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18 Attractions  found in Coastal Plain

  • Carmel Heritage Center - Attractions in עוספיא

The Carmel Heritage Center derives from the vision of Rajaa Keis Mansur, a Druze woman who seeks to present the magnificent Druze culture to the Israeli public and locals with the story of the Isfiya village as it was before the state of Israel was established, the Jewish and Druze connection in the Carmel at that time and their connection today, personal stories of the pioneers of the village and the development of the Druze women at Isfiya and in general.

phone 972-52-9124146• Isfiya

Welcome to Mini Israel, the Gigantic Miniature Park The Park displays hundreds of models that are exact copies of sites, buildings and landscapes from around the country.

phone 972-52-9706218• Latrun
  • Sdot Yam Beach - Attractions in שדות ים
• Sdot Yam
  • Hot Air Baloon - Sky Trek - Attractions in בית השיטה

Hot Air Balloon Adventure over Jezreel Vally.

phone 972-52-9706212• Jezreel Vally
  • MANANA -   Sailing Yacht - Attractions in כללי
phone 972-52-9706229• Acre

Fun days at Nahshonit Park make for a wonderful adventure for all the family The park has been intentionally planned for you, so that you can bring the children of all ages and you will all find great attractions and activities suitable for everyone. The huge 100,000 meter park is divided into 3 categories: The Adventure Park, Water World and The Motor Park. Fun days at the park will give you free entrance to all the rides and attractions at all 3 parks.

phone 972-3-9386444• Nachshonim

Come and enjoy a fun and jumping day out at the Kiftzuba for a great and adventurous experience with: huge inflatables, electric bicycles, bumper cars, computer games and many more, so come with the kids, parents and even the grandparents and we promise you that you will return again and again for more excitement.

phone 972-52-9706227• Tzuba
  • High Hajeep - Attractions in רמת גן
phone 972-3-5798335phone 972-52-2500575• Ramat Gan
  • Monky Park - Attractions in יער בן שמן
phone 972-52-9706215• Yaar Ben Shemen

Prehistoric caves in the southern cliff of wadi Mearot, western Carmel. This area is one of the oldest prehistoric sites out of Africa - million years old.

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  • Havat Hatukim - Attractions in כפר הס
• Kfar Hes

Mei Kedem (Ancient Water) is a unique archaelogical site situated in The Alona Park, a protcted nature area of Mediterranean forest.

phone 972-4-6388622• Amikam

Paradive - skydiving center - our main specialty is preforming Tandem jumps. In a Tandem skydive you jump out of the airplane and into a once in a lifetime adventure. No previous experience or knowledge is required, you`ll get everything you need here at Paradive.

phone 972-700-70-20-24

Kedem” olive oil is manufactured here at the Meshek 81 farm on moshav Amikam which comes straight from the olive groves in the Mount Horshan nature reserve. The groves are organically kept and the olive oil produced is of the highest quality.

phone 972-4-6288154phone 972-54-6352800• Amikam

There is no other perfect recreational family or group outing than the one here at the Shefayim Water Park. All you need is to be in a fun mood and just make your way here.

phone 972-9-9595756/7• Shefayim
  • Havaya Bapark - Attractions in חולון

Motor Boat at Perres Park

phone 972-3-6500770 • Hulon
  • Carmelim Tourism Association - Attractions in חוף כרמל
phone 972-4-9841114• Hof Caramel

A one-hour, five-ring trip through the greatest Olympic records, with a special focus on Israel’s finest moments. Experience the Olympic spirit of excellence, willpower, perseverance and an overwhelming ambition to achieve and reach ever faster, higher and stronger.

phone 972-3-7955900• Tel Aviv