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Available units: 4
Type of units: Couples and Families
Keywords: For families , For couples , Druze B&B , Swimming Pool , Dayuse , Gay friendly , Gay friendly , Gay friendly , Gay friendly

Come and stay in the Druze village of Shams Tower at the foot of the Hermon.
4 air-conditioned and well-equipped accommodation suitable for couples and families, at extremely affordable prices.
The units include: air conditioner, TV, seating area, hot / cold drinking area.
We enjoy authentic Druze food by the owner, breakfasts and dinners

- There is a shared dinning room with a fully equipped kitchen

Amaro Zimmer - Druze hospitality in the Golan
Come and stay in the Druze village of Majdal Shams at the foot of Mount Hermon.
4 air-conditioned and well-equipped accommodation units suitable for couples and families and at good prices.
The units include:
Air conditioning, TV, seating areas, hot / cold drinks, sofa (opens) and more ...
With us you will enjoy authentic Druze food made by the owner of the place, breakfasts and meals
A rich and varied evening (by appointment).
- There is a common dining room for B & Bs that includes a fully equipped kitchen.
In the courtyard of the complex you will be pampered in a huge and heated spa Jacuzzi, lawn, barbecue and seating areas.
Attractions in the area:
- Birkat Ram.
Jeep tours, ATV tours.
- horseback riding.
- We will be happy to help and assist in choosing more attractions.



Facilities and amenities

Cable/satellite TV
Couples & Families
private pool
Arab/Druze village
Jacuzzi spa
• Pet not allowed
• Minimarket
• Seating areas in the yard
• A/C
• Kitchenette
• Barbecue facility
• Shower
• Fridge
• Private toilet
• Towels
• Garden and lawns
• Restaurant, Bar
• Druze breakfast
• English
• Arabic

The rooms
Room type: Couples and Families
Available: 4

From : 550 NIS 
✔ A/C
✔ A/C
✔ Barbecue facility
✔ Shower
כל חדר מתאים לזוג + עד 3 ילדים וכולל: מזגן, טלוויזיה, פינות ישיבה, ספה, פינת שתיה חמה/קרה.

In & Around
חצר הצימרים
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Spa Jacuzzi
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Room Name Weekdays Weekend
The rooms
1 night, from550 NIS

1 night, from: 650 NIS

Room Name Weekdays Weekend
The rooms
1 nights, from: 550 NIS

1 nights, from: 650 NIS

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צימר נהדר
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מקום נהדר מתחת לחרמון בתוך
נקי ביותר. שקט ושליו.
בעל בית מסביר פנים.
מאיר גריניאסטי, 25/10/2020
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בילינו במקום לסופש ארוך עם המשפחה כולה, 3 דורות, ואהבנו כל רגע
תמר זהרי, 26/9/2019
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Yes, read the verified reviews of previous visitors in the B&B.
Within a short drive of the B&B you will find a variety of attractions, trek routes and hiking and car trails. To view the list of attractions in the area, please click here.
Information changes from time to time. To view available rooms for the coming weekend, including prices and benefits, please check the availability of the rooms now.
Prices vary depending on the season, room type and number of guests. For the full price list and exact prices for you, please view the room price list.
There is free Wi-Fi for our guests.