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Kayaking and rafting on the Jordan River
Kayaking and rafting on the Jordan River
Image: Thinkstock.com


Kayaking and rafting on the Jordan River:

An ideal summer experience for any age

One of the unrivaled delights for travelers in the north of Israel is the Jordan River, with its uniquely beautiful landscape and its historical, cultural and religious heritage. The most attractive way to enjoy this impressive river and its tributaries – the Dan, Snir and Hermon, is kayaking: an experience that combines total oneness with nature, physical activity and family or social bonding.

You can find sites to rent kayaks, rafting boats or tire rafts all along the river and the tributaries, offering routes of various lengths and degrees of difficulty – from calm routes suitable for children (accompanied by an adult, of course!) to extreme routes for adrenalin seekers.

All of the routes share the most beautiful scenery – nature in its full glory including: spraying water, chirping birds, rich foliage, play of light and shade, gliding between thickets and wide open spaces, and the irresistible combination of green and blue. The typically winding river adds to the fun – there’s a new surprise around every bend!

The kayaking operators are scrupulous about security, and in addition to the sporting activities offer special attractions for children, inviting lawns to relax on, well-maintained showers and toilets, camping tables and canteens – because, as we know, nothing works up an appetite more than physical activity in the open air.

Not to forget the social aspect: kayaking creates unique social interactions – it makes any family wet and enthusiastic and any team surprisingly close. Thanks to Israel’s comfortable climate, kayaking is possible for most of the year, primarily from March to October. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!

Kayaking – the refreshing water spaying your body, your happiness sky high, and even the occasional scratches are a sweet reminder of this exhilarating experience.


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