Naharayim Park – Peace Island

Ashdot Ya`akov (Ichud)

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 Naharayim Park  
פארק נהריים
פארק נהריים פארק נהריים פארק נהריים פארק נהריים פארק נהריים פארק נהריים פארק נהריים פארק נהריים


Naharayim Park – Peace Island

Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov- Ichud – Jordan Valley



Travelers in the north of Israel are welcome to come and tour and enjoy themselves in the middle of nature. We offer a variety of tours which are a wonderful experience for families and groups, where you will feel and hear the stories about the first Zionist movement and the establishment of Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov. On the visit you will see the first power station which supplied electricity to the area, the mythological “Valley train” and “Peace Island” on the Israel-Jordan border where the peace treaties were signed between the two countries.


The tours are given by local experienced tour guides and must be booked in advance.


The memorial – The hill where the flowers were harvested

A memorial for the 7 girls from Beit Shemesh who were killed at Naharayim


In addition on the site there are shaded huts, grass areas, parking facilities, toilets and a snack bar.


Kosher lunches can be held for groups with a wide selective menu



Beit Eyal Health and sports center

There are shaded and heated swimming pools and a Jacuzzi. Spa treatments are available with other sports activities for the whole family. There are also facilities for the disabled.



We can offer day trips and activities to Peace Island and other attractions with an itinerary as follows:

  • Reception with coffee and cake
  • Peace Island – a fascinating bus tour experience accompanied by a local guide which includes: crossing the Israel-Jordan border (without a visa), the stories and visions of the “old from Naharayim”, the story about the first power station in Israel, the mythological “Valley Train” and the Bauhaus style station. (one hour tour)
  • The Floodgate Paths – a walk along the riverbanks (20 minute tour)
  • The Hagal Site – a new organic electricity site which has been given the term “Green electricity” (one hour tour).
  • Lunch – a quality and kosher menu



















In addition in the area:

  • A special theme tour with the influences of the poets Rachel and Naomi Shemer through the eucalyptus forest up to the Kinneret cemetery. Recommended!
  • The heritage battle of the Jordan Valley during the War of Independence, with guided tours and stories of the battles and mythologies.
  • Nature tours with magical views, fruit trees accompanied with songs and a singing guide  (90 minutes tour).
  • Jeep tours and tours around the magical passage ways of Rosh Pinna and Zefat.
  • Rob Roy sailing boats in Indian style canoes.
  • Merkavot Ha’Yarden – a bus tour along the northern borders of Jordan with stories.
  • Nahara Kibbutz lodging – the best accommodation in the valley.
  • We can arrange for air conditioned bus tours for day trips anywhere in the country.


All these activities are accompanied by the best and experienced tour guides.


We will be happy to welcome you.

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Naharayim Park – Peace Island
City Ashdot Ya`akov (Ichud)
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