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Available units: 2
Type of units: Large wooden cabins
Keywords: For families , For couples , Druze B&B , Pet Accepted , Dayuse

Or Hermon B&B in the Druze village of Majdal Shams at the foot of Mount Hermon.
The accommodation complex has two wooden cabins equipped with everything needed for an enjoyable vacation.
Each wooden cabin is suitable for a couple or family with up to 4 children.
Or Hermon B&B is a short drive to the Hermon site, the Saar waterfall, nature trails and plenty of attractions.


Facilities and amenities

Wooden cabin
Double jacuzzi
Couples & Families
• Double jacuzzi in the yard
• Seating areas in the yard
• A/C
• Kitchenette
• Barbecue facility
• Arab/Druze village
• Fridge
• Microwave

Room type: Large wooden cabins
Available: 4

From : 600 NIS 
✔ Double jacuzzi
✔ Couples & Families
✔ A/C
✔ Equipped Kitchen
בכל בקתה: * מיטה זוגית נוחה. * ג`קוזי זוגי מפנק. * פינת ישיבה. * מטבחון מאובזר הכולל מקרר, מיקרוגל, קומקום חשמלי. * מיזוג אוויר.

In & Around
חצר וג`קוזי ספא
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קטיף דובדבנים בעונה
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Room Name Weekdays Weekend
Large wooden cabins
1 night, from700 NIS
2 nights, from:700 NIS
1 night, from: 800 NIS
2 nights, from:800 NIS

Room Name Weekdays Weekend
Large wooden cabins
1 nights, from: 800 NIS
2 nights, from:1500 NIS
1 nights, from: 800 NIS
2 nights, from:1500 NIS


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