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לדף הדקה ה-99 - צימרים במחירי הרגע האחרון

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Har HaNegev Field School is situated on the edge of and overlooking the Ramon Crater, the region`s main attraction, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Yoga, meditation, and natural healing seminars are popular ongoing events at the serene haven in the desert.34 air-conditioned rooms

בית ספר שדה הר הנגב

Har Ha’Negev Field School


Mitzpe Ramon – Negev Desert


The Har Ha’Negev Field School is located near Mitzpe Ramon and by the cliffs of Michtesh Ramon (The Ramon Crater), the largest crater in the world.

From the field school you can see the breathtaking view of the crater and the red desert mountains.

Due to Mitzpe Ramon’s high altitude at 900 meters above sea level the field school has a comfortable climate all year round.

The field school is a very tranquil and relaxing area and with its spectacular views, it brings many yoga and meditation groups to enjoy their hormonal activities out in pure nature.

From the field school there are many tours available that will take you out into the desert.


The Field School site offers the following services:

  • 36 ground level accommodation rooms
  • All the rooms are air conditioned and have a shower and toilet
  • Coffee corner in all the rooms
  • Dining hall with a rich and kosher kitchen with Israeli cuisine.
  • Lecture rooms and clubs
  • Synagogue
  • Tourist information service with information about tours and attractions in the area.


Tour routes in the area:

The Har Ha’Negev Field School is close by to the unique tourist sites in the area. From the field school you can take walking routes to the wonderful open views of the Ramon Crater and enjoy the many observation points of the desert. You will see prisms if you take a long walk along the impressive crater and by Mount Gamal.


The Har Ha’Negev area is a wonderful place to go cycling. We will be happy to guide you through the desert paths that are known to us. Once a month we hold a cycling tour for families.


Workshops and attractions:

Part of the activities held at the field school, are workshops plus other activities that are open to the public:


Desert Tourism

Mitzpe Ramon is a large central touring site in Israel. We will be happy to help plan your tours which can be combined with many activities and attractions such as: abseiling, jeep tours, safari, camel rides and more. We can help arrange special themed evenings with music and singing or lectures for students with nature topics such as: birds of prey, love of nature, tigers and many other themes.


Alternative workshops

Other activities at the field school can include a variety of workshops with themes such as: Thai Chi, drumming, massage workshops, art and crafts, photography, mind and movement themes and more.

All the workshops are held by craftsmen and a professional team and can be held for a number of days.







Astronomy activities

Due to the high altitude of the field school, Mitzpe Ramon is thought to be one of the best spots to watch the skies and the stars. At the field school there are workshops in the astronomy field, which will teach classroom work, watching the skies with telescopes and zodiac star signs.

There are a number of events held a few times a year that specialize in watching the stars and falling stars.


Survival workshops

The team at the Har Ha’Negev Field School is well trained with their survival workshops. Contents at the workshop include: navigation (day and night), finding north and south, finding and producing water, fire lighting in nature, body physiology, psychology of stress and tension and more. The workshops can run for one day up to a whole week.


Mud building workshops/ environmental workshops

The field school hosts environmental workshops for young groups. The workshop teaches facts and practical work including: paper recycling, water recycling, building with mud and stones, organic gardening and many more.


Attractions in the area:

  • Jeep tours
  • Mitzpe Ramon visitor center
  • Alpaca Farm
  • Mitzpe Ha’Kochavim
  • Bow and arrow in the desert
  • Hai Ramon – Zoo in the desert





Facilities and amenities

Breakfast with fee
Garden furniture
Cable/Satellite TV
Suitable for religious guests
Suitable for families and groups

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A kitchenette
Outdoor grills
Rooms for couples and families
Credit card
B & B
Living room
Attached bathroom

Ranking and Special Sales

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Youth Hostels (36 units)


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התארחנו לשני לילות בפסח הנוכחי. האירוח היה נפלא בכל היבט - מראה כללי של המקום נקי ומסודר, חדרים נקיים ומוקפדים, אוכל פשוט, מגוון ומוגש בצורה אסטטית. צוות אדיב המציע עזרה, תוכן ועניין. ממליצים מאד. אנחנו לבטח נחזור.
יהודית tukhcr, 8/4/2015

המלצה ותודה !
שלום, בשישישבת האחרון (14-15 ביוני) בילינו בביה"ס שדה הר הנגב במסגרת סופ"ש של החברה להגנת הטבע. האירוח היה מעולה. חדרים פרקטיים, נוחים, נגישים. נוף מדהים בחברת יעלים על הבוקר:-).
האוכל בחד"א סבבה לגמרי , הילדים וההורים נהנו! תודה רבה!
רוית רווח, 16/6/2013

המלצה חמה
מיקום מדהים, שירות מקסים, מדריכים נפלאים. היינו שם בפסח 2012 עם עוד משפחות וכולם נהנו באופן מיוחד. נחזור שוב!
דורית צימנד, 26/9/2012

מקום מדהים
בית ספר שדה מומלץ מאוד !
השירות אדיב ואישי. היחסחם וביתי. החדרים מאובזרים היטב ונקיים. קיבלנו המלצות לטיולים. האוכל מוגש באופן אסטטי ומאוד טעים ומגוון. נחזור שוב !
טל טל, 13/2/2010

באמת מיוחד!
המקום יפה.. נוף מדהים.. הסיור באיזור היה טוב ומהנה..
היינו ימים רביעי וחמישי היה אחלה!
בר בן זגמי, 10/4/2008

היה סבבה
היינו שמה ביום שני ושלישי הזה ונורא נהננו והאוכל נורא טעים אז שווה ביקור ברור
תלמידת מקסים-, 31/10/2007

היה מדהים
המקום שווה כל מחמאה
דורון ניר, 24/4/2007

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