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Boutique Hotels and Country Lodging (Zimmer)
Boutique Hotels and Country Lodging (Zimmer)
Image: Thinkstock.com

A vacation in Israel is always an excellent pursuit – hospitality at a delightful boutique hotel or zimmer upgrades your pleasure, and creates an experience that is a dream come true. 

Boutique (or “design”) hotels are relatively small but beautifully appointed hotels, popularized by the increasing demand for real quality: structures that boast a fascinating architectural style, luxurious rooms, inspired design, top quality art, a welcoming atmosphere and gourmet meals cooked by the best chefs.

Boutique zimmers provide all of the above, with the added value of a number of unique and significant advantages: secluded intimacy, a particularly high degree of privacy, total discretion, personalized attention, flexible and attentive service that caters to every whim, extravagant amenities, Jacuzzi spas in the heart of nature, flowering gardens and a truly pastoral country atmosphere. The dreamlike hospitality and natural surroundings make boutique country lodgings the ideal location for happy family celebrations or for surprise getaways for our loved ones.

The high-quality lodgings and boutique hotels are situated in romantic pine forests, among orange groves or plum orchards, on the magnificent Gamla Cliff or overlooking the magical view of Rosh Hanikra; in carved caves on a hill in Lachish Region or in a regal villa in the Ella Valley; facing the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City or in the bustling center of Tel-Aviv; on the shores of the Kziv Stream or the precipice of the Ramon Crater, and in other prime locations throughout Israel.

Each boutique hotel or lodging has its own unique character. In one boutique hotel you’ll find a Louis XVI stylized salon, in another an amazing hydroponic pool or a blazing fireplace for magical stormy winter days. The top-quality lodgings meet the highest standards of boutique hotels, and in some cases even surpass them – with round domed ecological structures, swim spas, a real brook trickling through the yard, an embracing hot tub with aromatic oils, or your own private swimming pool.

All of the top-line zimmers and boutique hotel have in common meticulous attention to each and every detail, and an abundance of pleasures for the ‘good life’ enthusiast: from candles and incense that add romance to you vacation, to espresso machines, to top-of-the-line TV screens and sound systems, giant beds and luxury linens.

When you add an unusual atmosphere, a sense of relaxation that engulfs visitors and unique gourmet meals – you have the perfect vacation and an experience made up of priceless moments of happiness.



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