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  • Shavei Tzion
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I met Gloria by the entrance of her luxurious suite in the late afternoon. Beforehand I managed to get a glance of the wonderful coast of Shavey Zion which is only a short distance away from the suite.

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Stay at the Dolphin Village accommodations in Moshav Shavey Zion, 5 minutes walk from the beach, when visiting the western Galile area! The Dolphin Village offers a comfortable guest rooms suitable for couples and families. All of our Dolphin Village guest units feature thoughtful touches such as a microwave, refrigerator, in-room coffee maker ,TV.

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In between the mountain slopes and surrounded by medicinal herbs are these 5 beautiful wooden cabins that are waiting for you to enjoy a relaxing and intimate holiday.

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In the shade of the carob and olive trees in the Galilee, you will find the Ahava Bateva cabins with 3 beautiful wooden cabins that include all the luxuries accompanied by the magical green Galilee view and an intimate and pastoral atmosphere.

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Come and stay with us at the “Yaffe Nof Estate” at Shazor, where you will find our 6 wonderful wooden cabins. The cabins offer all the luxuries and are fully furnished to the highest standard with a luxury Jacuzzi, kitchenette with utensils,

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At Sivan’s Cabins on Moshav Shazor you will find these 5 beautiful wooden cabins suitable for couples and families for the perfect Galilee holiday.

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These 2 wonderful wooden cabins are very spacious and romantic and include a huge Jacuzzi overlooking the magical view. The cabins are situated on the hills on Moshav Shazor in the western Galilee

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On Moshav Shazor between the mountain slopes are these 4 luxurious and secluded wooden cabins, situated in the heart of the fields and the pastoral view that offers you absolute privacy and tranquility

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“Etzlenu Ba’Hatzer” is located on Moshav Tzuriel in the western Galilee and has 3 spacious and furnished studio wooden cabins which include a Jacuzzi overlooking the view 3 adorable cabins overlooking the galilee scenery, Fully equipped with all you need for a perfect holiday.

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Honeysuckle seat in the Western Galilee, overlooking spectacular Rainbow Cave Stay with enchanting hospitality area `` `` honeycomb suites. Instead of three suites are decorated and tastefully equipped Suitable for couples and families looking for a fun vacation in the north. Courtyard of a refreshing pool, comfortable seating and barbecue area.

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This cabin has been designed especially for a luxury and romantic holiday for couples. We have thought of every little detail and you will experience a true country holiday at Pirchei Bar. The cabin is ideal for celebrating special occasions, so if you want to surprise your partner for their birthday, wedding anniversary, a marriage proposal, honeymoon or any other surprise why not enjoy a luxury weekend break here at the highest standard.

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  • Kesem Hakeshet - B & B in יערה
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Zimmers and wooden cabins on Moshav Ya’ara – Western Galilee On Moshav Ya’ara between Rosh Hanikra and Nahal Bezat, in a relaxing and pastoral atmosphere facing the beautiful view of the Keshet Cave, are these 2 lovely wooden cabins just perfect for a romantic holiday. The cabins are fully equipped and include a huge double bed, double Jacuzzi, home theater system, DVD and more.

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Come to our Druze village in the Western Galil, accessorized, comfortable guest rooms with Druze breakfast. Experience the Druze cutlure at our place.

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In the heart of a natural grove in Kibuttz Yas`ur, which located in the western Galil, you are welcome to treat yourself in a charming wooden cabin suitable for loving couples.

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3 buildings in the style of the crusaders. In every unit there are 7 guest rooms with toilet, shower, kitchenette, air-conditioner and more. NATURE at YEHIAM A classic Galilee vacation that combines unique Crusader style hospitality with Extreme Sports – a vacation that only the Galilee can offer Close by the fortress walls of Yehiam is one of the most beautiful and impressive Crusader castles in Israel.

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On Moshav Zar’it in the western Galilee, facing the breathtaking views are these 2 beautiful wooden cabins, suitable for romantic couples and families with a zimmer guest room for couples in a secluded corner in the courtyard of Beit Alon with a Jacuzzi, kitchenette, air conditioning and more.

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Akhziv Beach National Park, located about five kilometers north of Nahariya, features a rocky shoreline, inlets and lagoons, and a natural and an artificial sea-water pool––a deep one as well as a shallow one suitable for children. There are also broad lawns and antiquities. In short, everything you need to enjoy hours of Israeli sunshine.

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Nature school located next to Ahziv beach, in proximity to coves and shore-line crevices. 42 rooms, club-room and lecture hall.

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  • Rimonim Palm Beach - B & B in עכו

Set just metres from a sandy beach, Rimonim Palm Beach offers its guests 2 swimming pools and a tennis court both free of charge. It is located 5 minutes` drive from Akko Old City. Rooms here are air conditioned and facilities include an LCD TV with satellite channels, and an electric kettle. Most rooms have a sea view.

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`Welcome aboard the Mañana, a luxurious and indulging sailing yacht, whose crew will sail you to a special and unique perspective of Israel with local Galilee cuisine and excellent local wines & beers.

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Built into Acre`s city walls, the Akkotel-Boutique Hotel is just 50 metres from the seafront. It features a roof terrace with Mediterranean-Sea and Old-City views, and rooms with vaulted ceilings.

available rooms 16
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  • The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel - B & B in כללי

Six decades ago, the nascent State of Israel was little more than a scarred landscape. Neglected and barren, this land – so small and with so few natural resources - had to sustain the great ingathering of Jews from the four corners of the world.

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On Moshav Avdon in the western Galilee are these 2 luxurious wooden cabins which are fully equipped to the highest standard and have a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. The cabins are suitable for romantic couples or families with up to 2 children.

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  • Pe’er Ha’Galil - B & B in עבדון

Pe’er Ha’Galil – studio and cabins for couples and families On Moshav Avdon in the western Galilee are these 2 beautiful studio style wooden cabins overlooking the magical view with a private swimming pool in the courtyard and a romantic bedside Jacuzzi.

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  • Beit Jann
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Here in Beit Jann in the upper Galilee, you can enjoy 5 Star * * * * * Druze Hospitality. The Guest Rooms are located in the highest place in Israel and command a view of Lower Galilee, Tiberius (and the Sea of Galilee), the eastern Golan Heights and also the Lebanese Hills. The location is quiet, with enchanting, green scenery and is certainly worth a visit!

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4 rural–style Guest Rooms located on the peak of Mount Tsafrir at a height of almost 3,500` above sea level, in the heart of the countryside and with a garden commanding a breathtaking view of Mount Meron, the Hills of Galilee, the Hills of South Lebanon...... these Guest Units can accommodate couples and families. Separate children`s rooms available.

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Two new cabins at Gunn vs Mount Hillel. Particularly spacious cabins with a gallery Kids and equipped at a high level including double Jacuzzi.

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In Beit Gan Enjoy traditional Druze hospitality in Grapevine `` `` Zimmer. Instead of eight new rooms viewers lovely views ... Each room includes air conditioner Tloiozih and Coffee 3 Rooms indulge Bag Double Jacuzzi. Suitable for couples and families.     You can order breakfast / evening by appointment

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At “Admonit” there are 4 air-conditioned Guest Rooms, each designed down to the smallest detail to ensure a perfect holiday for couples or families. The Guest rooms all have a breathtaking, pastoral view of Mount Meron and the heart of the Nature reserve.

phone 972-72-3941412phone 972-72-3941412available rooms 4

Come and catch the sky and enjoy an unforgettable experience. The Abu Haya Family invites you “To Touch the Sky” and feel as if you are above the clouds; at the heart of the Mount Meron Nature Reserve, at a height of almost 3500` above sea-level and with a spectacular, breathtaking view.

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The Guest Rooms at “Bain Har Le Shamayim” (Between the Hill and the Sky), live up to their name! At a height of almost 3,500` – the highest place in Israel – on top of Mount Tsafrir in the Druze village of Beit Jann, with a view of the mountains, you will find Guest Rooms for a memorable holiday.

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Three wonderful new Guest Units!!!! (Pictures coming soon) Your hosts, Najah and Manaal Assad, featured in an Israel Television Documentary (“Time for a Break”) about Rural, Druze Hospitality. In the heart of the countryside, on top of Mount Tsafrir, at a height of almost 3,500’, lie 4 rural-style Guest Rooms with a large patio which commands a breathtaking view of Har HaAri, Mount Carmel, the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea and which can accommodate couple and families.

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“Bain HaAnanim” Log Cabins in the Druze Village, Beit Jann, are the ultimate location for those seeking peace and quiet. The air is as clear as wine and the view is breathtaking. Beit Jann is situated on the peaks of the Hills of Galilee at a height of almost 3,500` above sea level and during very cold winters you can enjoy the snow which falls on the village.

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  • Beit Lechem ha-Glilit
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In the western Galilee adjacent to the magical southern coast, you will find the Sadeh Wooden Cabins on Moshav Ben Ami. This agricultural moshav is filled with greenery and its large avocado groves which cover the area and combines agriculture with tourism. We offer you here 5 country style wooden cabins which are fully furnished and equipped all in good taste and are suitable for families with children.

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In a pastoral ambience between tropical trees and roses greenhouses, we established beautiful and luxurious hand made wooden suites, just next to ridge of Sulam tzor and Rosh Hanikra.

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  • Tzeva Vateva - B & B in בצת

Moshav in the Western Galilee swamp a short distance from the beach, Stay with 3 romantic suites equipped with everything needed for a couple perfectly. Lhnatrcm yard pool, Jacuzzi spa, seating areas, barbecue and more.

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In this magical corner amongst the avocado and banana groves are these 5 wooden cabins for families and 2 romantic wooden cabins for couples. Surrounded by the greenery are these 5 wooden cabins. These small houses have red roof tops and blue doors, just like in the story books.

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  • Bustan HaGalil
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Hide away in the Jungle Banana Cabin Float on the water bed in the Sea Cabin Check out the chee in the Japanese Room Toast marshmallows and chestnuts on the open fire in the Snake Spa Club. Order Maureens Irish/Galilee breakfast. Walk to the Bahai garden Enjoy the sunset near the sea side

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between Akko to Nahariya there is two amazing suits that suitable for couples, and two zimmer`s that suitable for families. In each of them there is privet jaccuzi.

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On the Bustan Hagalil Moshav in the western Galilee area, amongst the strawberry trees, the pomegranate groves and the banana trees are these 2 luxury suites. The suites are suitable for couples and families with up to 2 children, looking for privacy, peace and quiet and a warm welcome.

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At moshav Bustan HaGalil there is two amazing wood cabins. the cubins suitable for couples that looking for quite and privacy.

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At Nahal Betzet in the western Galilee, 20 rooms and 8 two-room apartments. Breakfast delivered in a basket to your room.

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