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Israel National Trail

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 Israel National Trail 

Israel National Trail

 Israel National Trail שביל ישראל

The I.N.T is a hiking trail that combines previously marked trails and is marked along its entire length - some 1,000 km., from Beit Usishkin near Kibbutz Dan, in the north, descending to Taba border crossing at the red sea shore near Eilat in the south.

I.N.T can be hiked continuously in both directions - from north to south and vice versa. Hikers can walk its entire length in “one shot" or may choose to do it a few sections at a time. Non - stop I.N.T hiking may take 35 - 50 days, according to the hiker’s ability and experience. The best months for hiking are February - April and October - November.

We recommend that in the first days you’ll hike no more than 20 - 25 km. a day. You may increase the daily distance later on, according to your ability and the difficulty of the terrain.


I.N.T has a special tri-color marking (white-blue-orange) which is painted clearly on rocks or other objects along the trail.  

We recommend using trail maps for your hike. There are 19 maps comprising the entire length of the trail. Maps are currently available in Hebrew.

Information Boards are placed along the trail and include a map, safety instructions for hikers, etc.


The trail crosses sacred sites, cities, towns, villages, national gardens and nature reserves.

While hiking through nature reserves or national parks hikers must follow instructions given by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (an admission fee may be charged at the parks' entrance).


Groups who sign up at the Israel Trail Committee office can purchase a certificate indicating that they have hiked the “Israel National Trail”. In addition to the certificate, copper, silver or gold pins will be granted to the hikers according to the number of trail sections they have walked.More details of Bed and Breakfast in Israel ' accommodation on the site  www.ZimmerIL.com.

Also available are Israel Trail passports, allowing hikers to collect stamps as they reach points of interest along the trail. There are 22 stops where hikers can stamp the passport. The INT Passport grants hikers discounts at field schools, youth hostels and more in addition to benefits with Trail Angels.

Passports are available for just 5 NIS – and can be purchased at the Israel Trails Committee office at 2 HaNegev, Tel Aviv, Tel.: 03-6388719 where the Israel Trails Committee also offers a bi-weekly briefing for INT hikers.





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Israel National Trail
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