 5

YURT – A MONGOLIAN STYLE TENT FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF HOLIDAY At Moshav Ma’aleh GimlaGAMLA in the north of the Golan Heights you can find this unique and special experience. At Gamalyurt we have 2 magical Mongolian yurts for loving couples looking for a different kind of romantic holiday.

phone 972-52-9706514available rooms 2

Welcome to BAPARDESS Luxurious wooden cabins set in a lush, green orchard. Located in a scenic Moshav (farming village) in the Golan Heights, tranquility and open space await. To the north rises Mt. Hermon, to the west the Sea of Galilee rests.

phone 972-52-3664329available rooms 2

The magical feeling of being pampered and total relaxation is the secret!!! Amongst the green gardens and breath taking view of the Golan Heights at Ma’aleh GimlaGAMLA you will find the cabins of the Marom family.

phone 972-54-5402672available rooms 4

At the Ma’aleh GimlaGAMLA Moshav in the north of the Golan Heights in the north of Israel, which faces the Sea of Galilee, we have 4 beautiful wooden cabins, which have been country style designed with all the features you would expect from this breathtaking location.

phone 972-52-9706435available rooms 4

These lovely wooden cabins are located around the end of the Moshav, and are placed just in the right place for your relaxing, peaceful and private stay. Each cabin is luxuriously furnished and is equipped with all you need and more. The pampering Jacuzzi with the wooden terrace facing the Sea of Galilee is one of the highlights.

phone 972-52-2562082available rooms 4

At Moshav Ma’aleh GimlaGAMLA we have 4 large and spacious wooden cabins with a double Jacuzzi facing the breathtaking view of the Yehudia Nature Reserve. The Moshav is situated on the Golan Heights and overlooks the Sea of Galilee, Yehudia Nature Reserve and the GimlaGAMLA Antiques.

phone 972-52-9706994available rooms 4

Come and stay at the ``Simha Ba`Kerem`` guest house, where we offer you a different kind of holiday to stay in our unique Mongolian tents. At the site we have 2 tents, which have been specially designed with a lot of space to fit a large double bed, above which there is a large round window for you to look up at the stars.

phone 972-4-6732155phone 972-54-5402595available rooms 2
  • Magdal Shams
  • Map

Hotel Moon Center, luxurious accommodation Majdal Shams, a Druze village near Mount Hermon. B``mrcz Irh`` 10 guest rooms equipped with high-class for couples and families. Site gym, swimming pool, restaurant, Jacuzzi spa, and more.

phone 972-52-9706665available rooms 12

A few minutes away from the Hermon Mountains, are the beautiful suites which overlook this beautiful landscape view. The suites are secluded and are furnished to a very high standard with a jacuzzi, television, internet connection and many more extras which will make your country holiday the perfect one. The site is suitable for romantic holidays and for families with children as well as group tours.

phone 972-4-6870173phone 972-52-6251435available rooms 10

In the North of the Golan Heights, amongst the beautiful views is the ``Narkis`` boutique hotel, with the country atmosphere. At the hotel we have 21 spacious rooms, each furnished and modernly designed which are suitable for families and couples.

phone 972-4-6982961phone 972-4-6665666available rooms 21

Bmg`dl Shams few minutes from Mount Hermon, are housed in luxurious cabins have amazing overlooking amazing views. Enjoy the swimming pool area and you can have a luxurious restaurant with an authentic Druze special events can be held.

phone 972-52-9706566available rooms 4

Come and be our guest at this beautiful apartment hotel with a balcony overlooking the breathtaking Hermon Mountains, accompanied with a spoilt for choice Israeli breakfast. The hotel accommodates 9 units, which are suitable for families and couples. They are each furnished to a very high standard and have air conditioning.

phone 972-50-7528623available rooms 9