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 Moshav Beit Hillel 
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מושב בית הילל

Moshav Beit Hillel


Beit Hillel Moshav was established for a group of social workers from the tower and stockade settlements in the Upper Galilee in the north of Israel and is on the west bank of the Nahal Snir (Haztzbani) and 5km from Kiryat Shmona. The Moshav is also named after Dr Hillel Yaffe, a doctor who immigrated to Israel during the second Aliya. The Moshav was founded in 1940 as one of the Ussishkin fortresses by a mixed group of immigrants from Europe and native Israelis, but it was abandoned after several years. In 1949 it was resettled by retired soldiers. Its area is 3500 dunams and belongs to the Mevo’ot Ha’Hermon Regional Council.

Today the inhabitants of the moshav make their livelihood from agriculture, breeding cows and tourism. The moshav is considered especially attractive for tourists in northern Israel, mainly because of its location in the central Galilee between the kibbutzim of Kfar Blum and HaGoshrim and near the Hasbani.


Attractions and tourists sites in the area


Kayakay Dag on the Dan – Camping Ha’goshrim

Kayaks for families which also has extreme routes. The site has a camping site off the banks of the Hasbani surrounded by the pecan trees.


Derech Halav – Beit Hillel 8

A touring experience for all the family at the dairy farm.


Kayaks of Beit Hillel at Kfar Blum

Kayak rowing in the Jordan River and the Hasbani, with very curvy routes amongst the plants of the river making it a magical nature experience. There are also calmer rafting and kayak routes as well as extreme and stronger routes.


Cycling rides with Simcha – Beit Hillel

Cycling routes around the Beit Hillel Moshav around the Upper Galilee area.


Dayag Ba’nachalim – Fishing at Beit Hillel

Dayag Ba’nachalim offers a wide choice of fishing along the rivers of the Upper Galilee area.



Park Ha’Dayag – Dagey Dafna – Kibbutz Dafna

The Park Ha’dayag Dagey Dafna is a large barbeque site for families with many grass areas and seating areas to hold your barbeque. The site also has a fish restaurant “Dagey Dafna”.


Zuk Minhara – Kiryat Shmona

This is the longest cable car in Israel, with unique mountain slides and the longest Omega (flying fox) in Israel. There is wall abseiling, activities for children, nature tours as well as the kosher Zuk restaurant.


The Canada Center – sport and health in Metula

This is a sport and recreational site in Metula which includes: ice skating, swimming pools, bowling, restaurants, massages, Jacuzzis, a firing range and more. Suitable for all ages for families and groups.


Eli’s Reptile corner – Sadeh Nehamia

This is a very unique site in the Upper Galilee area. Here you will find tours of the site and even stroking and playing with the snakes. This is one and half hours of pure excitement.




Agalili – bird watching and night safari Eli Galili – Ayelet Ha’shahar

This is a site for bird watching tours and night safari at Agamon Hahula. Here you can tour the site in a hidden wagon and watch the birds, chickens and other animals in the Agamon Hahula territory.


Paintball M.A Roi Ltd – Ayelet Ha’shahar

Paintball M.A Roi Ltd is on the Ayelet Ha’shahar Kibbutz and has the biggest and most professional paintball site in Israel. This large tourist site includes 3 huge fields in the middle of nature in the north of Israel with another field in the forest with activities for children, an event area and outdoor lodging. Paintball M.A Roi Ltd is the main supplier of paintball equipment for other sites all over Israel, therefore our visitors and clients will enjoy the most professional and safe equipment.


Paintball land – Paintball – Kibbutz Gadot

Paintball land – this is a unique experience which combines rafting and paintball. The game is held on the banks of the Jordan River by Kibbutz Gadot and is surrounded by greenery and all that nature offers. There is also a very special extreme court surrounded by the eucalyptus trees.


Training and Jeep tours – Ayelet Ha’shahar

Here you will find Jeep tours in the Galilee and the Golan, with tours by day and night while watching the wild life (foxes, tortoises, wild pigs and more). In addition other walking and bus tours are available.


Sahar Safari experience – Amir

This site offers day and night jeep tours around the Galilee and Golan region. Herbal tea is provided on breaks.


Tractor tours in Dishon – Dishon

These tractor tours are combined with a lot of mud with many extreme routes at very hard levels. In the winter there are wet routes that can get up to 1 meter high. Each driver will receive a wet suite for stormy weather, gloves and a helmet.

For reservations via the Zimmer site, there is a 20% discount. Please do not forget to print the discount voucher. Tel: 04-6997758


Agamon Hahula

The Agamon Hahula tourist site is situated in the center of the Ahula Valley, and is considered one of the most important bird sites in the world. Here you will be able to watch all kinds of birds and their habitats depending on the season and also enjoy the huge lake which adds more magic to this beautiful and unique place.


Shirat Haeshev Natural cosmetics from herbal medicines. – Kibbutz Amir

Here on Kibbutz Amir is the Shirat Haesheve with natural cosmetics from herbal medicines which are based on the ideals of the Rambam philosophies which include; natural oils, a training center, a wide selection of products and many more.


Agamon Tours – Kibbutz Amir

These tours have their own professional guide who has an M.A in the studies of the Land of Israel and has been a tour guide in the north of Israel for the past 10 years.



Easy Track – mini jeep tours at Shar Ha’yeshuv

Easy Track: this motor experience is for the whole family and for couples in field vehicles which also combine a tour of the area along the Baniyas River banks through the trees and forests of Shar ha’yeshuv and the Golan Heights. The tour is accompanied by a professional guide.


Tractor tours in the hills – Dishon

Tractors tours in the hills offers a tour with breathtaking views of the Ahula Valley and the hills of Lebanon. The tours are held in the Dishon River and also include night tours. We can also arrange tailor made tours on request.


The Galil Mountain Winery – Kibbutz Yi’ron

This visitors center offers a new style of architecture with an advanced moving system that will help visitors enjoy the view of the vineyards all around, while watching the process of wine making in the large stainless steel tanks and the large oak wood barrels. The site also has a wine store, a wine tasting area and guided tours for groups and single visitors (at an extra charge).







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