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Tzofei Hatzuk - Country Cabins
Kibbutz Yahel - Arava BB
Kibbutz Yahel
Edna`s Place - Country Cabins
El-Manzul Druze Lodging
Israel Country Lodging B&B - Zimmer
Israel Country Lodging  B&B - Zimmer
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The word ‘zimmer’, originally from German, has become a generic name and symbol for many Israelis of a wondrous place and a particularly enjoyable vacation. Most country lodgings are situated in the heart of nature, and are the place to go if you want a calm pampering time away from everything.

For tourists, the zimmer is an excellent starting point to get to know Israel – both as a pleasant “home base” to come back to at the end of the day, and through its hosts, usually families of farmers and village members who found an alternative way to make a living. These people – the embodiment of good old Israel – are experts in adding a personal touch to their hospitality, and will be happy to tell you fascinating stories about the village and surrounding area, as well as personal or historic anecdotes or first-hand tips for a good time. For tourists this an excellent direct illustration of the country’s customs, unique atmosphere and charming people.

The building standard of zimmers in Israel is very high: Beautiful wood cabins, stylized caves, stone-built suites (some of which are part of ancient renovated structures), well-kept villas surrounded by green lawns, family holiday units with an attic gallery for the children, and even spacious open spaces where a group can spend time together around the swimming pool, yet still maintain their privacy.

The furnishing standard, the fittings and gadgets are also very impressive. Most zimmers pride themselves on a big hot-tub, a king-size bed with quality mattress and linen, candles and incense, sun porches and quaint patios. To this often add seasonal fruit, excellent wines, home-cooked gourmet meals, relaxing hammocks and cushion seats, big-screen TVs, modern sound systems, table tennis and snooker tables, and game consoles.

Within short driving distance (staying in a zimmer would probably require having a car at your disposal) you will find convenience or grocery stores to buy food and an array of gifts and ornaments. In the close vicinity tourists can also enjoy additional attractions such as petting zoos, fish ponds, fruit orchards and many more exciting surprises, all of which combine to make your stay pleasant, interesting and joyful.

There are over 10,000 zimmers all over Israel – from the Golan Heights to Eilat. The enormous variety and flexible price range provide a vacation experience tailored to anyone, whether Israeli or tourist.


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