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Rural Attractions
Image: Thinkstock.com

A popular Israeli song says that Israel is “a small country with a moustache, half a pin on the world map…” – but nevertheless, a variety of attractions in Israel can be found throughout its length and breadth, particularly in rural surroundings.

The small size of the country has an undeniable advantage: a short drive can take you to the heart of the countryside, to participate in one of the varied activities provided by farms, to enjoy a bike ride, to learn about the unique history of Israel, to celebrate at one of the many festivals, to hike a trail that winds along beautiful changing landscapes, and to end the day in a pampering zimmer.

 Israel’s long-standing and varied agricultural tradition and its many kibbutzim – the Zionist model developed by the Second Aliya pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century, and which has not stagnated but is constantly adjusting to the times – provide tourists with an opportunity to milk cows; to fondle day-old chicks; to pick (and, of course, to eat) mulberries, raspberries, nectarines, figs and a variety of other fruits – to feel like farmers for the day. Boutique wineries and olive presses open their gates to guided tours that naturally include delightful tastings. Other visitor centers display exotic animals that “made Aliya” to Israel, such as alpacas, llamas, kangaroos, koala bears and beautiful antelopes.

Israel also boasts a plethora of historic, religious and cultural sites, which can be combined to make an enriching and eventful trip – for instance, the “Jesus Trail” in the Galilee is a beautiful hike along significant milestones in Jesus’ life.

The vehicles with which you can tour the country are multiple: from bikes for athletic types, to kayaks for adventurous water-lovers, to jeeps and ATVs for off-trail rides. Another option, no less attractive, is horseback riding or camel riding, available to visitors at some sites.

Israel is also a festival-loving country. The moderate climate almost all year round, the fresh air and free atmosphere make nature the ideal place for festivals of all kinds – whether celebrations of agricultural events (such as the beginning of the olive harvest), events marking holidays of the various religions, spirituality and awareness festivals, music festivals catering to a variety of tastes and styles, and a range of large and small happy gatherings.

We recommend that you end your eventful and pleasurable days in a zimmer – calm and graceful country lodging, which will recharge your batteries with positive energies in preparation for another day of delightful rural attractions.


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