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  • The Ralli Museums - Museums & Galleries in קיסריה

The Ralli Museums in Caesarea are part of five Ralli Museums in the world, an institution founded by Harry Recanati. The main aim of the museums is to disseminate contemporary Latin American art. When appreciating Latin American surrealism, the folkloric motifs and the figurative emphasis, one can grasp the importance of these great works of contemporary art. The museums were dedicated to the memory of the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition and of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, which was almost completely exterminated in the Holocaust.

phone 972-4-6261013• Caesarea

Located in kibbutz Maayan Baruch includes 8000 hand axes found in the area of the kibbutz in the Hulla valley by Amnon Assaf. also include the skeleton of a woman and a dog buried together, this is the oldest dog to be found in the world. Address: Ma`ayan Baruch, Upper Galilee 1222000. Tel`/fax: (+972) 4 6954628 Opening hours in August:@ Daily 10:30 am – 3:30 pm Routine opening hours: Sun-Fri 10:00 am- 1:30 pm Sat 10:30 am – 3:30 pm * Guided tours for groups with advanced reservations.

phone 972-4-6954628• Ma`ayan Baruch
  • Village Antiques & Batia`s Studio - Museums & Galleries in עין הוד

Village Antiques is an extraordinary shop in the antiques scene in Israel. Country furniture and accessories (1850-1950) mostly French Canadian, American Colonial, New Zealand and Europe.

phone 972-52-9706786 • Ein Hod
  • Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology - Museums & Galleries in גן השלושה
phone 972-4-6586352• Gan Hashlosha

A one-hour, five-ring trip through the greatest Olympic records, with a special focus on Israel’s finest moments. Experience the Olympic spirit of excellence, willpower, perseverance and an overwhelming ambition to achieve and reach ever faster, higher and stronger.

phone 972-3-7955900• Tel Aviv

Here you will find a wide display of utensils on show with kitchen utensils, serving dishes, ornamental utensils all hand made by the artist Herut Tamari.

phone 972-4-6940552phone 972-54-4393969• Metulla
  • Bar David Museum - Museums & Galleries in ברעם - קיבוץ

The Bar-David Museum, dedicated to arts and Judaica, is located in Kibbutz Baram, on the Israeli northern border two kilometers from the Ancient Synagogue in Baram National Park . The museum bears the name of its donors, Moshe and Tova Bar-David, of blessed memory, and is dedicated to the Jews of Brezezany, who perished in the Holocaust.

phone 972-4-6988295• Bar Am
  • Beit Ussishkin Museum - Museums & Galleries in דן - קיבוץ

Beit Ussishkin is a nature and history museum and was also established to research these matters. The museum is situated on the Dan Kibbutz which is right beside the Dan Nature Reserve and the Baniyas and right by the biblical Dan antiques.

phone 972-52-9706250• Dan
  • The Photograph Museum - Museums & Galleries in תל חי

The Photograph Museum

phone 972-4-6950769• Tel-Chai
  • Or VaTzel Gallery - Museums & Galleries in שדמות דבורה
phone 972-4-6766911phone 972-50-6391757• Shadmot Dvora
  • Kfar Tavor Village Museum - Museums & Galleries in כפר תבור

Opening hours sun 9:00-14:00 mon 9:00-14:00 tue 9:00-14:00 wed 9:00-14:00 thu 9:00-14:00 fri 9:00-14:00 sat 10:00-15:00 holidays 10:00-15:00 Free guidance when arranged in advance Admission Entrance fee

phone 972-4-6765848• Kfar Tavor

A unique kibbutz experience.

phone 972-4-6374327• Ein Shemer-Kibbutz
  • Beit- Miriam Museum - Museums & Galleries in פלמחים

Beit- Miriam Museum is an Archaeological Museum located in Kibbutz Palmachim, on the Mediterranean coast between Tel Aviv and Ashdod, in Israel. The Museum, which was granted formal national recognition in 1995, is named after the late Mrs. Miriam Lifschitz, a member of the kibbutz and one of the Museum’s founders.

phone 972-3-9538281• Palmachim

The museum was established in order to fulfill one man`s dream. Gideon Friedman wanted to build an Israeli home and the right stage for glass art in Israel. Each visitor to the museum is invited into the artist`s inner world. Every person exhibiting in the museum takes a part in Gideon`s vision, adds his own vision and world view and together they pave the way toward the same dream.

phone 972-8-9953388• Arad
  • Naharayim Park – Peace Island - Museums & Galleries in אשדות יעקב איחוד

Travelers in the north of Israel are welcome to come and tour and enjoy themselves in the middle of nature. We offer a variety of tours which are a wonderful experience for families and groups, where you will feel and hear the stories about the first Zionist movement and the establishment of Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov. On the visit you will see the first power station which supplied electricity to the area, the mythological “Valley train” and “Peace Island” on the Israel-Jordan border where the peace treaties were signed between the two countries.

phone 972-4-6709143• Ashdot Ya`akov (Ichud)

The Memorial Museum of the Hungarian Speaking Jewry was founded in 1986 and opened to the public in 1990, in Safed. The Museum is based on a non-profit Association with thirty founding members.

phone 972-46925881• Safed (Tzefat)

Established in 1984, Madatech- the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space is housed in two historic landmark buildings in mid-town Haifa. Designed, at the turn of the century, by renowned German Jewish architect, Alexander Baerwald, these were home to the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel’s first institution of higher education.

phone 972-4-8614444• Haifa
  • Delart - A world of gourds - Museums & Galleries in בצת

Delart – the studio and gallery for the art of ceramics and gourds (dried pumpkins) opened on Moshav Betzet, north of Nahariya and right next to Rosh Hanikra. In the gallery you will find ceramic sculptures made by the artist Nitzhuna Blaustein, who has been a sculpturess for the past 30 years and also a certified teacher from the Wizo institute of Art in Haifa. In addition there are original gourd works by her son Yair.

phone 972-52-9706327• Betzet

The museum is located inside the north-eastern walls of old Acre. A beautiful and rare collection which gives an insight into the fabric of life in the Galilee during the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

phone 972-4-9911004• Acre
phone 972-54-4622463• Jerusalem
  • Druze Bazaar - Museums & Galleries in דלית אל כרמל
• Daliyat el-Carmel
  • Meiri – Gardening nursery and Gallery - Museums & Galleries in כנרת-מושבה

Facing the tranquil Sea of Galilee and the beautiful landscape view of the Golan Heights and the Galilee on the Kinneret Hamoshava is the Meiri Gardening nursery.

phone 972-4-6751073phone 972-50-2168808• Kinneret-Moshava
  • Amir Gallery - Museums & Galleries in הגושרים
phone 972-4-6956784phone 972-54-8170020• Ha-Goshrim
  • The Omer Open Museum - Museums & Galleries in עומר

The Omer Open Museum is located in the Omer Industrial Park. The Museum contains an art gallery, a sculpture garden and a car collection. The art museum at the Omer Industrial Park is dedicated to Israeli art.

phone 972-8-6492692• Omer