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Romantic Country Lodging for Adults Only (no children)
Romantic Country Lodging for Adults Only (no children)
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A vacation in a Israel  Hotels BB (zimmers) is primarily a synonym for romance, an exclusive vacation for two. It is a blessed getaway, a place to be together to talk into the night, to cuddle under the covers, a loving and pampering dip in the Jacuzzi, candlelit dinners – in other words, an adventure for lovers!

Young couples that do not have children yet, or older couples that need the romantic time away together, can take advantage of an exciting and enjoyable option – romantic vacation sites for couples only.

A zimmer vacation without children is an opportunity to totally relax and enjoy the time spent only with your partner. Only adults are staying in the surrounding zimmers (if there is more than one on the premises) – other couples like yourselves who are also seeking tranquility, intimacy and mutual enjoyment.  

Hospitality in lodgings classified as “no children” or “18+” is for people seeking the perfect vacation: wake up naturally, enjoy a late breakfast, spoil yourself with a massage or other spa treatments, have an afternoon siesta to the sound of the AC and no other noises or have a glass of wine in front of the fireplace in the winter, enjoy long showers and gourmet meals for two, and most importantly, spend quality time with your loved one.

A vacation in an “adults only” zimmer is the ideal gift for lovers. Your hosts have lots of experience, and can help you plan a surprise or design the room as a unique loving gift. They will gladly give you advice how to plan the surprise, and will be happy to add large or small treats, such as champagne, flowers, balloons, rose-petals scattered on the bed, etc. This is all free or at a symbolic price.

Boutique hotels and romantic country lodgings for adults have put a lot of thought and care into designing a pampering and romantic (rather than functional) ambience. Most country lodgings sites for adults have no more than 2-4 zimmers, each very romantic and secluded to give you the utmost privacy – just you, nature, serenity and love.

You can find the list of Iseal Hotel and Country Lodging B&B at the site/.


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