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Country Lodging with Pets
Country Lodging with Pets
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Many a romantic or family vacation would be less than perfect or impossible at all, because most country lodgings do not allow pets on the premises. This is a serious problem for people who do not want to part with their pet or have no other “pet-sitting” solution while they are away. Not every host will accept you with your pet, so it is best to find out beforehand and avoid “surprises”. Sometimes the reason is that your host wants to avoid confrontations between his pets and yours, or is concerned about possible litter and noise your pet might cause. Pet owners know their “best friend” and know whether its nature allows it to be in a new place without making a commotion, but you may not always be able to convince your reluctant host.

The good news is that country lodging with your beloved pet is not a dream and can actually come true. Some zimmer owners have recognized pet-owners’ need to go on vacation with their pet. In order to find lodgings that allow you to bring your pet along (or, for those of you who are allergic or averse, to know where not to go) – search for zimmers that define themselves as “pet lovers” or “accept pets”. These will be happy to have you with your dog, cat, ferret or guinea pig, understanding that some people are simply unable (emotionally or technically) to leave their pets behind, and that their vacation would not be perfect without their beloved pet.

Nevertheless, and with all the good will of your pet-loving hosts, guests must notify the zimmer owner in advance about the pet or pets that will be coming, and receive confirmation before booking the vacation!

When you are getting ready for your vacation in Israel  with your pet, please take care to know the behavior rules in the zimmer and on the premises. There might be a special enclosure where your pet will spend the night, or you may be allowed to have it in your room. Naturally, you will have to bring the pet’s food, to clean up after it, and to make sure it behaves and doesn’t disturb the other guests – so that you and your pet and the other guests can have a good time.

The list of lodgings that would be happy to have you with your pets can be found on the website under the proper classification, or at Israel Hotels  BB Bed and Breakfast..


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