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לדף הדקה ה-99 - צימרים במחירי הרגע האחרון

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Bar Bamidbar Accommodations 4 luxurious room : bedroom, kitchenette, air condition, and living room.


בר במדבר

Bar Bamidbar


Country lodging on Moshav Hatzeva in the Negev – Arava


Wooden Cabins

These luxurious wide spaced wooden cabins are suitable for couples, by the bed there is a large round Jacuzzi whereas the shower and W.C are in a separate room. In addition the room includes a comfortable seating area with satellite television and DVD, equipped kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, frying pans, saucepans and other kitchen supplies. Beside the cabins there is a small courtyard with a barbeque offering your own privacy and enjoyment. For extra luxury there is a dry sauna near the cabins.


The suites

The suites are very spacious and are divided into a master bedroom with a television for parents, shower and luxury Jacuzzi, kitchenette with utensils and a living room with the option for a place to stay for children. From the living room there is a door which leads to a small private courtyard. The suites are parallel to each other and this is convenient for 2 families staying together.


The Restaurant

The Bar Ba'midbar restaurant is a desert style meat restaurant where you will enjoy a delicious cooked meal. The restaurant serves a variety of grilled meats with side dishes and salads all made locally. You will also enjoy the first water melons of the season for dessert with hot tea fresh from the desert.

Beside the restaurant is a large air conditioned/heated accommodation tent where private events or group meals can be held with a selective menu.

For guests of the restaurants the tent can also be a place for children to play, when they finish eating. The restaurant and the tent are situated in a shaded grassy area with lots of space.


The Arava

The Arava is one of the most beautiful areas in Israel, with wide skies filled with stars at night, a never ending view, deep canyons, earth craters, during the winter observation of the torrential rains that flood the desert and swimming in the pools during the hot summer or tours of the desert in the moonlight.



Moshav Hatzeva and the surrounding area

·       The swimming pool during the summer months (free entrance for guest house guests)

·       Tennis, basketball and football courts.

·       Playground

·       Convenience store

·       Doctor’s surgery

·       Car garage

·       The Garin Store

·       The Arava Center store

·       Bar Ba'midbar Restaurant




חצבהHatzeva -


Hatzeva is a workers moshav is southern Israel. Located in the Arava it belongs to the jurisdiction of the Central Arava Regional Council. Hatzeva was originally founded in 1965 as a Nahal settlement and between the years 1971-1972 it became a workers moshav and its location moved slightly. The settlement was named after the name “Ein Hazav” which is the Arabic name for the site. Near Hatzeva there is a large reservoir called the Hatzeva Reservoir where torrential rain falls. The moshav’s residents work in agriculture and country tourism including many guest houses and Zimmer’s for couples, families and groups.





Facilities and amenities

Double jacuzzi
Suitable for families and groups
Bicycles friendly

Show all facilities
Breakfast with fee
A wood cabin
Pool free entrance
Garden furniture
Cable/Satellite TV
A kitchenette
Outdoor grills
Rooms for couples and families
A suite
Credit card
Attached bathroom

Ranking and Special Sales

Special prices for senior citizens
399 NIS (instead of 500 NIS)


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Couples Wood Cabin (2 units)
A wood cabin Rooms for couples only A/C A kitchenette
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Family/Couple Suites (2 units)
Double jacuzzi Suitable for families and groups A/C A kitchenette Rooms for couples and families
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Family/Couple Suites (2 units)
Double jacuzzi Suitable for families and groups A/C A kitchenette Rooms for couples and families


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מומלץ בחום
היינו 2 משפחות עם ילדים, קבלנו צימרים נקיים ממוזגים ויחס מאוד חם מבעלי המקום. המטבח מאובזר ומאפשר לבשל ולהכין אוכל . במרחק 5 דקות יש בריכה של המושב. מחיר הצימרים סביר ולא כמו במקומות אחרים . מומלץ בחום
שרית שפיגל, 8/8/2020
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