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Terms & Conditions for Zimmer.co.il and all other websites related to parent website (Hence, altogether, “The Website”)


1. Every action in this website is subject to the website Term & Conditions hereby.

1.1. Any action done by any one on this website indicates that the one who made this action read our Terms and Conditions thoroughly and that they completely agree to any matter that related to the website and its users. If you do not agree to any of the Terms and Conditions, please avoid using this website.

1.2. The website’s content, all or part of it, may be translated to different languages using different translation techniques; Our Hebrew content is the only content the company is liable for. Any other translated content is only to provide user comfort.

1.3. Without ignoring from the above, the Terms & Conditions constitute an agreement between the website user and Zimmer Travel.

1.4. The Terms and Conditions is made to set rules that will enable free and unlimited usage to all services which the website provides, including services provided by other websites annexed to it, such as zimmersolo.co.il , megazimmer.co.il etc.

1.5. Zimmer Travel has the right to change its Terms and Conditions from time to time as it sees fit, based on its sole judgment, and such changes will be effective from the date of publishing the new Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions were recently updated on January 1st, 2013. (Tevet 19, 5773).

Website Content

2. All website’s content (expect for content published by users or advertisers), including original code, website design, written materials, images, brand icons and images of Zimmer Travel ltd. VAT 513414227, located at Beit Hillel, Upper Galilee (“Zimmer Travel”), and such, are exclusively owned by Zimmer Travel, and are not allowed to be used by users, are not allowed to process, copy, publish or market and such in any way, without the consent of Zimmer Travel, in advance and in writing.

2.1 To clarify, Zimmer Travel has no right to the publishers in the website, except to the right to use the advertising content, and as a result, it is forbidden for users to make any use of the advertising content in the website, unless they received an appropriate approval from the relevant advertisers. Likewise, it is to clarify, that all the advertised content in the website (including prices, discounts, recommendations, photos, business description, service rating etc.), are edited and published by the advertisers or on their behalf and are exclusively under their liability and responsibility.

3. Uploading content to the website by users will be considered as irrevocable full consent that Zimmer Travel will make any use of it to it’s own purposes, including showing it to other users, editing, display it in a different context, process, creating new properties on its basis, and such, and all this without providing any compensation and / or any credit.

4. The user is obligated to not publish any content that could harm other users, including one that would include inappropriate language, insulting language, provocative language, threatening language, harassing language, humiliating language, irritating language, inciting language, sexual language, and not to upload any illegal content, or content that could break intellectual property rights or violates privacy rights.

4.1 To clarify, full liability and responsibility regarding content that is uploaded by users is subject to the relevant user, and 4.2 Zimmer Travel and is not responsible in any way to the content hereby, and is not taking any responsibility to any discrepancy, misinformation, mistakes, misleading information and such.

4.3 Zimmer Travel reserves the right to edit, change, and / or delete any information uploaded to the website by its users based on the company’s sole judgment, without providing any reason. Likewise, Zimmer Travel reserves the right to suspend any user from suing the website permanently or to a different limited time how it sees fit, without any notice, and without ignoring any other clause under the company’s Terms and Conditions, and / or by law.

4.4 If the country, and / or, third party would claim for a legal violation related to any users’ content, including intellectual property violation, and / or privacy violation, the relevant user is agreeing in advance that Zimmer Travel would provide their user details saved in the website, to the relevant third party in harm or The Country in harm.

4.5 Disclosure: all information and details of the advertisers in the website, including prices, special offers, services, images, maps, movies, bookings, recommendations, or any other piece of information that is published and updated in the website, online, by the advertisers or someone on their behalf and is subject to their exclusive responsibility! Zimmer Company will not be responsible to any authenticity or relevancy of this information.

Complaints regarding website content can be sent to this email address: natiweb@zimmer.co.il. Zimmer Travel is committed to investigate any matter, and if needed – and per the company’s sole judgment – remove the relevant content and / or fix it, and / or update it.

Website intactness and information verification

5. Zimmer Travel is not obligated that the website service would not be disturbed, properly provided, or will be immune from unauthorized access, damages, failures and other malfunctions, therefore Zimmer Travel will not be responsible to any damage, direct or indirect, including anguish and such, that will be caused to its users.

6. Likewise, Zimmer Travel is allowed to stop all website services or partial services, based on the company’s sole judgement, and make changes, and / or request for fees, and also to remove information and content from the website without saving it, and all that without any notice or user’s approval, or any other approval by a third party.

7. The user acknowledges by a formal statement that it is aware that the website’s information and content is not free of mistakes, and it may change once is a while, and that Zimmer Travel is not responsible to the its verification in any way, including any results or damage caused by using it, directly or indirectly. And, using the website’s information is under the user’s sole responsibility.

Privacy and Secrecy

8. Zimmer Travel saves statistic and temporary data on any user that is not saved in its systems, such as IP addresses, search keywords, referral websites, landing pages, and such, and this information cannot reveal a user personal identity.

9. In the case of a registered user at Zimmer Travel, Zimmer Travel saves it’s sign up data such as, full name, email address, physical address and cell phone number. To clarify, users are not obligated to provide any details, unless they are interested in getting services offered to registered users (e.g. members club, direct mail via internet/phone and print, website purchases, bookings, and more). It is to clarify that registering to the website is considered as user’s consent to save their data above in Zimmer Travel’s databases.

9.1 A company and / or website will not forward any details of any user to a third party without written consent in advance of a user, apart from third party vendors or companies related to the company, that require the information in order to provide services to the website user. Likewise, the company will be permitted to provide a user details if its required by law, tribunal command and / or by a given legal procedure, in order to defend its rights and / or properties, and / or other justified reasons.

9.2 The company will do reasonable and customary efforts to keep users privacy.

9.3 The company will not bear any responsibility to any damage, profit loss, reputational damage, payment information leakage and / or vendor information leakage.

9.4 To clarify, the company will be permitted to send a user that gave its consent emails and / or txt messages, which purpose is to encourage a product sale or service from the company and / or Azrieli Group companies. In addition, the company will be permitted to send a user updates about other matter which are not promotional via email or text, for example, information about a purchase.

9.5 The company is permitted to transfer information about users to third party such as third party vendors or other related companies for the purposes that are specified above.

9.6 According to the law of privacy protection, התשמ"א-1981, Any user can read its information, edit it, update it or delete it entirely, by directly reaching out to this email address: natiweb@zimmer.co.il.

Using the website’s information

10. Zimmer Travel is allowed to use the data collected on website users for its own commercial needs, including improving website services, statistical analysis, and other needs, for its own purposes, or for other commercial parties. Zimmer Travel obligates to not provide any third party information that could identify a user’s personal identity, unless the user is interested to do so.

11. To clarify, Zimmer Travel is taking precautions in order to maintain, as much as possible, the secrecy of information in regards website’s users. However, in cases out of Zimmer Travel’s control, and / or a force majeure, Zimmer Travel will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, that will be caused to the relevant user and / or someone on its behalf, if that information will be lost, or used in a non-authorized manner.

12. A user that have provided its details to a distribution system (mailing) in the website, including its email address, phone number, residence address, will be considered as one that is interested to join the website’s distribution list, and to receive email newsletters to the email provided, and this will be considered as it’s consent to deliver promotional messages by the communication law (בזק ושידורים) (תיקון מס' 40), התשס"ח–2008. That being said, it is to clarify that any user can decide not to join the website’s distribution list and remove their details from the website’s distribution list.

Purchasing online via an online order service and / or virtual store

Responsibilities and limited responsibility:

13. “Zimmer” is not creating content but is used a tool to distribute content as defined by the hotel / hosting service to third party as is; therefore, the company is not aiding content distribution that its distribution may be interpreted, explicitly or by any means, as a legal violation.

13.1 “Zimmer” is not and will not be responsible for direct or indirect damages that will be caused to a user as a result of using the system or as a result of system malfunction, or any other reason related to the system. “Zimmer” will not bear any explicit or implied responsibility, including compensation payment for damage fees and / or indirect damage as a result that will be caused to the user and / or another third party, or payment for loss, revenue loss, whether it was caused by this agreement or the way it was conducted, and / or as a result of action or inaction, use or no use of the system and the data it produced.

13.2 The information and prices presented in the order system are by third party and / or originally from a third party, including content of third party websites, and are not in “Zimmer”’s responsibility, and are subject to the relevant third party responsibility and liability only, “Zimmer” will present the price to the user as it was defined by the business owner without any change in price structure or price elements.

13.3 “Zimmer” is not responsible to any mismatches between the data or the orders that are received from third party and / or to any violation of intellectual property rights that result from the data which originates from the third party.

13.4 Within the website, the website and / or other vendors are offering accommodation packages, attractions, products and such, for sale. To remove any doubt, it is to clarify that the packages and / or services and / or products in discussion are provided by service providers, and / or vendors in which details are supplied in the relevant selling page, and the service providers and / or vendors are the only responsible party to the information validation, service standard, in accordance to what is described in the relevant selling page.

13.4 Despite the above, it is to clarify that the images provided in the selling pages are illustration only, and should not be relied on in any means, as there might be differences between the product and the image attached to it. In any case of mismatch between the product images as presented in the website and as for the product itself, the technical description of the product and / or the information written in the website will be stronger evidence over the images. Zimmer Travel will be allowed to update in all time any detail regarding any sale in the website, based on its sole judgment.

Purchasing products / Online orders

15. The delivery of the relevant product and / or relevant service, or the collection of the voucher that grants getting it, will be subject to the conditions specified in the selling page. 16. A user that purchases products and / or services using the website will be allowed to cancel the purchase in accordance to the consumer protection law, as it would be from time to time, or according to the conditions detailed in the selling page. Accommodation services, travel services and vacation services cannot be cancelled 7 days before the service is to be supplied, unless other is specified in the selling page.

16.1 Changes cannot apply when ordering online accommodation services. Every change is subject to order cancel (if permitted by cancellation policy), and reorder.

17. To clarify, purchasing products and / or services within the website are allowed and will be charged by a credit card, using Paypal or per the conditions detailed in the selling page.

18. Despite the above, when ordering accommodation services, payment will be used for a deposit, and the rest outstanding payment will be charged in the hotel and / or in the hosting service. Likewise, credit card details can be supplied only for security reasons and the payment will be made in the hotel / hosting service, and all according to the conditions detailed in the selling page.

19. To the attention of users – for information security reasons and to provide secured online purchases to its customers, Zimmer Travel is using the best security tools and encryption services in the market, including a secured payment system provided by Yaad Sarig Company.

20. To remove any doubt, it is to clarify that the sole responsibility of selling products and / or services sold through the website is under the product suppliers and / or services only, and Zimmer will not bear any responsibility regarding this, direct or indirect.

Cancellations and Returns

21. Cancellation of products / vouchers / services purchases is permitted under the cancellation conditions of each product/voucher/service.

21.1 Changes cannot be made for a closed order. Every change is subject to cancellation (if permitted by cancellation conditions) and reorder of a new order.

21.2 Product returns will be made in accordance to terms of each product or service.

21.3 Cancellation terms are subject to the consumer protection law, updated by the hour.

Law and Location of Jurisdiction

22. The sole and unique Jurisdiction Authority to be n contact with the website and the services provided by it and / or anything related to this Terms and Conditions, including interpretation and / or its implementation, will be given only to the certified court of Tel Aviv – Jaffa, and the law that will take place for any legal discussion regarding the above is the Israeli Law only.