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Kibbutz Country Lodging
Image: Thinkstock.com

The kibbutz is a type of settlement that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, only here in Israel. Despite the many difficulties at hand the kibbutz provides a wonderful standard of living. In recent years country lodging has become widely popular on the many kibbutzim around the country, which offer peace and quiet, warm hospitality, breathtaking views and a simple but unique atmosphere.

There are hundreds of kibbutzim spread all over the country, from the Golan to Eilat, from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean coast, which offer over 3000 guest rooms in a kibbutz country atmosphere. In addition to country lodging, quite a few kibbutzim offer Kibbutz  Hotel accommodations, like the Lavie Hotel, the Goshrim Hotel and the Tzuba Hotel near Jerusalem. You can also find guest house accommodations and vacation villages by the Sea of Galilee.

All the kibbutz accommodation units include an adjacent shower and toilet, air conditioning, television, a refrigerator and coffee corner. The rates normally include a full Israeli breakfast and allow full use of all the kibbutz facilities.

In the past only relatives of kibbutz members could visit and enjoy a holiday on a kibbutz, but today the majority of kibbutzim have opened their gates to tourists and visitors.. This type of accommodation is unique in its exquisite culture and abundance of beautiful wood cabins that include a luxury double hot tub, delicious meals and more; however, some of the kibbutzim offer the more simple amenities which can be enjoyed just the same at attractive prices.

Lodging on a kibbutz is also suitable for the religious community and many keep a kosher kitchen. Some Kibbutzim belong to the religious sector, and provide all the necessary amenities that a religious tourist might require. Family events are very popular at the religious kibbutzim and cater to bridal showers, Shabbat Chatan and other religious occasions.

Alongside the air conditioned, spacious, clean and comfortable rooms, the wonderful wide open spaces of the kibbutz are there for the guests to enjoy: beautiful well-tended lawns, colorful flowers, hidden pathways, swimming pools and sports courts; some of them still have dairy barns, chicken coops, petting zoos and other agricultural attractions.

The nostalgic aroma of the kibbutz adds to this unique experience. You will also be able to make personal acquaintances with the kibbutz locals and their fascinating life style.

Without a doubt, country lodging on a kibbutz is a wonderful experience suitable for anyone at any age, be it romantic couples, families, tourist groups, special family events or individuals.



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