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Golan Field School

About Us
In a nutshell

Available units: 33
Type of units: Couples and Families
Keywords: For families , For couples , Religious , For groups , Dayuse , Field School , Hostel , Bike Friendly B&B , Suitable for Parties

At the Golan Field School in Ketzarin, above Zvietan Lake and across from the Sea of Galilee, we can offer an unforgettable experience. From here you can view the Golan Heights, Hermon Mountains, Ahula Valley, Israeli National water carrier and the beaches of the Galilee.

Golan Field School

Located in the heart of the Golan, at Katsrin, with a view of the Kinneret, SPNI’s Golan Field School is within half an hour drive from any place in the Golan. The field school is adjacent to the Golan Museum, the Talmud City with an ancient synagogue, close to Golan wineries (offering tours and tastings), and stunning waterfalls. Gamla, the oldest synagogue in the world, is a short drive from the Field School. The Zavitan Creek and waterfalls are within walking distance.

Making a difference -- Golan Field School serves as tour guide headquarters for the region with trained nature guides offering group and private tours, but also as an eco-educational center, empowering local residents to establish a recycling center at Katsrin. Field School staff and volunteers join SPNI’s Environmental Protection Division in conserving streams, the Kinneret, and establishing the Kinneret Trail.


Services and amenities:

  • 34 ground floor rooms

The rooms all have air conditioning, bathroom and shower.

Coffee area, refrigerator

  • Dining room with Israeli kosher kitchen
  • Lecture rooms and club house
  • Lobby with cable television
  • Table tennis and other games
  • Large garden area with seating corner
  • Synagogue
  • Lighted basketball court
  • Tourist information center to guide you with your travels in the area.



The location of the Golan Field School is in perfect proximity of all the nearby attractions and tourist sites. A two hour hike away you will reach the Zvietan pools. Nature reserves, archeological sites and more are just between 5-20 minutes away, such as:

  • Gaimla Nature Reserve – Archeological site
  • Jordan Valley
  • Jehudia lake
  • Zvietan Lake
  • EL-AL Lake
  • Ha'moshashim pools
  • Ein A'tinah
  • The White Waterfall
  • Jilbon Lake
  • Eyit Falls (in winter season)
  • Hermon Mountains
  • Agamon Ahula (bird park and nature reserve)


A tour guide from the Golan Field School will assist on these tours.


Facilities and amenities

Kosher meals
Guest rooms
• Pet not allowed
• No fire on Sabbath
• Synagogue
• Non smoking rooms
• Playground
• Seating areas in the yard
• Fits religious
• Couples & Families
• Barbecue facility
• Accessible
• Shower
• Credit card
• Bike friendly
• 4X4 friendly
• Motorcycles friendly
• One room unit
• Two rooms
• sitting area (living room)
• Terrace
• Fridge
• Private toilet
• Towels
• Screening hall
• TV room
• Tennis and squash
• Garden and lawns
• Restaurant, Bar
• private parking
• Cash only
• Check
• Football and basketball facilities
• playground
• We speak
• English
• Coupons

בית ספר שדה גולן
Room type: Couples and Families
Available: 33

Room Name Weekdays Weekend
בית ספר שדה גולן

Room Name Weekdays Weekend
בית ספר שדה גולן

Things to know
Check-in time: 15:00
Check-out time: 10:00
Check-out time on Saturday: עד השעה 11:00
Pet friendly: no
Kosher: Kosher
Breakfast: יש
Payment methods: Credit card   Cash  

House rules: פינוי החדרים בשבת,עד השעה 11:00
אם רוצים להישאר מאוחר יותר - בתאום מראש בלבד ובתוספת תשלום.

Check-in time: 15:00
Check-out time: 10:00
Check-out time on Saturday: עד השעה 11:00
Pet friendly: no
Kosher: Kosher
Breakfast: יש
Payment methods: Credit card   Cash  

House rules: פינוי החדרים בשבת,עד השעה 11:00
אם רוצים להישאר מאוחר יותר - בתאום מראש בלבד ובתוספת תשלום.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Golan Field School
Yes, there is a synagogue nearby.
Restaurants and cafes can be found at gas stations and nearby towns, a short drive away. To view the list of restaurants and cafes in the area, please click here.
Yes, read the verified reviews of previous visitors in the B&B.
Within a short drive of the B&B you will find a variety of attractions, trek routes and hiking and car trails. To view the list of attractions in the area, please click here.
Information changes from time to time. To view available rooms for the coming weekend, including prices and benefits, please check the availability of the rooms now.
Prices vary depending on the season, room type and number of guests. For the full price list and exact prices for you, please view the room price list.
There is free Wi-Fi for our guests.