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The Urban Experience - 3 Cities You Must Visit
The Urban Experience - 3 Cities You Must Visit
Image: Shir Gazit

1. New York City, USA – Be there, because you don't want to be elsewhere
Although it's not the formal American capital, Americans does see NY as the capital of the world, and if you're travelling to the US you must visit NYC for many reasons:
if you're on a romantic trip, you must see the sunset from the Kreisler Tower;
if you're young at heart and age, you'll have the time of your life in one of the city's famous clubs, and if you're on a family trip - you have to take your kids to see the Times Square, Connie Island, and Bronx' Zoo. If you're into sports, music or food (and maybe all of them) – NY is just for you! Happened to be visiting on Christmas? Don't miss the giant Christmas tree at the front of RCA building at the Rockefeller Centre. No matter who you are and when you're there, Manhattan has it all. Don't forget to book your hotels and flights to NY far ahead before your arrival – we recommend staying in Manhattan, so you won't waste your time and money taking cabs.  
Culinary treasures: hotdogs, grilled corn on the corner of Prince & Elizabeth Street, and for desert you have to try the caramel brownies at "Fat Witch Bakery" on Chelsea Market.

2. Tbilisi, Georgia – European nature with East-European attitude

Once arriving to Tbilisi, you might feel a bit confused thinking you're already in heaven. The city is surrounded with beautiful rivers, waterfalls and endless forests that will take your breath away, not before you fell in love with the friendliest people you'll ever meet. The people of Georgia are experts in guest hosting, and will welcome you with open arms wherever you go. Take your friends and family with you for rafting trips and mountain hiking, just before visiting the famous Abanot-Ubani, the ancient district of Tbilisi, known for its sulfuric baths. 
Culinary treasures: you have to try the "Khachapuri" (cheese-stuffed bread).
At Kronenburg Restaurant, located at the corner of Leselidze and Diuma, you'll be served home-made boiled "khinkali", steamed dumplings stuffed with meat, mushrooms and spices.

3. Rome, Italy – Mostly the ice cream, but for lots more
It's not only the Italian food and ice cream that makes people go crazy for Rome. Add the convenient weather, great wine for reasonable prices, exciting nightlife, friendly people and bursting Italian energy and you'll have the recipe for the sweetest life, or as Fellini once called it: "La Dolce Vita". Grab your partner and head to closest ice cream place, not before you paid a visit to the ancient Colosseum.
Culinary treasures: Don’t dare to miss "Gelateria dei Gracchi": its founder, Alberto Menssei, holds secret recipes for the unbelievable ice cream flavors made from fresh fruits and ingredients you have to try: Cuban chocolate, Pine-nuts Crème, Ricotta cheese & pines, roasted almonds and many more.

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