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Zimmer B&B in Golan Heights

Zimmer B&B in Golan Heights
Tzofei Hatzuk - Country Cabins
Hotel Moon Center
Majdal Shams
Caravan rental
Caravan rental
Levin BB
לוין אמירים
Zimmer B&B  in Golan Heights
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Agricultural Tourism Agricultural Tourism
The phrase %93Land of Milk and Honey%94 is mentioned 21 times in the bible. It is almost always mentioned to describe the Land of Israel. Even the Seven Species that are listed in the bible are special agricultural products of the Land of Israel and are significant in Israel%92s rich agriculture.
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The new way to tour, and get to know Israel people The new way to tour, and get to know Israel people
Israel`s rural tourism, comprised of 10,000 of `Zimmer` (Guest rooms) spread out of allover the country, in Kibbutzim, Moshavim and villages, is very advanced. Zimmer hospitality is an unforgettable experience, opening new way for tourists to learn about Israel. You can travel up and down Israel, visiting its tourism gems and becoming acquainted directly with the locals.