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26 B & B  found in Yoav & Judea desert

  • Beit Meir
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phone 972-54-4523266available rooms 3
  • Ein Kerem
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The heart of an enchanted village, sunny courtyard garden herbs - facing the breathtaking views of Ein Kerem - Church Moskobiia Spring Valley, sits the new Zimmer - sound of the bell. Zimmer is suitable for up to a couple + 2 is within walking distance from the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital and 5 minutes from downtown.

phone 972-52-9127548phone 972-52-9127548available rooms 1

Opposite the view of the natural and magical forest is this beautiful accommodation unit, the unit includes air conditioning, is fully furnished and is suitable for couples and families. This discreet unit has a separate entrance with a courtyard which has a seating area with plenty of parking. Moshav Eshtaol is only 20 kilometers from Jerusalem and is surrounded by many attractions.

phone 972-52-9708948available rooms 2
  • Giv`at Yesha`ayahu
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These prestigious and romantic cabins suitable for couples and families have been built with every little detail at the highest standard on Moshav Givat Yeshayahu which is in the Valley of Ella.

phone 972-50-5744333available rooms 3
  • Jerusalem
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The heart of an enchanted village, sunny courtyard garden herbs - facing the breathtaking views of Ein Kerem - Church Moskobiia Spring Valley, sits the new Zimmer - sound of the bell. Zimmer is suitable for up to a couple + 2 is within walking distance from the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital and 5 minutes from downtown.

phone 972-52-9127548phone 972-52-9127548available rooms 1

Pamper yourselves with a stay at our intimate, tranquil living unit in the quiet ambience of Kiriat HaYovel , Jerusalem. The unit is suitable for a couple, or for couple plus up to two children.

phone 972-529706405available rooms 1
  • Leonardo Plaza Hotel Jerusalem - B & B in ירושלים

Leonardo Plaza Hotel Jerusalem is just a 15-minute walk from the Old City. It features a spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and elegant and spacious rooms. The cuisine is Glatt Kosher.

available rooms 268

Ramat Rachel Resort offers 4-star accommodation and a Kibbutz experience in the heart of Jerusalem in a tranquil garden setting and outdoor and indoor heated swimming pool. It is 15-minute drive from Jerusalem city centre, with public buses passing nearby every 20 minutes.

available rooms 164

Our apartments are available for rent from a period of one night and up to several months

available rooms 10
  • The David Citadel Hotel - B & B in ירושלים

The David Citadel Hotel overlooks the old city of Jerusalem. It features a large swimming pool, gym, and a range of dining facilities; all with panoramic views.

available rooms 380

The cozy hotel has a two star rating and consists of 19 room. Israeli breakfast is served at the hotel. Nearby are two glatt kosher restaurants, one is dairy and the other serves gourmet meats.

available rooms 23
  • Kfar Adumim
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In the community of NofeiPrat, located on the edge of the desert, with a breathtaking panoramicview, is the NeharaBamidbarsuite. Offeringtranquility and relaxation and an escape from daily tumult, visitors come to take a deep breath and unwind. The simple, soft contours of the desert horizon are mirroredin the design of thesuiteand itsgrounds.

phone 972-52-9706947available rooms 2
  • Kiryat Anavim
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Cramim, the new spa hotel, is situated in the heart of the Judean wine region, a 15 minute drive from Jerusalem.

available rooms 80
  • Mazkeret Batya
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In the heart of the town Mazkeret Batya, in one of the first houses that were built when it was just founded (1883), you`ll receive hospitality in a pastoral and comfortable environment, in highly styled and well equipped rooms. The building was recently restored, but its class and original characteristics were kept and adjusted to be perfect for guests who wish to relax. Guest rooms in the center of Mazkeret Batya!

phone 972-77-5100611phone 972-54-3975883available rooms 8
  • Mitzpe Jeriho
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In front of an ancient desert landscape, halfway between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, air-conditioned and equipped guest rooms, Suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-2-5353135phone 972-52-8134771available rooms 2
  • Neve Ilan
  • Map

Nestled in a quiet, magical pastoral setting in the Judean Hills. The hotel has 160 spacious and well equipped rooms including rooms with a Jacuzzi, rooms with connecting doors, rooms suitable for handicapped guests and smoking rooms. Guests can relax on the spacious lawns, enjoy the sports facilities and have a choice of well equipped halls for conferences and family events. Bikes are available to enjoy the magnificent scenery and breathe the clear pristine mountain air in the Judean Hills. Wireless television is available for a charge.

available rooms 160

Orchan Yoav’s magnificent country accommodations are surrounded by the pastoral landscape, the lawns and the trees of Kibbutz Sde Yoav. The serenity of the countryside combined with the region’s pleasant climate and fresh air create the perfect setting for a relaxing, rejuvenating and unforgettable holiday experience.

phone 972-52-9706339available rooms 26

Centrally situated on a quiet hill top in the Judean Hills, surrounded with nature, rolling hills, forests, breath taking views of almost the whole of Israel, gentle sea breeze in all directions, yet very near Jerusalem, Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea.

available rooms 40

In the heart of the green village near the city of Rehovot you will find this country style Spa with Zimmer accommodation which is a place for elite treatments in a tranquil and pastoral atmosphere.

phone 972-52-9787631available rooms 5

On the picturesque Moshav Tarum in the Judean Hills is this furnished and spacious suite suitable for couples or families and which is also suitable for religious guests. In the suite there are 2 bedrooms, a luxurious double Jacuzzi in the master bedroom, kitchen with utensils, spacious living room, television.Suitable for couples or family. Hospitality is also suitable for the religious

phone 972-54-2496411available rooms 1
  • Uriya - kfar
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Jerusalem hills, Oriya village, two spacious vacation rentals for couples and families on holiday in a rural atmosphere, with private swimming pool in the yard and landscape spaces pleasure.

phone 972-54-2096898available rooms 2
  • Avny Hahoshen Suites - B & B in ישעי-מושב
phone 972-52-9706872available rooms 2
  • Bar Giyora
  • Map

About 10 min `Ein Kerem, Jerusalem because in the Judea and Jerusalem, Two wooden BB size 50 from `` R (2 rooms) suitable for couples, family (up to 5 children) and the religious sector. B & B, intimate equipped for your convenience and enjoyment. Each guest house has a separate entrance path and private parking. Balconies to watch the landscape of the Judean hills and enjoy the tranquility of nature and the garden full of trees and vegetation surrounding each room. Moshav Bar Giora is adjacent to the path of the Cross Israel and around the sites lovely walks / bike Wineries, Ein Kobi, stalactite caves, streams, Twins Cave and more. Can be reached with pets.

phone 972-50-8100644available rooms 3
  • Beit Horon
  • Map

Wooden bungalow, charming spacious and well equipped with stunning views to the coastal plain and river information. Zimmer equipped with everything needed for an enjoyable vacation.

phone 972-50-6752875available rooms 2

Between Modi`in and Jerusalem you will find this magical settlement called Beit Horon and you are welcome to stay in these lovely air conditioned and furnished Zimmers, suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-52-9706958available rooms 1

Come up for air lifted in a magical atmosphere. Shade trees in `` `` Zimmer spacious and fully equipped. Rooms warm, cozy and luxurious. Magical and beautiful garden with pergola and seating area beside a barbecue area.

phone 972-52-9123199available rooms 1