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לדף הדקה ה-99 - צימרים במחירי הרגע האחרון

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Ortal boutique winery


High on the edge of the Golan, the Ortal vineyards grow and nurture the Ortal vineyard where love of the land, cold climate and basalt soil yield high quality wine grapes - the secret of the taste of Kibbutz Ortal boutique wines.



Our vineyard was planted in 1983, at a height of 900 meters, at the foot of Tel Shifon. Located in the heart of the Golan Heights quality wine region, Ortal Vineyard is one of the oldest and leading vineyards of the Golan Heights Winery, and since 2011 it provides quality wine grapes to Kibbutz Ortal's boutique winery.



Our winemaker - Ilan Zafrani, a member of Kibbutz Ortal and an old wine lover who dared to become a hobby of years for the profession.



Our story - the connection between the quality of the vineyards, the knowledge and the experience, together with Ilan's personal dream and love of wine, gave birth to the Ortal Winery - a dream that became a reality.


Our wines -

• Tel Shifon 2009 - Dry red wine, made from the Cabernet, Merlot and Sira varieties, and aged for 12 months in oak barrels. Tel Shifon is the first wine of Ortal Winery.

• Vignier 2010 - a dry white wine that aged in French oak for about nine months and goes on sale in October.


Our Visitor Center - Visitors Center The winery is located in a spectacular observation point overlooking the Golan Heights, vineyards and apple orchards surrounding Kibbutz Ortal. You can also take a look at the wine making process in a personal tour with the winemaker, which also includes wine tastings, and take a tour of the vineyard by appointment.

The visitors' center and the wine shop are open all week (even on Saturdays!) Between 10: 00-16: 00


** The wine is not kosher **

** Tour and taste free **


A tour of the vineyards


600 dunam vineyards used for wine production surround Kibbutz Ortal, and are wrapped in flowering and fragrant rose bushes. The grapes are used to produce the wines Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and the red Shiraz and White Blanc Sauvignon. The vintage process is mechanized and produces the most from the grapes of the vineyard.



The special weather of the Golan Heights - sharp shifts between heat and cold - especially cold winter combined at a relatively low temperature in the spring and summer, compared to the real summer heat during the day, as well as the soil conditions of the unique basalt soil contribute to the improvement of the grapes and their final produce. On a guided tour of about 40 minutes, you will be familiar with the vineyard boulevard, the crop and vintage method, and if you are lucky enough to arrive at the appropriate season, you will also enjoy a mechanical vintage. You can tour the Golan Heights Winery or one of the nearby boutique wineries in the area.




A tour of the cowsheds


The cowshed of Kibbutz Ortal is considered the largest cowshed in the Middle East. Seven hundred milking cows and a few hundred calves of their day inhabit the cowshed of the kibbutz. Each year, about 7 million liters of milk are produced through a sophisticated computerized milking center that perXformXs the milking operation using an automated method. Violations have already sold the method and are collaborating.


On an agricultural tour of about 45 minutes in the cowshed you can experience a family or group experience in nature. Familiarize yourself with the cows' place of residence and the milking method, and the children can feed the calves and get to know the milk production process that goes a long way from the barn to the home refrigerator.


The tour is intended for groups in coordination and in advance.




Public singing


"Singing and Public" is a perXformXance by Etzy Tal and Gal Schwartz. They play Israeli songs, songs of old times and songs of now, in various arrangements and styles.

They sweep the audience into spontaneous and liberating poetry.


The repertoire is composed of songs by Shalom Hanoch, Arik Einstein, Matti Caspi, Yoni Rechter, Shmulik Kraus, Kaveret, the high windows, the Shalosharim, the suburbs, Naomi Shemer, Sasha Argov, Ehud Manor.

In addition, the repertoire is varied and adapted to the characteristics of the period, such as the seasons, holidays and festivals, and many topics as Arab poets, composers, translated songs ... and more.

The words and pictures can be displayed on the screen using a computer and a projector.


The show is recognized by Omanut Laam as an authorized supplier in the Ministry of Defense.


A pair of "brothers-in-law" - musicians - are married to two sisters and live in two neighboring kibbutzim in the northern Golan Heights.


Aszi Tal sang and accompanied the guitar, Gal Schwartz sang and accompanied the piano and harmonica.

Both have extensive knowledge and experience in music.

A pair of "great brothers-in-law" swept the audience all over the country.

Kibbutzim, moshavim, cities, community settlements, community centers, schools, institutions, the IDF, the business and religious sector, workers' committees and private events.

They also appeared regularly on Channel 2's morning program with Efrat Reitan and Mani Peer.



Jeep tours, ATVs and tomcars


Jeep trips


Experiential field trips for couples, families and groups at all times of the year and all seasons. We will go on special trails with fascinating history and view the magnificent landscapes of the Golan and the Galilee, cross rivers, meet wildlife and feel the connection to wild nature.


ATV tour and tomcars


A trip to challenging terrain vehicles such as ATVs and tumacars is a fascinating trip that is suitable for families and groups in coordination and advance booking. The tour in the field vehicles is accompanied by professional instructors. The route passes through the Kuneitra Valley and the anti-tank trenches, and on the way you can see the wild northern landscapes of the Golan Heights, the Syria-Israel border and other interesting points in the Golan.


Facilities and amenities

A wood cabin
Double jacuzzi
Access for disabled guests
Rooms for couples and families

Show all facilities
No pets
Kosher meals
Pool free entrance
Garden furniture
Cable/Satellite TV
Suitable for families and groups
A kitchenette
Outdoor grills
A kitchenette
Credit card
Living room
Dining room
Attached bathroom

Ranking and Special Sales

Special prices for senior citizens
339 NIS (instead of 380 NIS)
תקף לחדרי סטנדרט כולל א.ב


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Large wooden cabins (10 units)
Size of each cabin is about 40 square meters and consists of two rooms - a double bedroom with a luxurious bed and LCD with satellite TV and a living room with a sofa bed, fireplace, kitchenette fitted neatly with a coffee maker, microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee and dinnerwere (not including cooking facilities) and large circular and luxurious Jacuzzi, air-conditioned and a large private balcony with seating area.

From date
To date
A wood cabin Huge indoor jacuzzi A kitchenette B & B Free WIFI
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Couples and Families (14 units)
14 ''Standart'' rustic guestrooms in the ''kibbutz'' compound. Room size is 16 meters square and consists of 2 Parents beds, sofa bed that can be pulled to a bed and a half , LCD screen with satellite TV, kitchenette and coffee, microwave , refrigerator . And eating utensils (not including cooking facilities) , shower. Rooms suitable for a couple and two children at most. The rooms are air-conditioned.
A/C Access for disabled guests Rooms for couples and families B & B Free WIFI
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for families (28 units)
The size of each room is 16 meters square and has 2 parents beds joind together, a pull-out bed, a large LCD screen with satellite TV, a kitchenette equipped with a coffee area, microwave, refrigerator and microware (not including cooking facilities), shower and toilet. The rooms are air-conditioned and suitable for a couple and 2 children max. in most rooms ''vineyard'' there is a connecting door between the two rooms which can be booked as a family unit for a couple and 4 children.
Suitable for families and groups A/C A kitchenette Rooms for couples and families Free WIFI

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המלצה חמה
היה מהנה מאוד להתארח בבקתות שלכם. השירות היה נעים ביותר, הבקתה מרווחת, מפנקת ומתוחזקת ברמה גבוה מאוד. לילדים היה שלל פעילויות בקיבוץ עצמו (ככה שיצא לאחד ההורים לנוח מדי פעם) וכמובן מסלולי הטיולים והאטרקציות הסמוכות (ממש במרחק נגיעה). הכל היה נפלא, תודה רבה, נחזור לחופשה נוספת!
יניב גליקסמן, 30/4/2014

סופ"ש מדהים
ביום הולדתי ה-40 בתאריך17.2.2012 קיבלתי מתנה צימר מדהים,עם כל הפינוקים. היינו אני ובעלי ללא הילדים.נכנסנו לצימר ביום חמישי ויצאנו רק בשבת. בחוץ יורד שלג ואנחנו בתוך הצימר מסתובבים עם גופייה בזכות חום הקמין.א.בוקר הוגשה לנו בדיוק בזמן שביקשנו. המסאז' המדהים שקיבלנו, הנוף המדהים ממש שוויצריה הקטנה. תודה לצוות האירוח על שסיפקו לנו את כל צרכינו. נרצה לחזור גם בעתיד, צימר מומלץ מאוד מאוד, הצימר הכי יפה שהיינו בו.
קורלי כהן, 8/3/2012
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NIS per night

1 night price for a couple:
950 NIS

2 nights price for a couple:
1900 NIS

Room type: Couples and Families

Comments: תוספת לילד 150 ש''ח.

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הנוף הצפוני - אירוח
Ortal Kibbutz Cabins
מתחם האירוח מציע נופש מפנק ורומנטי לזוגות באווירה אירופאית בבקתות עץ הנטועות בתוך חורשת אורנים, לצד בילוי למשפחות וקבוצות בחדרי אירוח כפריים. כדי להשלים את החוויה, בקיבוץ אורטל מציעים לכם מגוון טיפולי מגע בחדר טיפולים מעוצב המשרה אווירה מיוחדת, מנוחה ורוגע לגוף ולנפש . במרחק נסיעה קצר ניתן לטייל במסלולי טיול ואטרקציות, הר החרמון, נחל ג'ילבון, נחל סער, מבצר נמרוד, נחל עורבים ועוד. חיבור אינטרנט WIFI חינם באתר התיירות. חשוב לציין - יש להצטייד בלבוש חם בכל עונות השנה!

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+972 52-9120148

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