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לדף הדקה ה-99 - צימרים במחירי הרגע האחרון
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kfar blum Kayaking & Rafting in Israel. Welcome to the Kfar Blum wet river experiences and attraction center! Our attraction center offers many exciting recreational challenges for the family, or a couple, an organized group or by yourself., we promise an unforgettable experience of wet fun and attractions.

Kfar Blum Kayaks

River rafting
River Kayaking (Standard route)

Sail on the Jordan and Hatzbani Rivers on a curving route through green riverbanks that give you a magic experience in nature.

Length of the route: Approximately- 1 hour and 15 minutes

Options: Raft boat for up to six people/ a Kayak for two people

Age: From five years old and up (water conditions dictate)



Speed Kayaking (Long Route)

The longest and most adventurous on the Galilee. Sailing that combines fast and calm river sections with small water falls and the shadows of Dolev trees

A route that gives an adrenaline filled nature experience

Length of the route: Approximately- 2 hours, 30 minutes

Options: Raft boat for up to six people/ or a Kayak for two people (River conditions dictate availability)

Age: Water conditions dictate

"Top rop"

Climbing wall, rope park, zip line to the water and archery

“TOP ROPE” rope park at Kfar Blum

Love challenges? Thirst for adrenaline? We have the perfect present for you? Experience a challenge in the biggest attraction-center in the north.

Climbing wall - Giant climbing wall, reaching 12 meters in height

Omega Zip Line - 90 meter omega zip line, angled into the water.

Rope bridges - 20 different rope bridges; an experience you will never forget.

Archery - Archery target practice points.


The site and equipment at “TOP ROPE” are of the highest safety standards.

They are regularly checked by local government engineers throughout the year.

The site and rope park are run by fully certified instructors from the Wingate Institute.      

"Galil fun"

we also have solutions for children
who cannot go sailing:
- mini jeep trip for children
- lnflatables
- challenges just for kids and more...
please note: galil fun is not open all year, please check
opening days and times.                                                         


Bicycle trips; a gift from nature.

Coming to the Galilee and want to travel a different way? Go on a bike riding trip with magical views of waterfalls and streams. Experience the fun of nature.

The Local Route (Home Route)

Pedaling out from the main site at Kfar Blum, we will make our way through beautiful fields and fruit groves along the Jordan and Hatzbani rivers. The trip ends at our Bet Hillel site.

Length of activity: Approximately- 1 hour and 15 minutes.

You can even raft back to Kfar Blum for an additional price.

This route includes bike rental, guide, safety vehicle, technical equipment, drinking water and helmet for every participant. 

Jordan Campground
The million star hotel of the upper Galilee
After a day packed with experiences, a good night's rest is well deserved…
Jordan Campground is the place!
Jordan Campground is a lawn campground suitable for a restful camping experience.
Local facilities: lighting, electric poweroutlets, security, hot showers, and toilets.
                Contact us by e-mail for a special price offer:


Click for more images
Camping-Campground (100 units)

Attractions nearby

Special Offer: 15%

Special Offer: 15% הנחה עם קופון צימר

Special Offer: 15% הנחה עם קופון צימר

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+972 52-9706523

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