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In a nutshell

Available units: 2
Type of units: Suites
Keywords: For couples , Romantic rooms , Dayuse

There are 2 romantic suites for loving couples in the accommodation complex "Belev Hasharon".
Each suite is spacious and equipped with everything needed for a romantic vacation:
* Comfortable double bed.
* Living room.
* TV connected to YES.
* wireless Internet.
* Fully equipped kitchen including a refrigerator, electric kettle and espresso machine.
* Decorated bathroom.
* Air conditioning.


Facilities and amenities

Seating areas in the yard
Couples only
• Cable/satellite TV
• Shower
• sitting area (living room)
• dining room
• Central A/C
• Mini fridge
• Coffee machine
• Private toilet
• Towels
• Design for a private event
• private parking
• Cash only
• Double bed
• Care and hygiene products
• Drinking area
• 2 units in the complex

The Suites
Room type: Suites
Available: 2

כל סוויטה מרווחת ומאובזרת בכל הדרוש לחופשה רומנטית: * מיטה זוגית נוחה. * סלון. * טלוויזיה. * אינטרנט אלחוטי. * מטבח מאובזר הכולל מקרר, קומקום חשמלי ומכונת אספרסו. * חדר רחצה מעוצב * מיזוג אוויר.

In & Around
Room Name Weekdays Weekend
The Suites

Room Name Weekdays Weekend
The Suites

Day use prices
Room name 1/2 hour hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours half day full day night


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