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Agricultural Tourism
Agricultural Tourism
Image: Thinkstock.com

 The phrase “Land of Milk and Honey” is mentioned 21 times in the bible. It is almost always mentioned to describe the Land of Israel. Even the Seven Species that are listed in the bible are special agricultural products of the Land of Israel and are significant in Israel’s rich agriculture.

In recent years, and with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, there has been an increase in the variety of agricultural attractions all over the country. This is the face of Israel, culturally and geographically, and more and more farmers are opening their gates to invite the general public to visit. In particular visitors come to enjoy a wonderful experience, to explore the tranquility, the beautiful views, the earth scents and the connection to the homeland.

Agricultural tourism is defined as activities which take place in the countryside and that are connected directly or indirectly by agricultural activities, which constitute attracting visitors who wish to study or simply to enjoy a pleasurable experience.

For agricultural tourism enthusiasts there is a large variety of attractions for all tastes such as: modern dairy farms, boutique wineries and spice farms, an abundance of colorful flowering fields, olive oil extraction plants, fruit orchards, cactus gardens and many other magical sites. Visiting these sites offers the public an experience with a difference: by leaving the busy and crowded cities, enjoyment of pure nature, obtaining an impression of Israel’s agriculture with our new and modern technology, and also an acquaintance with different styles of living for people, plants and farm animals.

It’s the children who enjoy these attractions the most, as they are the ones who get excited when they see cows from the window. Now they can appreciate that cucumbers and peppers have a life of their own before they reach your carrier bag in the supermarket. In addition, many of these agricultural attractions allow participation from the whole family with: grape pressing, suckling young calves, fruit picking and more.

When these fun recreations end and its time to go back home, everyone will leave joyfully with either a jar of natural honey or unique goat cheese, fruit or vegetables fresh from the field, fresh olive oil and other products.

To create a perfect holiday, agricultural tourism can be combined with country lodging – to ensure complete enjoyment of everything that our “Land of Milk and Honey” has to offer.


Special thanks to Mr Shay Dotan for preparing this article.

Pictures courtesy of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development

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