Kiftzuba Adventure Park


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 Kiftzuba Adventure Park 
צימרים צימרים צימרים צימרים צימרים צימרים

קיפצובה – פארק משחקים ושעשועים

Kiftzuba Adventure Park

Kibbutz Tzuba – Jerusalem Hills



Come and enjoy a fun and jumping day out at the Kiftzuba for a great and adventurous experience with: huge inflatables, electric bicycles, bumper cars, computer games and many more, so come with the kids, parents and even the grandparents and we promise you that you will return again and again for more excitement. Our park has games for the whole family; there are lots of seating areas, a wonderful view of the Jerusalem Hills, tour routes, delicious food at the restaurant and parking space. The park is also wheelchair accessible and is well guarded.


The Cannons – an exciting shooting game with sponge bullets and suitable for all age groups.


Inflatables – 10 huge inflatable apparatuses in different shapes and sizes. The inflatables are scattered around the site surrounded with tables and over 1000 seating spaces. The inflatable area is also ideal for special events.


Play Rooms - 10 air conditioned play rooms. For infants there are activities, swimming pool with balls, mega blocks, mini fitness, mini market and computers with the “alphi” program. For the older children there is: lego, hockey, table football and 30 playstation stands. Beside the playrooms there is a fast food buffet for the all the family.


Game Machines – water guns, ski balls, hitting hammers, flippers, laser shooting, video games and many more. All the games are activated by tokens which are purchased at the site and most of the machines have giveaway prizes.


On Wheels – There are 2 bumper car courts for children and adults and 2 electric bicycle courts. In the courtyard of the bicycle courts, is the “Jungle Train” suitable for all ages.

Riding is dependent on height and age.


New at the park are the magical Carousel, remote control sail boats, water boats and more.


From the park you will enjoy a magical landscape view of the Jerusalem Hills.


This is a one of a kind experience for adults and children.


Come and celebrate your birthday with a fun day out for everyone!


Birthday packages at Kiftzuba include the following:

  • Unlimited use of all the facilities of the park (excluding tokens for game machines)
  • Gifts – a Kiftzuba printed T-shirt.
  • Birthday cake with a personal greeting
  • Goody bags
  • Light snacks.



Bar/Bat Mitzvah packages at Kiftzuba include the following:

  • Disco parties with a professional DJ
  • Tokens for the games machines and shooting challenges
  • Light snacks, light drinks and huge cake.


For Groups

Kiftzuba is a wonderful place for groups to enjoy a fun day out: summer camps, school trips, kinder garden trips, a day out for friends and any other group event.


Packages for groups at Kiftzuba can include the following:

  • Closed days with special activities and shows.
  • Tours to nearby archeological sites
  • Kosher meals in the kibbutz dining room.
  • Use of the convention hall at the Tzuba Hotel.
  • The buffet at Kiftzuba offers a wide variety of snacks, light meals, drinks, ice creams with special discounts for groups.

(Minimum of 20 people per group)



Opening Hours:

  • Sunday to Thursdays, holidays and Saturdays – 10:00-19:00
  • Tuesdays on school days – 13:00-19:00
  • Fridays and Jewish holiday eves – 10:00-17:00


For advance reservations please call Alex – 054-5637068


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מומלץ לבקר שם כי הייתי שם לפני כמה שנים ועכשיו יש יותר דברים, זה מקום ענק ומרווח ולא היה דבר כזה עדיין שלא היה למישהו מקום
from ליהי דניאל date 7/17/2013 6:48:38 AM mark:
Wir waren eine Gruppe von mehreren Familien mit Kindern unterschiedlichen Alters.
Die Kinder genossen verschiedene Spiele.
Sie sollten fr?h in den Park zu gelangen.
from yosi dvir date 2/21/2012 9:28:35 PM mark:
Very fun
We were a group of several families with children of different ages.
The children enjoyed various games.
You should arrive early to the park.
from yosi dvir date 2/21/2012 9:24:14 PM mark:
היינו קבוצה של מספר משפחות ונהנו מאוד. המקום מסודר ונקי עם הרבה תחנות פעילות לילדים.
from יוסי דביר date 2/21/2012 9:13:20 PM mark:
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Kiftzuba Adventure Park
City Tzuba
Owner קיבוץ צובה יעל
Phone 052-9706227
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