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Parod Country Inn
Kibbutz Parod
Kibbutz Oratal B&B
Kibbutz Ortal
Tzofei Hatzuk - Country Cabins
Kibbutz Yahel - Arava BB
Kibbutz Yahel
Nir David Country Lodge
Kibbutz Nir David
Available Rooms
Giv`at Yo`av
500 NIS
Beit Hillel
Recommended Listings
Gesher Ha-Ziv
Ziv Hagalil Country Lodging, at Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, is located in the Western Galilee between the city of Nahariya and the cliffs of Rosh Hanikra. The kibbutz is situated on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Vered Yericho
A great place, next to the Dead Sea beach, with a view of the mountain, you will find our place!! Lots of places to see while walking around, enjoyment and relaxation. The guest units are high quality with a landscaped, grassy yard, porch for sitting and enjoying the view,
Zichron Ya`akov
Hotel Beit Maimon is located on charming Zichron Yaakov’s western slopes, a small family-run, European-style, rustic hotel.
Museum Yarmukian Culture
Sha`ar ha-Golan
The Museum of Yarmukian Culture is a world famous for the number and quality of items displayed in it. The visitor gains a comprehensive picture of daily life as well as of the art and cult of a 7500 year old Neolithic farmers` village on the bank of the Yarmuk River. A treat for the whole family.
Guided tours in an electric vehicle - eco friendly, self-driving. Customized Tours to a variety of sites: along the southern Jordan River, from the Levi Eshkol Forest on the Jordan Valley and the Sea of Galilee to the Naharayim site. Excellent for families, safe and fun. Suitable for up to 6 people.

Mini Golf Farod
Mini Golf is much more than a game, it is a social experience that provides all participants hours of entertainment, fun and challenges. The game is loved and very popular all over the western world and we are excited to bring it here to the Galilee for the enjoyment of our locals and visitors.

Hagosherim Kayaks
Kibbutz Hagosherim
Hagosherim Kayaking &Rafting in Israel: Come and experience a wet experience at the Hagosherim Kayaks. Kayaks and rafting boats on the Hasbani River. You will float down the river passing the natural greenery, birds and wild animals in this beautiful refreshing river in the north of Israel.



Read more Israel is a country of much breathtaking contrast modern and ancient, religious and secular, green valleys and golden deserts, sandy beaches and blue sea. Each Kibbutz has its own unique characteristics, just like every one of us. To accommodate your personal preferences and budget, we provide several options to suit individual tastes.
Read more SPNI is a respected provider of nature-oriented tours and accomodation facilities. Tens of thousands of people participate in SPNI hikes and tours annually and SPNI`s accommodation facilities - known as Field Schools provides guests with a unique environmental experience. SPNI`s nine Field Schools stretch from the Golan Heights to Eilat.
Read more Pleasure and entertainment around the country Awaiting you amidst the lush vegetation, in a rural atmosphere, is an experience that offers relaxation for the body and the soul, a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life......
Read more Israel`s rural tourism, comprised of 10,000 of `Zimmer` (Guest rooms) spread out of allover the country, in Kibbutzim, Moshavim and villages, is very advanced. Zimmer hospitality is an unforgettable experience, opening new way for tourists to learn about Israel. You can travel up and down Israel, visiting its tourism gems and becoming acquainted directly with the locals.