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Zimmer B&B in shezor Moshav,

Zimmer B&B in shezor Moshav,
Caravan rental
Tzofei Hatzuk - Country Cabins
Caravan rental
Hotel Moon Center
Majdal Shams
Levin BB
לוין אמירים
Zimmer B&B  in shezor Moshav, in Golan Heights
      shezor Moshav, Golan Heights

For families
For couples
For a couple per night, from:
600 NIS


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Guide to nature reserves and N%2EP%2E Guide to nature reserves and N%2EP%2E
The Galilee region of Israel is home to several national parks such as Banias Nature Reserve, Rosh Hanikra National Park, Meron Nature Reserve, Mount Tabor National Park and Tel Dan Nature Reserve. These parks offer visitors a chance to explore natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historical sites. Each park has a variety of hiking trails, guided tours and other activities, but visitors should check trail conditions and regulations before heading out.%0D%0A
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The new way to explore Israel The new way to explore Israel
The new way to tour, and get to know Israel and its people. Rural tourism in Israel, consisting of 10,000 "zimmers" (lodges and B&Bs) spread all over the country, in kibbutzim, settlements and villages, is very advanced. Staying in Zimmers (B&Bs) is an unforgettable experience, which opens up a new way for tourists to learn about Israel. You can travel up and down Israel,