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Jerusalem's Pilgrim Road: 3,000 Years of History
Jerusalem's Pilgrim Road: 3,000 Years of History
Image: Thinkstock.com

Jerusalem's history ranges no less than three-thousand years, since the times of Israel’s second most famous king, David. The name of the city is said to be mentioned in antiquated Egyptian parchments dated roughly 1,900 B.C, and in addition at least 600 times in the book of Holy Scriptures.


A portion of the best confirmation to the city's superb history is to be found at the Jerusalem Archeological Park unearthing ("Pilgrim Road" located near the Davidson Center), close to the southern end of The Holy Temple Mount. The area is also called the Ophel Park, since it rises above the surface, and located near Jerusalem’s finest hotels and accommodation solutions.


This unique archaeological scenery allows the visitor to appreciate guided visits around the different archeological discoveries, including a multimedia video recreating antiquated Jerusalem life, a scaled three dimensional model of the second Jewish Temple, and also a virtual reality guided visit in the eighth century lanes and structures, amid the Caliphate of the Umayyad Dynasty.


One of the Pilgrim Road’s best kept unearthing is the Wailing Wall (Kotel) Tunnels, lying quietly and discreetly under the Muslim quarter for thousands of years. This memorable marvel inundates an extensive variety of eras, including the second Jewish Temple era (530 B.C to 70 A.D), the Medieval times (500 to 1,500 A.D), and far more modern times (fifteenth to nineteenth centuries).


A great deal of people don't have the foggiest idea that the Wailing Wall isn't only 60 meter wide and 20 meter high, coinciding with the Jewish quarter. At the point when one is burrowing beneath, parallel to the divider, it really extends 488 meters crosswise over – the majority of it, as of now, underground.


The well-known prayer court of the Western Divider is situated to the right of that passage. Right now there are no less than 15 particular, authentic areas along the Wailing Wall Tunnels, each from an alternate time - including Robinson Arch, the Quarry, the Crusader Church, numerous Jewish custom showers (Mikvah), The Paved Street and so on.


The Ophel Archeological Park is likewise an exceptional scene no one should miss, amid nightfall hours and at night. At the point when the park is lit with city's lights, casting a sensational perspective upon it, it just about feels like you are transported to old antiquities.


Since it is arranged close to Jerusalem's downtown area, this unique historic park is situated 10 minute head out from all the city's primary exercises – Mamilla Hotel and shopping mall center, the Cinematheque, and an unending wealth of bistros, restaurants, and culture hot-spots. Old and new, history and innovation joined.

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