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Canada Center - Sports Cultural and Recreational

Metula,   Emek hamaayanot
About Us
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The national winter sport centre.Canada Center - Sports Cultural and Recreational Center

Welcome to Canada - center

Canada Centre is situated in Northern Israel, in the town of Metula, located in the Upper Galilee. It is one of the foremost and striking tourist attractions in Israel. It sits on a mountainside observant to cylindrical charming scenery and offers an abundance of possibilities such as sport activities, pastime, culture, and seclusion. The activities provided by the center are compatible for all ages, families, and groups in every season of the year.

Situated in Canada Centre is Israel’s largest Ice Arena; it is the chief conductor in the field. People who have already experienced the joy of figure skating can estimate a quality ice arena, and those who have not yet had the pleasure of ice skating are welcome to receive professional guidance for learning how to skate. It is here where we hold figure skating shows and professional and international competitions.

Also included in the regular admission price is the entrance to our heated and pampered swimming pool during the winter, but also refreshing and cool in the summer. It is a large pool incorporated with a water slide and two fabulous hot tubs. Add to that our summery outdoor pool with the greenish lawns and stunning landscape and you’ve got a breathtaking escapade.

The diversity of the many sport activities available at Canada Centre answers the needs of every athlete either as a pastime or in a professional manner: There are two squash auditoriums, table tennis, a fitness center with the most modernized equipment, and a basketball court. Also available is the gunfire shooting range for all those who want to practice their aim, and compete with friends.

Included with the health club are a treatment massage, damp sauna, and dry sauna. We offer a certified bowling court with ten elaborate tracks, which serves the need for simple leisure and for professionals.

Also accessible is our meat-based, self-service, buffet restaurant, shadowing over the pool. Last but not least, do not forget to visit our souvenir and presents store on your way out.

Days of activity:
Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
Ice skating opening hours: 10.00 AM - 4.00 PM , after 4.00 PM please check by phone.
Sundays: schedule by telephone only!


Things to know
פתוח כל השבוע מ- 10:00 עד 17:00 (שעות משתפנות בהתאם לסוג הפעילות. יש לודא קודם ההגעה).

פתוח כל השבוע מ- 10:00 עד 17:00 (שעות משתפנות בהתאם לסוג הפעילות. יש לודא קודם ההגעה).

Parking: יש חינם.
Open on Saturday
Accessible for wheelchairs


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היינו במקום באמצע הסערה. המקום חמים ונעים. אתר נקי ומסודר ושירות מעולה.
דוד אברהמי, 26/2/2012
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