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Tourism at Field Schools
Tourism at Field Schools
Image: Thinkstock.com

 The ideal accommodation that will give you a real feel of Israel is at one of the SPNI Field Schools scattered throughout the country. At a field school visitors can enjoy, in addition to a comfortable air-conditioned room, happy comradeship of travelers like themselves, close acquaintance with Israelis and their warm chummy attitude, the advice and recommendations of the staff, and proximity to nature – which is always within walking distance.

HaHevra LeHaganat HaTeva (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel – SPNI) – a non-profit organization – operates most field schools in Israel, and is great advocate of the environment and maintains natural values and cultural heritage in Israel. You can find field schools all over Israel: in the highest nature reserve in Israel on Mount Meron, at the foot of Mount Hermon, on the Achziv coast, overlooking the Ramon Crater, at Ein Gedi, and near the spectacular reefs of Almog Beach in Eilat. A short walk from the gates of the field school will take you to a hidden spring, a majestic waterfall, the brink of a giant cliff, to roll in soft sand dunes or to gaze with amazement at a stunning sunset.

Field schools offer guests, besides reasonable prices (that would prove to be particularly attractive if you want to enjoy a longer stay in the Holy Land) and a sense of companionship also: pleasant air-conditioned rooms, showers and toilets, spacious lawns, coffee corners, a dining room that serves a kosher Israeli menu, basketball courts, lecture halls, clubs, and an enchanting atmosphere. Some of the field schools allow camping, and in others, you can enjoy unique attractions such as hyrax strolling between the rooms, or geological and archeological exhibits – another excellent way to learn all about Israel’s hidden layers.

A major asset in field school activity is the professional guides, who help you make the best of every day in Israel and every trip. The guides are familiar with every fold of the terrain and every creek in the area; they are well versed in a variety of topics including history, geology and botany, and are constantly learning more. All of the above, combined with their vast experience, enable guides to fit optimal hikes and trips to any individual or group, whether local or tourist.

Lodging at a field school is the ideal way to blend in with nature and the Israeli essence, to get to know them on foot and at eye level, and to benefit from an authentic experience with benefits.

The management and majority of guides speak English.

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