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לדף הדקה ה-99 - צימרים במחירי הרגע האחרון
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Desert experience - renting caravans. A caravan gives you all the comfort in the nature! You have the option of renting caravans for trips with the option of transporting a caravan to anywhere in the country. extra services: * Taxi services around Arad and the Dead Sea.
"Desert experience - renting caravans" gives you all the comfort in nature!
We have two trailers made by the German Weisburg company, model 400 and model 450 (the luxurious one).
The trailers are air-conditioned and equipped with all the necessary equipment for an enjoyable vacation:
Comfortable beds, sitting area, kitchenette with refrigerator and gas stove (3 burners), microwave (IN 450), air conditioner, shower and toilet, in the "yard" of the trailer you will get an umbrella, a mat, a folding table and a generator and a water pipe.
The trailer can be placed in the Dead Sea area - Arad. Additional possibilities by appointment.
***Important to note: bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets, towels), bathroom and toiletry, dishes and kitchen utensils the customer brings from home***
We provide additional services:
* Bicycle jumps up to 4 pairs for Israel Arad, Masada, Neve Zohar
* Jumping travelers to overnight campers and equipment with a jeep into the area.
* Taxi travel services around Arad and the southern Dead Sea and throughout the country.


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Caravan (1 units)
* In the trailer:Suitable f A double bed and a single bunk bed (up to 70 kg). * TV Idan Plus. * Refrigerator. * Gas ​​stoves. * Shower and toilet. * Air-Conditioner. * Generator * Table with 2 chairs
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Caravan (1 units)
Weissberg 450 trailer (luxury model) Suitable for 4 guests. Shower, toilet, hot water, large double bed, sitting area, sitting area that turns into a bed, gas stove, microwave, air conditioning heatin

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Desert experience - renting caravans

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