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Available units: 8
Type of units: Couples and Families
Keywords: For families , For couples , Religious , Romantic rooms , For groups , Dayuse , Shomer Shabbat , Suitable for Parties


Facilities and amenities

Acceso a Internet
No se permite traer mascotas
Zimmer para huéspedes que respetan el sábado - Está prohibido encender fuego el sábado
Alojamiento adecuado para huéspedes religiosos
Aire acondicinado en los cuartos
Bebidas calientes libre - café, té, leche, azúcar
Heladera y congelador
Cuartos para parejas y familias
Tarjeta de crédito
Vajilla y utensilios de cocina
Calentador de agua
Máquina de café espresso
Hervidor de agua
Estacionamiento público
Parque de juegos para niños
Shomer shabat
• Plasma / LCD de pantalla de televisión

ויטראז` - חדרי אירוח בצפת
Room type: Couples and Families
Available: 8

In & Around
חדר האוכל
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מרפסת ונוף
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Room Name Weekdays Weekend
ויטראז` - חדרי אירוח בצפת

Room Name Weekdays Weekend
ויטראז` - חדרי אירוח בצפת


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relaxing stay in the old city
star star star star star
well-appointed accommodation, suitable for exclusive occupancy by a large group
Dan Yanson, 9/3/2021
star star star star star
We had a fantastic time in your suite. It was clean, well decorated, and well stocked. Also great location. Thank you so much for the hospitality.
Rachel Stoklasa, 3/8/2020
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Yes, there is a synagogue nearby.
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There is free Wi-Fi for our guests.