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Camping in Isreal

Camping in Isreal

When you desire a real holiday out in the midst of nature, the perfect way would be lodging under the skies in a large tent with  the glittering stars overhead, the sounds of the  crickets and trickling water in the background, the cool breeze and an extraordinary magical feeling of being out in the countryside.

On the many camping sites, the majority of which offer free entrance or a very small entrance fee, you will find convenient toilets and showers with hot water, barbeque stands, picnic tables, kitchenettes with basic utensils including refrigerators, electricity outlets and tent hire for families and groups, in addition to shaded huts and, of course, lots of nature.

Some of the camping sites offer their own special attractions such as: games facilities for children, swimming pools, drumming circles, karaoke nights, antelope farms, fishing and more. Other camping sites offer a variety of activities with walking and cycling routes, jeep tours or extreme sports such as rafting and tire rafts.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority allows field lodging in national parks and nature reserves all over the country: Achziv, Yehiam Fortress, Sachne, Yehudia, Tal Forest, the Bonim Beach, Ein Hemed, Beit Govrin, Eskol, Mamshit, Yotveta and many more beautiful spots. At some of these places the entrance fee to the camping sites also includes entrance to the national park.

Keren Kayemet Le’Israel – Jewish National Fund has funded camping sites all over the country. You can find them at many beautiful spots like: Lavie Forest, Britannia Park, the Malachim Forest and Sapir Park.

Of course there are many more sites where you can enjoy a camping holiday: Kibbutz Elrom in the Golan, Beit Hillel and Dafna in the Galilee, Dor Beach on the coast, or Chan

Ha’Shayarut and the Zeit Farm in the Negev Desert, the Cactus Village in the Arava and many other untouched natural locations.

In recent years, camping has come back into fashion. Enjoying the simple things and connecting with mother earth and the wonders that nature offers combine to make a special and unique camping experience in the magical land of Israel.


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