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 Carmel Heritage Center 




כרמל – מרכז מורשת עוספיא

Carmel Heritage Center


Isfiya – Mount Carmel – Haifa



Carmel Heritage Center and the Development of the Druze Woman


The Carmel Heritage Center derives from the vision of Rajaa Keis Mansur, a Druze woman who seeks to present the magnificent Druze culture to the Israeli public and locals with the story of the Isfiya village as it was before the state of Israel was established, the Jewish and Druze connection in the Carmel at that time and their connection today, personal stories of the pioneers of the village and the development of the Druze women at Isfiya and in general.


The visit to the center is a pleasant experience and includes a wonderful display of elements of the Druze day to day life from past to present and the position of the woman in the Druze family over the years.


The visit is accompanied by a close guide who will present stories and explanations from the life of the ethnic group in the village with a strong emphasis on the interesting process of the development of Druze women over the years.


To complete this Druze experience we recommend that you combine your visit with lodging at a Druze family home at the village which includes authentic Druze meals (kosher meals are also available), guided tours of the narrow pathways, visits to the colorful market and jeep tours with a selection of routes to the Carmel forests including visits to historical and holy sites and wonderful observation points.


Visits to the center are suitable for couples, families, groups, schools, companies and other events.


Our location:

The Heritage Center is located in the ancient quarter of the Isfiya village, at Ein-Manzul square.


Opening hours:

On Fridays and Saturdays the center is open during 15:00-19:00 (we recommend you phone us in advance).

On weekdays visits must only be booked in advance.

There is an entrance fee.


Discounts for groups of over 10 people.


About the center

The center is located in the center of the ancient quarter of the Isfiya village at Ein-Manzul square. The center is surrounded by archeological and historical sites (the Roman church, the olive oil extraction plant, the arch and a magnificent observation point of the Gulf of Haifa).

The center presents the story of Isfiya before the establishment of the State of Israel, before there was electricity and water in the village and life as it is today.




At the Heritage center:


Level 1

Artistic restoration and sculptures of the Druze heritage with emphasis on the Isfiaya village including the fields and the lives of the peasants, work tools that were used in olden times, livelihood methods, the means of baking pita bread and other foods, storage and preservation of crops, a display of a traditional kitchen, cooking utensils, storage utensils and a traditional Druze home.


Family occupations especially the women with a display of hand crafts and stories such as: “stories of the bride with the cloak”, a display story of “Jahuz Al Arus”, a ceremonial story of “Cladice El Arous”, “Mirat El Arous” the natural diaper story, hospitality utensils and preparation of the bitter coffee. There is a souvenir stand with spices and olive oils that can be purchased by visitors.


Level 2 – The Gallery

A historical corner of the Druze community and their settlement in the area with explanations of how the Jews and Druze were connected in the Carmel at that time and their connection today, with pictures of key characters who governed the Isfiya village. In addition a display of thought and behavior patterns of voters in the village and stories of peasant farmers at that time As well as occupations for men and women and cultural aspects of the ethnic group such as: theater, music, art, writing and press.



עספיאIsfiya –


Isfiya is a Druze village and local council in northern Israel. Located on Mount Carmel, it is part of the Haifa district. Isfiya was built on the ruins of a Byzantine settlement and crusader remnants have been found in the village. Among the remains is a synagogue with a mosaic floor bearing Jewish symbols. The village has over 10,000 residents who are mainly of the Druze ethnicity

Carmel Heritage Center
Owner רגאא מנסור
Mobile 052-9124146
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