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190 B & B  found in Upper Galilee

  • Greek Village - Ma`ayan Baruch
  • Map

Opposite the spectacular view of the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountains, the finger of the Galilee and the Naftali Mountains are these luxury accommodation units situated in the finest location filled with a wonderful country atmosphere.

phone 972-77-5503880phone 972-54-4546143available rooms 2

At the Greek Village on Kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch, by the slopes of the Hermon Mountains, near the Baniyas, the Dan and Hasbani Rivers are these 2 magical suites suitable for couples and families.

available rooms 2
phone 972-50-7153153phone 972-50-7153153available rooms 2

Located in the centre of Haifa, ApartHotel Levontine is a 10-minute walk away from the Bahai Gardens and from the German Colony filled with shops and restaurants. It offers modern-style studios with free Wi-Fi.

available rooms 9
  • Hatzor HaGlilit
  • Map

In the upper Galilee region on the rocks of the mountain, amongst the olive trees and the Sabras are these 3 beautiful suites overlooking the Golan Heights, the Hermon Mountains and the Hahula Nature reserve. Each suite has a wide balcony facing the view. The suites are also suitable for religious guests.

phone 972-52-9706941available rooms 3

In the heart of the magical Galilee and right beside all the main attractions are these two unique accommodation units designed with elegance. The units are suitable for couples and families. The suites can accommodate two families of up to 10 people.

phone 972-53-6411430available rooms 2
  • Arava Bagalil - B & B in חצור הגלילית

Hatzor overlooking the Hula Valley and the Golan Heights Stay with luxurious suites - `` `` guarantor Galilee. Instead of two spacious suites and fully equipped accommodation for couples and families.

phone 972-52-9706573available rooms 2

Guest House accommodation at Hazor Hagelilit – Upper Galilee Region These beautiful suites are in a quiet villa neighborhood and are surrounded by the views of the Golan Heights. At Neve Ayala there are three luxurious suites. Breakfast is served at the beautiful Harena Restaurant in Rosh Pinna

phone 972-52-9706943available rooms 2

Traditional Druze accommodation at Ken Ha’Nesharim On the Hurfesh village facing the hills of the Galilee, you will find the Ken Ha’nesharim guest house which offers tranquility and relaxation in a pastoral environment with a panoramic view. Here you will find 4 luxurious guest rooms suitable for couples and families.

phone 972-50-4272220available rooms 6

On Moshav Kahal which overlooks the Sea of Galilee, the Amud Stream and the National water carrier are these 2 spacious new and beautiful wooden cabins. The cabins have a large Jacuzzi which can be enjoyed by candlelight and a wooden terrace facing the spectacular view.

phone 972-52-9706312available rooms 2

Facing the Wadi – the closest that you will get to nature. On the Kahal Moshav facing the breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and the Amud stream are these 5 guest units which are suitable for couples and families. Each of the units is fully furnished and equipped and has a balcony facing the view. The couples units include a luxury Jacuzzi.

phone 972-52-9706631available rooms 1

At ``Rachel`s cabins`` you are invited to stay at these 3 romantic and beautifully designed wooden cabins with a large luxury Jacuzzi facing the view of the Sea of Galilee. In addition to the wooden cabins guests can stay at the luxury suite which is made from stone. There is also a private swimming pool where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

phone 972-52-9127325available rooms 4

2 wooden cabins with luxurious jacuzzi spa. In a pastoral setting with a view of the Galil, for romantic couples.

phone 972-52-2359944available rooms 4

On Moshav Kahal in the upper Galilee, amongst the olive trees in this beautiful green atmosphere are these lovely Galilee stone and oak wood built suites. In the suites you will enjoy a luxurious double Jacuzzi overlooking the view with pampering scented candles to add to this relaxing and tranquil environment. Outside the suites is a beautiful courtyard including seating and barbeque areas and a huge spa Jacuzzi with a pergola overlooking the spectacular view.

phone 972-52-9706777available rooms 4

On the Kahal settlement in the upper Galilee region are these 2 suites and 2 wooden cabins at the “Romance at Merom” guest house. Judith and Israel Merom offer their hospitality at these two beautiful suites for loving couples. In the suites guests will be able to pamper themselves in the exquisite Jacuzzi overlooking the magnificent view of the Sea of Galilee and the surrounding areas.

phone 972-52-9121856phone 972-52-9121856available rooms 4
  • Kadarim - Kibbutz
  • Map

Located in Kibbutz Kadarim that overlooks the Sea of Galilee, Kadarim Country Cottages offers air-conditioned chalets and a restaurant. Free parking is available on site.

phone 972-52-9706329available rooms 5

Come and stay with us at Moshav Karkom and enjoy a relaxing holiday opposite the magical Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. These furnished and air conditioned holiday apartments include a luxury Jacuzzi, a well kept courtyard and a country breakfast that will take you away from your daily routine

phone 972-52-9787628available rooms 3
  • Kerem Ben Zimra
  • Map

Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra and relaxed rural atmosphere will play B``tzimer Mtos``. Second floor accommodation with a gallery suitable for couples and families. And clean design luxury suite suitable for entertaining and spectacular pairs Aohbim.bhtzr large pool, refreshing.

phone 972-52-9706942available rooms 3

vTwo deluxe air-conditioned suites, each including a separate bedroom.

phone 972-50-7630818available rooms 3
  • Kfar Blum
  • Map

Jordan Campground is a lawn campground suitable for a restful camping experience.Local facilities: lighting, electric poweroutlets, security, hot showers, and toilets.

phone 972-52-9706523available rooms 100
  • Kfar Yuval
  • Map

Here you will find 4 accommodation units on Kfar Yuval with a magical view of the Galilee and Golan Heights. Our guests will enjoy free entrance to the swimming pool and the nearby park. We are only a short drive away from all the main attractions

phone 972-50-5374111available rooms 4

In front of breathtaking landscape, surrounded with the high mountains of the Hermon and the Golan, under the shade of the mihnaf tree, our 4 new and magnificent cabins.

available rooms 4

BB Kfar Yuval - by Ronit between Kiryat Shmona Lmtolh- you can enjoy peace and privacy in two cabins with double Jacuzzi large corner in each unit. The cabins are air-conditioned and equipped suitable for couples.

phone 972-52-9708678phone 972-52-9708678available rooms 2

Here on Kfar Yuval you will find 2 beautiful wooden cabins with a luxury double Jacuzzi, a spacious bedroom, kitchenette with utensils and a living room. In addition there are 2 other wooden cabins, one with a hot tub and the other with a double Jacuzzi. Surrounding the cabins there is a large lawn area with a pergola and games for the children.

phone 972-522482389available rooms 3

These 4 beautiful wooden cabins are made from the finest quality Finnish wood and have been built especially for you. Each cabin has a huge luxury Jacuzzi with colorful lighting to enhance a romantic atmosphere.

phone 972-52-9706497phone 972-52-9706497available rooms 4

These 3 brand new beautiful wooden cabins are very spacious and fully furnished to the highest standard. We have one beautiful and spacious cabin suitable for loving couples and the other 2 wooden cabins are suitable for families and have a huge gallery level with a balcony with a breathtaking view of the Hermon Mountains, the Golan Heights, Mount Naftali and the Hahula Valley.

phone 972-4-6942264phone 972-53-7742152available rooms 3
  • Kiryat Shmona
  • Map

This beautiful complex offers 6 large suites for families and couples, all are very elegant and spacious to the highest standard with a large lobby with a separate entrance to each unit. The guest house is in the center of the Galilee, right beside the most beautiful attractions in the Galilee and the Golan.

phone 972-52-9706434available rooms 6

This beautiful complex offers 6 large suites for families and couples, all are very elegant and spacious to the highest standard with a large lobby with a separate entrance to each unit. The guest house is in the center of the Galilee, right beside the most beautiful attractions in the Galilee and the Golan.

phone 972-4-6943270phone 972-50-8587668available rooms 6

At the entrance to Kiryat Shmona (beside the Zuk Minara) is this magical corner with these unique wooden cabins facing the breathtaking view of the Hermon and Naftali Mountains.

available rooms 3
  • Nof Hateena - B & B in כורזים
phone 972-52-9706915available rooms 2

Facing the Sea of Galilee on the Korazim Moshav where the mountains meet the sea are these accommodation units of Be’Kazeh Ha’Kinneret. This beautiful site has a huge lawn area with seating areas facing the spectacular views of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. In addition guests will enjoy a large spa Jacuzzi situated in the courtyard and the classically designed rooms which create a romantic atmosphere.

phone 972-52-9706580available rooms 4
  • Ma`ayan Baruch
  • Map

Come and enjoy the most challenging rafting in the Galilee – fun for all the family – floating down the river, past banks of natural greenery, feeling the cool refreshing waters, glimpsing the myriad birds and wild animals that make it their home.

phone 972-52-9120724available rooms 405

On the banks of the Hasbani River, amongst the grass and trees is the camping site of Ma’ayan Barukh which offers lodging, attractions and leisure for the whole family.Camping out – facilities: Organized car-park, toilets, hot showers, lighting, snack-bar, tables, lawn, shade and children’s paddling pool.

phone 972-52-9120724available rooms 1

The Sound of the North Seasons offers country style accommodation surrounded by greenery with Galilee kosher breakfasts served at the coffee shop, a horse riding farm, a petting corner and a swimming pool.

phone 972-4-6883034available rooms 60

There are 51 accommodation units and 4 family apartments (with 2 rooms) here at Kibbutz Manara. The kibbutz is situated up on the mountains at 880 meters above sea level.The kibbutz is on the mountain top, at a heights of 880m above sea level. The area is magical and charming, just open the north window and feel it, see Emek Hahula, across from Golan Heights mountains, Mt. Maron and Canaan.

phone 972-52-9709891available rooms 55
  • Margaliyot
  • Map

On Moshav Margaliot high up in the Upper Galilee, you will find this lovely large accommodation apartment (2 rooms) and 2 Zimmers suitable for couples. The units are both comfortable and fully furnished including a kitchenette, television, shower and toilet and more. A rich country Israeli breakfast is available and our rates are attractive all year round.

phone 972-4-6902041phone 972-50-5895904available rooms 3

Kohav HaTzafon is located up on the mountain range of Mount Naftali, 650 meters above sea level and offers air conditioned accommodation including a kitchen with utensils. There are 4 comfortable and fully furnished holiday rooms.

phone 972-4-6942872phone 972-52-2973902available rooms 5

These wooden cabins built to the highest standard are suitable for couples and families and include a luxury double Jacuzzi and have exclusive furnishings.

phone 972-50-7671152available rooms 2

The Sipur Pashut cabins at Mitzpe Mattat are located amongst the natural forests of the Galilee. This is our home and we wish to preserve this beautiful natural land for the next generations. Therefore our cabins have been creatively built with keeping the environment as a first priority.

phone 972-52-2350779available rooms 1

Benachat Ruach hostel includes units for couples & family unit adjacent to Mt. Meron nature reserve and a short walk from gravesite of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai

phone 972-50-6747354available rooms 3